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Cure For Chronic Alcoholism

15 December, 2009 (15:32) | Alcoholism | By: Health news

Chronic alcoholism devastates not only the life of an affected person but also of the others related to that person. So, many people and health organizations have tried to find an absolute cure for chronic alcoholism. They carefully observed the effects of alcoholism on an affected person during their research for a cure. Based on those observations, they were successful to get the cure for chronic alcoholism.

There are several effects of alcoholism that an alcoholic person experiences both physically and mentally
. Usually, the first symptoms are too much redness of the face, and puffed abdomen. In some cases, the first symptom is alcoholic gastritis. Then the alcohol begins to affects the nervous system, damaging the nerves severely. The gouty people even suffer from multiple neuritis.

Next it attacks blood-vessels, enlarging them in such a way that the blood-vessels stand out notably in some parts of body. Sometimes, it seems like the blood vessels are about to bleed. The other effects of alcoholism are cheek elimination, tissue change, hardening of the arteries, and premature aging. An alcoholic person even experiences of high arterial pressure of 250 – 280. That person will experience instability of the muscles, and trembling of the limbs and tongue.

Alcohol can severely affect mental activities of an alcoholic person. That person will become sluggish, nervous, irritable, mentally unstable, and insane. In some cases, the alcoholics are found to have serious suicidal tendency as well as depression.

An alcoholic is more prone to epilepsy disease and has heavily coated tongue, granular eyelids, and bad breath having a metallic odor. Liver will be severely affected that it becomes inactive and enlarged. In some cases, the liver may reach the shrunken state causing death to the alcoholic person. Other diseases that an alcoholic person may have are acute Bright’s disease, tubercular disease, and kidney failure.

Most of the people believe that there is no cure at all for chronic alcoholism. On the contrary, there is a cure. This cure can fix the damages done by chronic alcoholism completely. This cure is scientifically proven and well researched.

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

3 November, 2009 (17:14) | Alcoholism | By: Health news

Alcoholism is a real condition that effects millions of people across the country and indeed the world, and if you are one of these people you need to know how start helping yourself as soon as possible. This article will give you the tools you’ll need to start seeing results and changing your life for the better. The more support and options you have available, the better you will in conquering your addiction and becoming healthy long term.

Because you have been putting so much of something that in unhealthy in your body for so long, you will need to start putting good things in your body. These things include fruits, vegetables, and water. These three things will help to detoxify your body and help you start over, so you can quit for good.

One of the most common reasons people relapse and fail to meet their own hopes and expectations is because they simple do not take the right approach. People often fail because they do not have strong enough support systems. It is critical that during this quitting period you surround yourself with friends, family, and people who care about you.

You will also want to start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on a regular basis. You should start going and continue for at least a few months just to get you on your feet. Some people keep going to meetings years after their first meeting. They recognize that even though their initial cravings have subsided, staying sober is something that takes constant effort and personal maintenance. This means that even if you can look at a bottle of alcohol without shaking or craving it, it’s still important to do things that take care of your body and prevent you from relapsing.

At these kinds of meetings you can expect to meet other people who have the same problem as you and suffer some of the same emotional problems as well. The purpose of going to these on a regular basis is to connect with others that share your addiction and to find support in places that you never thought you could. The more support you have in your life, the more stable it will be and the better your chances will be of never picking up a bottle again.

Looking For What Causes Alcoholism?

24 October, 2009 (08:20) | Alcoholism | By: Health news

Knowing what causes alcoholism is extremely suggested as you are able to gain knowledge of what can lead you or a dear one to alcoholism and how to shun them. While some articles on this question stay on the hereditary element, we are going to consider the role of an individual in deciding to become an alcohol addict. In other words, we are going to look at some stoppable exterior forces that may lead you into alcoholism and how to steer clear of them. Running away from this setback is always the greatest way of taking care of the crisis.

One of the scores of causes of alcoholism is interest. Yeah, an rampant cravings to be aware of how it will feel if you take one or two bottles of alcohol. Once it is tasted, many addicts often have trouble controlling or stopping it. They promise themselves that it will soon be over but their vow is often ephemeral. Unrestrained snooping is usually common amid the young ones. This aspiration is normally started by bad friends (more on this later) who will tell the young one to attempt it and see how it feels. Once addicted, it will take lots of attempt to quit.

Another cause of alcoholism is inability to deal with the problems of life. No one on this real world is immune from the ups and downs of life. But it is quite pitiful that some people are not able to take care of these hardships. In their hunt for a way out, they take comfort in bottles of alcohol. They do so, on the foundation that they will stop thinking about the problem for a while. And in their delirium, they buy more and more bottles of alcohol as a means of taking care of their setback. individuals fighting with marital difficulties always resort to intoxicating drinks. This is not the answer to the crisis.

A bad company is another cause of alcoholism. This can come about to both the teenagers and grown-up. The control of bad friends can be huge. If they are alcoholic, they can induce you into consuming alcohol and if you rebuff, they may want to stop discussing with you. And in order to stay in the group, you will yield to their influence. Scores of persons have cursed the day they listened to their alcoholic friends. Their friends have led them to take decisions that have ruined their marital life and career. It is sensible to avoid alcohol-dependent associates if you have them.

Now that you have been exposed to the causes of alcoholism, it is desirable to make use of them. I exhort you to stay away from all these causes. It will save your life, cash, vocation and marriage if you are married.