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How Does Colon Cleansing Work?

19 December, 2009 (15:10) | Detoxification | By: Health news

If you constantly feel bad, you need to find out some information on colon cleansing to see if it is the ideal solution for you. A lot of people do not know what colon cleansing is. However, it is becoming increasingly popular due to how much it can help in improving one’s energy levels and overall health. So, what is colon cleansing and, more importantly, how exactly does it work?

The colon refers to a small organ located at the digestive tract’s very end and is responsible for removing built-up fecal matter and toxins, which the digestive tract was not able to take care of completely. If you live longer with fecal matter inside your intestines, you will have more chances of suffering from discomfort and health problems, like cramps and constipation.

For a happier life through improved digestion, cleansing your colon has to become an essential part of your overall lifestyle. Cleanses can improve the digestive system’s regular functions, such as absorbing nutrients and getting rid waste. These would both be important for bodily functions. Plus, if they both end up working better, you will feel better since you will also have much more energy.

Several general symptoms that could be alleviated through cleansing include constipation, allergies, flatulence, parasites, fatigue, acne, diarrhea, eczema, bloating, colds, flu and colitis. The truth is: every individual has a different body, so everyone may have different symptoms that leave along with it.

While getting your colon cleansed, you have to strictly follow a diet, which usually recommends a lot of vegetable and fruit consumption. Also, you need to know that colon cleansing won’t cure everything; it will merely improve your overall health. If you eat lots of junk food on a regular basis, don’t exercise and don’t have any other positive health habits that you adhere to, either, this will not be your miracle cure. Although cleansing has the ability to improve one’s health, you will still need to make lifestyle changes in order to guarantee great health and to get the most out of its benefits.

This does not mean that people who strive to exercise, sleep well and eat healthy won’t have digestive tract buildups. Regardless of how healthy a person is, this cannot really be avoided. Anybody can benefit out of colon cleansing on an annual basis, though.

However, you need to remember that every product of colon cleansing tends to be different. Some products are only meant to be taken for the short term, while others have to be taken much longer. In order to protect yourself, make sure that you opt for reputable companies to buy such products from, and ensure that you carefully follow the provided instructions to experience its transformative advantages.

Tonsil stones causes

11 December, 2009 (12:15) | Detoxification | By: Health news

In this article you are going to find out about the underlying cause for tonsil stones.

It’s quite shocking to me that so many people doesn’t have a clue about what’s causing them to develop tonsil stones. This condition is pretty common among people but few develop severe conditions such as dizziness, water running from the nose, and lack of energy.

The most common conditions that seem to come with tonsil stones are bad breath and a strep throat. This can be very devastating to a person’s self confidence as well as his social success. With that said, this condition can show up in children as well, but it’s quite rare and it’s more common that adults develops them.

But, what’s the cause for tonsil stones?

It’s actually quite simple.

Tonsil stones are the result of a dirty lymph fluid. The white stones that you can see in the back of your mouth are actually the waste that has been removed from the lymph fluid.

You tonsils are like two filters that filters lymph fluid so it can be returned to the blood. Without lymph fluid the blood is just red blood cells. The lymph fluid carries all the nutrition that the cells need as well as white blood cells to fight off any infection in the body.

This fluid can sneak out of the capillaries to supply the cells with what they need, and in the same time take the waste material from the cells with it. When it’s finished its job it travels back to the blood but it has to be cleaned from all the waste that it has. This is done at lymph nodes and your tonsils are two of these lymph nodes.

Now, as I said above… The cause of tonsil stones if that your lymph fluid has a lot of garbage in it and the tonsils need to clean it out. It is shown as this white rubbery like stones in the tonsil crypts. The tonsil crypts functions like garbage cans.

In a person who is healthy this waste is smooth and you don’t notice it. But when there is too much garbage, then your tonsils cannot clean it out effectively. The result is that this waste becomes white and hard which is shown as tonsil stones.