About Condoms

19 March, 2010 (15:02) | Men's Health | By: Health news

For some, the subject of sex can be taboo, but it really needn’t be. Sex is something which is performed everyday all over the world-whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, young, middle aged or mature; everyone has sex at some point in their lives, whether it is for recreation or procreation. When it comes to having sex, safety is key for both the protection of yourself and your partner.

In order to be as safe as possible from sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and pregnancy, you should wear a condom in every instance where you are partaking in sexual intercourse. We are all aware of condoms, and you may also be aware of the different variations of condoms which are available on the market at the moment. You may feel that you are well educated when it comes to condoms and practising safe sex, but condoms actually play a key role in protecting us in all aspects of our sex lives:
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– As many people are aware, condoms are vital in order to prevent against the spreading of STIs which can be caught through the exchanging of bodily fluids. They are also key in protecting yourself from HIV and contrary to popular belief-you cannot catch HIV from an infected partner when wearing a condom unless there is a fault with your condom. This is why it is important that you check the expiry dates of your condoms, and only use lubricants with compatible condoms.

– Some STIs and HIV can be passed on through oral sex as well as penetrative sex, so help yourself be further protected by wearing a condom during oral sex also.

– Many fear that their condom will break easily unless dealt with very gently. Condoms which are made from materials such as latex are designed to withstand great stretching, but all condoms are extensively tested to get a grasp of their durability. If you are worried about weak condoms, ensure you only purchase condoms which are certified as being tested.

– We often worry about catching STIs through the exchanging of semen or vaginal secretions, but some STIs can also be caught through skin to skin contact. Unless you are sensible enough to wear a condom, you could potentially catch diseases such as Syphilis, Genital Warts and Herpes, which can remain dormant in some people, thus not show any visible signs of the disease.

– Every year, around 440 million Americans purchase condoms of different varieties. With the rise in sexually transmitted diseases, the more people who wear a condom during sex, the lower the percentage will be of those who catch an STI. The less you wear a condom, the more chances you have of catching an STI, or if you are female, falling pregnant also.

– In order to maintain safety at all times, you should always change your condom if performing a sex act during intercourse and always after ejaculation has occurred. By continuing with a used condom, you are risking the chances of it breaking which can then lead to pregnancy or STI transference.

And did you know…

– When first produced, condoms were only available on prescription. As time has gone on, there have been developments in medicine, which has resulted in condoms now being produced in latex and synthetic materials. Although now used as a method of birth control, condoms were originally only prescribed to men to protect themselves from STIs if they were seeking sex from prostitutes. However, women were not allowed such a luxury as condoms as the use of condoms would prevent them from falling pregnant. My how times have changed!