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Human Growth Hormone

14 May, 2010 (21:06) | Anti Aging | By: Health news

Everybody grows old. Getting older is a fact of life and no type of medical procedure or drug can end this process. However, cosmetic surgery and the use of growth hormones have reduced or limited its effects on the entire body.

The body’s hormones are responsible for managing a huge variety of the body’s processes. They manage a range of functions, from our sexual qualities to how muscle groups grow. The consequences of the body’s hormones are more noticeable than in our puberty years. This is where the hormones have their greatest effects and where we experience the biggest modifications in our body.

The HGH is developed by the pituitary gland that is found in the bottom of the brain. This hormone is primarily in charge for spurring expansion in the course of different modifications in life, but slowly diminishes in quantity as people age.
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Experiments have shown that nearly all of the modifications that arise in the course of growing old are connected to the level of hormones. Medical professionals have been administering HGH for dealing with people with HGH deficiency and for taking care of AIDs sufferers battling from lean muscle wasting. Well documented advantages of HGH therapy consist of:

  • Greater muscle mass
  • Improved cardio vascular capabilities
  • Elevated bone density

HGH shots have been used as a method of reversing some of the results of growing old. Nevertheless, it has continued to be well below the radar simply because its use was limited to the rich. These injections usually need numerous treatment options and a full course of treatment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

One problem with HGH shots is that they are made from manufactured resources which only mimic the effects of human growth hormones. HGH injections have been known to bring about unsafe side effects due to the fact the compound side effects in the body developed by the man made substances.

The benefits of using these treatments in preventing the outcomes of aging have been documented by experts. However, expensive and possible unwanted side effects has made individuals shy away from synthetic treatments.

Human growth hormone releasers are organic supplements that activate the release of human growth hormones from the pituitary glands. HGH releasers concentrate on the pituitary gland and boost hormone quantities in contrast to artificial injections that are immediately released into the system.

The greatest factor about HGH releasers is that they are FDA okayed as a harmless and effective way of preserving hormone levels. These herbal supplements are like nutritional vitamins that typically boost the levels of nutrients of the entire body.

Escalating the amounts of HGH decreases many of the signs connected with ageing. Advantages of using these HGH remedies include a visibly younger visual appeal, increased muscle tone, elevated metabolism, better libido and a stronger immune system.

But the choice between these 2 therapies often comes down to selecting between one which has been unnaturally created and one that is totally natural. HGH injections are also expensive and may have adverse side effects. This is why between HGH injections and releasers, I would put my money where my mouth is and buy a container of a Human Growth Hormone releaser.

Depression, Anti-Depressants and Thinking Styles

6 May, 2010 (23:01) | Anti Aging | By: Health news

Now we’ve certainly had a good look at the Physical Effects of Depression. If you remember, we had a chuckle over the paragraph entitled.

Depression Is Bad For You.

No. Really? Anyway, to re-cap very quickly. Depressives spend too much time in R.E.M. sleep, so their bodies don’t receive the repair they need. This leads to weakened immune systems which in turn leads to disease. In addition, there’s a sustained increase in stress hormones, which again suppress the immune system.

Depression, Serotonin and Pain. This, too, we looked at, noting that a lack of serotonin is mistakenly thought to be the cause of Depression. Of course, people enjoy an immediate relief from drugs because their levels of serotonin are increased which has an enormous effect on lifting the Depression.

The other point to bear in mind is that R.E.M. sleep is always suppressed by anti-depressant drugs which again lifts Depression. All that, as we saw before, is very fine and large, but these drugs are simply treating the symptoms, not the cause.

Thinking Styles For Depression.

Three points to bear in mind.

1. Unpleasant events do not necessarily cause Depression.

2. It cannot be explained away as a disease.

3. Hormones or brain chemicals are not the cause.

Having stated all this, one or more of them may be included in Depression, but it’s a great deal more than any one of them alone. Let’s have a look at the way people think, the psychological components of Depression, if you will. It’s worth noting that some of the most effective treatments have evolved from a study of this

Shared Thinking Styles For Depression.

Every depressed person thinks in remarkably similar ways. The key is to understand these styles and the pattern they form. By so doing, we take a major step in defeating Depression for good. Depression has to be fed. It must be maintained. If it fails to receive this attention, then it’ll disappear like the mists of morning.

It’s the thinking styles that feed it, that give it this maintenance. The thinking styles we refer to, of course, are those that are emotionally arousing and that encourage introspection, or our old friend, brooding.

There’s an erroneous school of thought that considers prolonged sadness the same as Depression. When something horrible happens, like a death in the family, then you’re bound to feel sad. This is a perfectly natural re-action. However, the person who does not suffer from Depression is able to see beyond that sadness. Yes, they’ll grieve, but they know deep down that there’ll be a happier tomorrow.

Not so the depressed person. To them, ‘life’s always going to be like this’.

A Facial Skin Care System

4 May, 2010 (11:36) | Anti Aging | By: Health news

It defies all understanding that all of us have contributed at some time to the rich coffers of the top cosmetic companies, thinking that we were doing ourselves, our skins and bodies a big favour. In reality the only favour we were doing was helping to increase the huge profits of these companies. Sadly, it was and still is a one-sided affair. They do very well financially. Is your skin looking how you wanted it to look? Has the product delivered on its promises? Like so many other users your skin is no difference. Stop wasting your money and find a facial skin care system that works.

If you are one of the millions who have tried these products but have found that they are not working for you, have you ever wondered why they have not fulfilled their promises to revitalize your facial skin? The products are failing because they are composed of unnatural substances, which will never do anything when used on your natural skin. It is time to pull the plug on products made from chemical and synthetic ingredients. Because they are less costly to manufacture using these ingredients, the products can be sold at a high profit margin and profit is the name of the game. The health of your skin is something about which the cosmetic companies could not care less.

Contrast this manufacturing process with the one using natural substances. The process for the latter is much more expensive and time consuming. To produce an effective skin care system from natural substances costs a great deal more but that is a small price to pay for a natural product you can confidently apply to your natural skin. It is the only way to treat your skin and to give it a healthy and youthful appearance. Besides, you feel you are making a contribution towards saving our planet by boycotting compounds that are environmentally unfriendly.

What scares me to death is that most of these chemically laden products can seriously cause life threatening diseases. Why are people risking their lives when there is a superior facial skin care system available right here.

Here is a system that cares for your skin naturally. It has no side effects, nor is it capable of causing life threatening diseases. It is manufactured, using the latest advanced technologies by a company with outstanding credentials. This skin care formula is of the highest quality.

Aging Faster Than You Would Like?

5 April, 2010 (07:26) | Anti Aging | By: Health news

Most people do not want to look and feel older than they need too no matter their age. This is backed up by the millions that are spent each year on surgery, creams and injections to try and erase the signs of Father Time. But these methods are exterior fixes and are just a patch up job when the real aging process could be marching along at a rapid pace on the inside if you are not taking proper care of yourself.

When you consider the first four bio-markers of the aging process are:

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of strength
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Body fat percentage
  • You can see these things are all happening on the inside and nothing that you do on the exterior of your body will slow this down. These four very important markers are closely linked together. It is loss of muscle mass first and strength, the second signpost, which are our primary bio-markers of the aging process. They are responsible for the vitality, energy and wellness of the human body. They are the lead dominoes, so to speak and when they start to topple, the other bio-markers soon follow.

    We used to believe that this loss of muscle tissue was just an unavoidable part of getting older but now we know this is not correct. It is from disuse – from not doing enough strength building and maintaining exercise that is the problem. Around one half a pound of muscle tissue is lost each year from an inactive person and this rate doubles after age fifty years.

    People think that if they maintain a constant body weight (or even lose weight) as they get older that is all they need to do but this is nowhere near good enough. The target should be body composition which is improving or at the very least maintaining your muscle to fat ratio.

    Maintaining this means that you want less ‘inactive’ fat tissue and more ‘active’ muscle tissue to keep your metabolism humming turning the food you eat into energy so you can get the most enjoyment from life. People that can turn more calories into fuel never have to worry about what they eat or gaining weight as their healthy metabolism burns more calories every minute of the day and night.

    So before you rush out and get surgery or injections to try and hold off the ravages of aging rescue your precious muscle tissue with a proper exercise program that contains mostly strength training exercise. This is the only exercise that will do it and is pivotal if you wish to remain as youthful as possible.

    Controlling the four first bio-markers of the aging process is the single most important thing you can do as you get older and strength training exercise is the magic bullet to do this. You just have to get out to a gym or fitness center and do it.

    By making positive changes in these markets through a combination of proper exercise and eating right you can prolong vitality and postpone disability. You can greatly improve your odds of approaching the ideal – which is a long healthy life.

    Natural Collagen

    23 March, 2010 (11:27) | Anti Aging | By: Health news

    Natural collagen and elastin production is not something that we can take for granted, because like all good things it eventually comes to an end. Actually, the production of the skins collagen and elastin never stops completely, but it does slow down significantly as we get older. Most of the collagen is then used to support the circulatory system and vital organs, while precious little is left to help firm the skin.

    Is there a way to keep natural collagen and elastin production from falling off? There is a way for you to keep collagen and elastin production steady, and halt the attacks by harmful enzymes that results in the breakdown of your hyaluronic acid. However, the method of increasing the presence of these three compounds as prescribed by the majority of cosmetics companies simply doesn’t work.

    Most of the cosmetics companies seek to convince you that it is possible to increase the skins collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid by simply applying these compounds directly onto the skin. They would like you to believe that smoother, wrinkle free skin is possible by simply absorbing animal derived tissues. This is not how things actually work.

    These animal derived compounds will not add to the natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid you already have, because they are too molecularly dense for your skin to absorb them. This is not because these substances came from animals, as human tissue is also impossible to absorb. Millions of people have been fooled into spending their money on these essentially useless products.

    The only effective way to elevate the skins collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid levels is to use skin care formulas that feature the protein and enzyme fusion known as Cynergy TK, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. What Cynergy TK essentially does is significantly increase the production of collagen and elastin. In the meantime, Phytessence Wakame affects the behavior of the enzymes degrading your hyaluronic acid, so that the polymer once again attains the levels you used to enjoy.

    Natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid mean everything to your appearance, and formulas featuring Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame are the only things known that can reverse the loss of these substances. Give the all natural formulas that contain these extraordinary compounds a try and you will see why they are quickly becoming known as the most effective anti aging products out there.

    Collagen Increase Strategy

    13 March, 2010 (15:09) | Anti Aging | By: Health news

    The very fact that you are here reading this article proves that you know that collagen is required to make skin firm and smooth and you are looking for collagen increase strategies.

    You have come to the right place. In this article, I will share with you a simple, yet effective collagen increase strategy and three wonder ingredients that can boost the performance of any collagen stimulant.

    First step of the strategy is to understand few basic facts of this wonder protein.

    1. It is very large in size and cannot penetrate the skin.

    2. Even if there is some technique to deliver it inside the human body, the skin cells do not recognize it and hence do not absorb it.

    3. The only collagen molecules that skin absorbs are the ones that it produces on its own.

    Given these three facts, it should be clear to you now, that there are many fake products in the market. The only viable method is to increase its natural production within the body.

    Therefore, a successful collagen increase strategy centers around using skin care products, which nourish the skin cells, repair them and assist in production of newer skin cells. Read on to find out.


    It is an extract from the sheep wool. A very expensive process that maintains the bioavailability of the protein is used to extract it from the wool. It is very effective in providing minerals and vitamins to the skin cells. It rejuvenates the skin cells and assists in production of newer and healthy skin cells. CynergyTK is very effective in increasing the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

    Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10

    It is a protein like structure, which is rich in CoenzymeQ10; it is capable of delivering CoenzymeQ10 deep up to seven layers of the skin. It effectively fights the free radical activity inside the skin and reverses the harmful effect of ultra violet rays on the skin.

    Phytessence Wakame

    It is an extract from the Japanese sea algae. It is a wonderful anti oxidant and a natural emollient. It makes the skin soft and smooth within few weeks of its topical application.

    There is one thing common in all these ingredients, they are all natural, and they do not have any side effects. They are miles away from any chemical or synthetic substance.

    So there you have it, three wonder ingredients that are integral part of any collagen increase remedy. Put this information to test right now and select a world class product to reverse the wrinkles on your skin.

    Wrinkle free face

    23 February, 2010 (16:58) | Anti Aging | By: admin

    The middle aged women and men tend to use wrinkles free face cream in large numbers to remove the wrinkles near the eyes and looks younger. There are lots of wrinkles free face lift kits are available in the market which claims huge but very few products are effective and most of them are failed. So, the big question is that to whom you can trust. If you really want to look younger and have a good skin, you should remember these simple 4 points.

    • Change your habit

    In order to get the good skin, one must have to change his habit. He should protect and save his skin from the sunlight, stop smoking and the most important thing is to reduce the level of stress. Stress is the biggest reason for speed aging.

    The major reason for the wrinkles under the eyes is the less quantity of collagen. There are many ways to stimulate and to increase growth of collagen. It can be done by changing your habits and using some effective skin care cream. Matrixyl3000 is the key ingredient to increase growth of collagen, and it will be great help to get wrinkles free face. Other ingredients such as Argireline and Avocado oil will be also helpful to reduce the density of wrinkles.

    • Follow rich diet

    The person must follow the diet which includes nutrients and heavy antioxidants. Rich nutrients and antioxidants help in rejuvenating skin and removing the wrinkles.

    • Choose the right wrinkle removal cream

    The most important thing is to choose the right wrinkle removal cream to take care of the skin. The cream should have the quality content that can repair the past damage skin cells and help to rejuvenate the current skin cells.

    There are many factors which you should keep in mind when choosing anti aging products. It must have some scientific evidence, so that you can put trust on it. There must be Matrixyl3000 in the product which will help to reduce the wrinkles and also protect skin from future wrinkles. In addition Matrixyl3000 plays a vital role to look younger and attractive.