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Viagra Super Force & Viagra Professional – New Bestsellers from Canadian Pharmacy Online

6 August, 2018 (14:45) | Men's Health | By: Health news

You can find any version of Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy Online here: We offer you a fantastic variety of medications which are unique according to their chemical composition and presentation form. Let us examine the most outstanding of them, Viagra Professional and Viagra Super Force.

Viagra Super Force is a one-of-a-kind remedy combining two selective inhibitors at a time! Each capsule contains 100mg of sildenafil and 60mg of dapoxetine. Their action is aimed at erection improvement and blocking of premature emission of seminal fluid. The key benefits of Viagra Super Force usage are as follows:

  • Fast onset time and long-lasting effect;
  • Minimal counter-indications list;
  • Considerable amount of urge of energy and vivacity;
  • Improvement of erection;
  • Potency boost;
  • Enhancement of erogenous zones sensitivity.

This medication provides increase of sexual intercourse duration. Besides, a patient becomes more sensitive which is crucial for intensive orgasm. Viagra Super Force allows achieving a longer sexual intercourse. Besides, it is composed of qualitative medicinal formula combining two mighty selective inhibitors which boost erection and give energy shortly. As opposed to the majority of analogous medicines, positive effect of Viagra Super Force occurs in 30 minutes and preserves during 4 hours. It acts smoothly and gradually, but doesn’t accelerate arterial blood pressure and blood sugar level.

As for Viagra Professional, it’s mechanism of action is quite similar to the traditional Viagra’s one, since it contains sildenafil acting beneficially on relaxation of smooth muscles and filling of cavernous bodies with blood. Sildenafil’s action blocks one of enzymes the enhanced quantity of which decreases male erection and stimulates production by nerve endings of nitrogen oxide. The latter relaxes smooth muscle cells.  As a result, a man gets mighty long-lasting erection, enhanced libido and absolute self-confidence in 15-20 minutes. As for erection, it lasts effortlessly six-eight hours which is quite sufficient for complete satisfaction. It is worth mentioning there is no alcoholic intoxication in the list of contraindications. Regardless its amazing characteristics, Viagra Professional’s action is nearly identical to regular Viagra. Its cost is comparatively low which is quite beneficial for end consumers.

Buy Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy and return to life worth living in every sense of the word!

News Health: Human Body – Senses

26 September, 2014 (13:59) | Men's Health | By: Health news

The original man, created in the image of Cod, had 12 senses at his disposal. In the process of involution, he gradually lost his senses, while he remained with 5 senses as the present man. That is why the ratio between his present knowledge compared to the past one is 5:12.

After the sense of touch, the sense of taste, smell, hearing and finally eyesight appeared. Five senses – five cultures. This is the history of the human soul by now. There are more senses, which man shall develop. His ear and eye will change. They will obtain a more perfect form than the present one. After 3 thousand years, there will be an enormous difference between the man of that time and the man of the present. The present man Sildenafil Canada will look like a savage to the future man.

Man’s eye is created at the end. It is of the highest origin. All more eminent clairvoyants, all adepts and teachers read and study by the eye.

The powers, through which human intelligence and wisdom manifest, have created the nose and ears. The powers, the energies, through which love manifests, have created the mouth. Truth has created the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids. Rationality has created the forehead.

The matter, of which the eyes are made, is prepared at another place, and it is only projected on the Earth. If it happens man to damage any of his organs, it cannot be repaired, because the parts of this organ are not here and cannot be fixed and hence the organ cannot be fixed, too. The nervous system, which rules the mental and nervous temper, penetrate through the whole body, transfers the blood through the entire body. Its organs are the road messages for man. The second thing is man’s lungs, which are connected to the dynamic powers, to the electricity and magnetism. They deal with the air, with prana, which is perceived by the lungs and is delivered to the blood, which is purified through prana and is transferred along the entire body to the most remote nourishing centres.

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The sanguine (gaseous) temper has formed in this way. In order man to be healthy, his lungs shall be well developed. If the mind is better developed than the heart, shoulders are wide and straight. If the feelings are more developed, shoulders are rounded.

According to me, one is beautiful if he has healthy eyes, ears and a healthy mouth. Eyes are connected to the brain, the ears – to the heart, to the sympathetic nervous system, and the mouth – to the stomach and the liver.

The state of the lungs depends on the structure of the nose – its size and width. In addition, the form of the nose is responsible for the form of the lungs, but in a reverse position.

What is the nose? It is a place of electricity and magnetism. It is a peak, where the energies of Nature are stored. Bad thoughts influence the nose and therefore the respiratory system. If it does not work well, the stomach system suffers. As a result of that the balance between the mental and sympathetic nervous systems is destroyed. All about canadian viagra –

Sometimes it is well man to put his finger at the beginning of the nose, between the eyes. In this way one may concentrate. Those, who are distracted, shall put a finger on the top of the nose, in order to think. You will concentrate and gather your thoughts a little. You shall put gently your finger either between the eyebrows, at the beginning of the nose or on the top of it. The arms are an extremely mighty power, two poles. The positive power is in the right arm, and in the left arm – the negative power.

Generic viagra or brand viagra

21 June, 2010 (21:47) | Men's Health | By: Health news

Sexuality is a very essential part of living that works in overall developing the love life of the person. It is a very important for the couple to be sexually fit to attain and deliver complete satisfaction that is required and expected. As far as men’s sexual health is concerned, impotence or erectile problems is the most commonly observed health condition that comprehensively impacts on the well being of the person. Generally the sexual condition is observed as the person ages, and is the result of aging. However, impotence is not a life threatening syndrome but is surely a depressive one which can take a major toll in worsening the overall sensual connection between the two.

Generic Viagra has been the most effective and powerful source for overcoming erectile problems successfully. The medicine is composed of sildenafil citrate, which is the most effective parent chemical that works in helping men gain erection that meets the level of complete sensual satisfaction.
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However, initially the emergence of generic form of Viagra was at first mistakenly known as the inferior quality drug that is not safe to take. However, after FDA approvals generic Viagra, secured lots of popularity and was preferred by many users as the best online sexual energy booster that can help in relieving the penile complications and improving the blood flow to the main organ making it effective.

Brand Viagra UK and US is a very powerful source of anti-impotence drug that works in helping men to gain erection that can work best in improving the sexual condition in men. Online the generic version of the effective medicine works very well I helping men gain complete sexual satisfaction by embracing the salacious moments with the partner and reaching the peak of sexual intimacy.

When it comes to differentiating in the brand and generic forms, the major dissimilarity would go only in cost factor, as brand Viagra is comparatively costly as compared to generic that is offered at cheap rates online.

However, the external factors like color, shape, blister packaging of the generic and branded drugs may differ, as although they both contain the similar ingredients the displaying part can be changed. This will help in differentiating which one is generic and which is the patented one.

Online generic Viagra is offered at extremely inexpensive rates, with no compromise on the quality of the sildenafil citrate used. This helps the generic form to deliver similar effectiveness as the brand Viagra does.

Hence, it is advisable to search for anti-impotence drugs online, as cost effective generics deliver the analogous benefits when effectiveness is focused. Also, as a matter of fact, FDA has approved generic Viagra as the safe and powerful drug that can be consumed to get relieved from the erectile troubles.
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Also, the distinctive flavors in the market have added up an extra point in its popularity, the potential ones are tablets, soft tabs and oral jelly. Buying these productive generics through reputed online drugstores would help to get you the product that work wonders when it comes to successfully overcoming male impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

11 June, 2010 (21:05) | Men's Health | By: Health news

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence, one of most depressive and suffer sickness of men’s health. 30% of the worldwide male population is facing thiscritical illness problem and looking for medication or treatment. The increase in age of male, have increased the risk of getting erectile dysfunction due to the low performance of male stamina and bodyfunctionality.

Currently that is few alternative ways to focus on the erectile dysfunction treatments. Surgery is one of the most risky way for curing ED but the most effective way. In the advise of the doctor to do the surgery on penis to improve the blood circulation. However, the surgery is not advisable for senior because it might not 100% get cure if the body is old.Medicationis the second way to curing erectile dysfunction, like viagra is the most popular drug in the market for it. It might got the instant results on it but the risk of side effect for high dosage mightcausedlow blood pressure and heart attack.Therefore, it is highly controlled by the government and under prescription of doctor to use it.

Device is the popular alternative way as well but it might not get obvious results due to no internal treatment involved. Recently supplement become another way for curing the Erectile dysfunction and getting popular. It is because the herbs and organic supplement is not chemicalinvolvementand easilyadsorbedby human body. Some of the plantation have historically records andtraditionally being used to cure for erectile dysfunction. Scientist is invent the new technology to extract the ingredients to make in pills or capsule. Thebenefitof supplement is safe to take it without worry of the side effect and age restriction is free.The disadvantages of supplement in curing erectiledysfunctionthat is it might not get instant result and need on longer time for the treatment to seetheeffective of the results. It is normally take around 30 to 90 days depend on individual.

In market, Vadimax is the most popular pure natural herbs supplement for erectile dysfunction treatment. It is wisely used by the patients worldwide and it is invented by Dr Jonathan Mathew in 2003. However, the herbs ingredients is not only for treatment purpose and it is also improve the libido and people take it as a sexual enhancement and penis enlargement supplement since it is no need of doctor’s prescription. Some of the countries are officially let Vadimax to sell in pharmacy without restriction since the lab test report show that no side effect and harm free to the body.

Impotence Treatment

6 May, 2010 (15:31) | Men's Health | By: admin

If you are looking for impotence treatments, you don’t need to use prescription drugs, you can use a combination of herbs which will improve not only your sexual health but your overall level of wellness, so you get more from sex and more from life. Let’s take a look at the herbs and how they work.
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Most men who suffer from impotence, also suffer from poor blood flow to and into the penis and to improve blood flow into the penis, you need to boost your levels of nitric oxide secretion because if levels are low, no erection can come to fruition.

Nitric oxide is produced in the blood vessels which lead into the penis and as its secreted, the blood vessels relax and expand and more blood can enter, the penis hardens and an erection is the visible result. Man made drugs increase levels of nitric oxide but so to do the herbs – buy Ginseng online, Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed.

In terms of impotence treatment, herbal remedies have other key advantages over man made drugs – they not only have no side effects they also increase sex drive. Many men who take synthetic drugs end up having to have manual stimulation to get hard and they therefore, lack the excitement of having an erection come to fruition from their thoughts alone. The good news is herbs can increase sexual desire as well. For example, both Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed boost testosterone which is the key male hormone for sex drive and stamina.

Other herbs which work to get sex drive are Maca which contains a unique blend of sterols which work on major glands of the body, to improve energy and sex drive and Tribulus which is not only the best testosterone boosting herb, its also known to help men last longer in bed and give more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

The above are just some of the impotence treatment herbs, you will find in the best men’s herbal sex pills which will not only improve your sexual health, they will also improve your overall level of health at the same time.

Massive Penis Enlargement Method

27 April, 2010 (12:50) | Men's Health | By: admin

Although many people believe that their penis is at a decent size at 5 inches, it is now more common for men to want a bigger penis. Of course when you are bigger and longer in size, you will be much more satisfied. If you can muster the usefulness of the internet, you will come to find that it contains a vast amount of sites with advice on how to increase penis size that is extremely helpful. Many methods that you may have heard of actually do NOT work and can sometimes be harmful, such as certain pills and penis pumps. It is in your best interest to avoid these methods at all costs, simply try to find some natural methods instead.

The best methods you can find relate to easy exercises that are actually the safest and most useful ways to successfully increase the size of your penis. The statistics of how many men have had beneficial results after using these methods are great and have proved to satisfy all men who have tried them, as well as their female partner.

The most amazing aspect of these exercises is that it only takes 10-15 minutes a day to do, and that little amount of time is actually sufficient enough to produce positive results. If you are debating whether you should give these exercises a try, you should know that there will be no negative results regardless, all that can come of trying it is a bigger penis.

In fact, this particular exercise consists of only one quick step in order to work. The keyword of the very first step is TRACTION, as in putting pressure on the specific part of your penis and the cell tissues within in order to manipulate it. You can do this easily by the following steps:

1. Make an “OK” shape with your right hand. Grip the base of your half-flaccid penis firmly.

2. Drive upwards to the penile shaft.

3. Do the same thing with your left hand, in a cycle.

After doing this for a few minutes, that constant pressure will cause a reaction in which your penis will attempt to adapt to that constant pressure and ultimately increase in size. This actually also works on other parts of the body as well, such as the neck. This has been proven to work by several women in Central Asia, and if it works for the neck, why won’t it work for your penis as well? The truth is, that it will most definitely work, so forget about taking pills or using pumps, because there are many exercises that are safe and more rewarding than the pills or pumps could ever be.

Alternative information:

First off, do NOT use weights or anything else that you hang on your penis in order to supposedly make your penis stronger and larger, it does not work and WILL cause damage to your ligaments. Safety should be your main concern whenever trying to do anything, such as enhancing your penis size. When you walk around with weight on the end of your penis you will get stretch marks, as well as possible deformity that is never appealing to a woman.

Along with this, you should not take pills to induce enlargement of your penis, most of them do not produce the results that you expect and could actually cause unwanted side effects. Many companies around the world sell these pills and promote them in a way in which makes men want to buy them, the fact that doctors actually prescribe these pills does not help either. It is a waste of your time and money to use these pills, so don’t even consider this option.

Many people try to use penis pumps to enlarge their penis, which is definitely not suggested. They are designed for those unfortunate men who cannot get an erection, so if you use this when you do not have this problem, you may burst some blood vessels or worse. Do NOT try any of these methods if you want to increase the size of your penis.

Rather than using those harmful methods to enlarge your penis, simply try some methods that have been successfully practiced in the past by others who wanted to increase their size just as you do. There are many un-harmful methods that will produce positive results, they all fall under the category of “hand exercising”. Basically what you do is use traction to increase your size, when you do this daily you will be bigger in no time. All you must do is firmly grasp your penis, then stroke it back and forth which puts enough pressure on your penile tissue to increase your overall size in a matter of weeks.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

14 April, 2010 (11:51) | Men's Health | By: Health news

How to stop premature ejaculation is something that more than twenty five percent of males have to find out more about. Ejaculating before it is time to do so is a problem that has mental as well as physical factors that need to be studied and understood before a treatment can be found. Some of the methods to stop yourself from ejaculating prematurely are simple and anyone can use them. Others may be more complicated and only a few will want to try them out.
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Getting regular exercises is a good way of overcoming the problem of premature ejaculation as the right kind of exercises will improve the condition of your cardiovascular system and increase blood flow. The healthier your physique is, the less likely it is that you will suffer from premature ejaculation.

How to stop premature ejaculation can be understood easily by involving your partner and more particularly you should talk to her, especially as this can help you last longer. The more open you are with your partner, the less stressed you will feel and this can improve your staying power while engaging yourself in sexual intercourse.

When you penetrate the vagina, your body begins the ejaculation process. In order to prevent it, you should learn to slow yourself down and you should start breathing and you should give time to your body to feel the sensation prior to making movement or friction.

Meditation is another good way of controlling your ejaculation. In fact, control is the key to remaining strong in bed and so you must learn to do deep breathing as well as any good meditational exercise that together will put you back in control and help you avoid the embarrassment of ejaculating sooner than you should.

These are some very simple tips that anyone can perform in order to control and even stop their premature ejaculation problem and are worth trying out.

2 Powerful Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation:

Surveys show that around 40% of men worldwide cannot last longer than 2 minutes during sex. Considering the average woman takes approximately 12-15 minutes to orgasm it would be safe to say that you have a premature ejaculation problem. So how do you stop premature ejaculations? Let’s look at 2 powerful techniques…

Technique 1: Masturbate Correctly

Your ejaculatory system is like any other responsive system in your body. It has been trained to do what it does. If you, in your younger days, masturbated quickly to avoid getting caught, then you trained your system to ejaculate quickly. You need to re-train your system.

Hot Shower Masturbation Training

Since most guys take a shower daily this is a great place to work on your masturbation practices. Stroke your penis as hot water is running over it. The hot water will simulate the warmth of the vagina. Stroke slowly and under control. When you get just short of the “point of no return” then stop and squeeze the head of the penis hard to shut down the ejaculatory track. This will lower your arousal level and once it does, resume stroking. Rinse and repeat for 3-4 times before ejaculating. Do this daily.

Technique 2: Breathing & Counting During Intercourse

You must be able to take your mind off of worrying about if you will ejaculate too early to please her. Because of your poor performances in the past, you have trained your mind to think about it during sex. You need to get your mind off of it. Start counting your strokes out loud (but quiet enough for her not to notice) and focus on breathing deeply. Breathe in when moving out and breathe out when moving in. By counting your strokes and focusing on the breathing, you will get rid of the negative thinking.

To be honest with you, you can permanently stop premature ejaculations if you just take action. Forget the lotions, potions, and pills and find a good training program that has good exercises and techniques for you to follow. Then apply daily action and you will become a superman in bed!

Make Your Penis Larger

24 March, 2010 (23:38) | Men's Health | By: Health news

A lot of people think that there is only one way they could possibly make their penis any larger and that is through surgery. But what if you could do it naturally? What if you didn’t have to have an operation? Well now there’s a way.
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Recent research has found that you can extend the length of your penis simply by doing penis exercises. Some of the benefits of doing these exercises include the ability to gain a stronger erection and maintain it for a longer period of time, improving the amount of semen you will produce when you ejaculate and of course increasing the overall size of your penis. So what are these exercises? Read on:

Jelqing: This is probably one of the oldest techniques developed to enlarge your penis. The exercise involves movements that will be similar to “milking your penis”, this will increase the amount of blood going to your penis therefore making your penis visibly larger. In order to see results from this method however you must perform the exercise regularly, every day if possible. If you do this exercise regularly then you will see a big improvement in the length of your penis and the size increase will be permanent.

Penis Stretching: This method is similar to the Jelqing technique that we have talked about. The idea is that this will stretch the tissue of your penis; by doing this you will be stretching the cells that your penis is composed of which will make them grow in both length and girth. Coupled with a cheap penis extender, men can expect to grow around 4 inches in a 12 month period.

Kegel Exercises: These types of exercises don’t target the penis directly but instead target the Pubococcygeus muscle which is a muscle that is used for delaying erections. Therefore if you train this muscle well you will be able to maintain your erections much longer and may also see a size increase of your penis.

If done properly and regularly then it is almost guaranteed that doing the exercises mentioned will increase both the length and the girth of your penis. All you need to remember is that you should have patience and don’t expect results overnight. It may help to take a photo of your penis at different stages throughout the process so that you can really see the effect the exercises are having. Overall we feel that this is a much better option than surgery and the results will be much more significant.

Does Masturbation Affect Penis Growth?

21 March, 2010 (04:02) | Men's Health | By: Health news

There has been a long standing myth that masturbation can have a direct effect on penis growth when using exercises to enlarge the penis. Many men who start penis exercises become easily confused as to how much or how often you can masturbate or have sex. The truth is that it’s never really explained fully or implemented into a schedule that understands that men DO masturbate. This article is designed to clear up this confusion and explain whether not masturbation can affect your penis growth.

Before I jump straight in and answer that question for you, it’s important to get the right penis enlarging system. Selecting the right system doesn’t just mean performing the exercises correctly, although that does help a lot, it means having the correct balance of penis exercises, rest, nutrients and masturbation. Exercises alone can be hit or miss as the other factors previously mentioned have just as big an impact on growth as exercises do.

Masturbation’s Link To Penis Growth

When using a natural penis enlarging system, you implement the biochemicals and hormones that were present in puberty into your body. Your blood is now rich in nutrients and to fully exploit penis growth, you need to make full use of those nutrients. During an erection your penis becomes full of nutrient rich blood with growing properties, and just before you reach an orgasm, the nutrients become the most effective. So this is what you have to aim to achieve every day.

It’s Simple

Masturbation DOES have an effect on penis growth when using a natural penis enlarging system as it’s actually a part of the system. However this is different from your standard masturbation as we want to achieve the point just before orgasm about 5 times a day. The best and most effective way of doing this is to stop just before you orgasm. Once you hit that point, to stop yourself from climaxing, if you feel you have no control, simply squeeze the base of your penis hard.

After about 30 seconds you should be able to repeat the process, as you haven’t expelled all of your energy into climaxing. Performing this 5 times a day, a few hours after completing your penis exercises, as part of a proven system and you will see a significant difference to your penis growth. As long as this happens 5 times a day, you can masturbate or have sex as often as you want.

About Condoms

19 March, 2010 (15:02) | Men's Health | By: Health news

For some, the subject of sex can be taboo, but it really needn’t be. Sex is something which is performed everyday all over the world-whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, young, middle aged or mature; everyone has sex at some point in their lives, whether it is for recreation or procreation. When it comes to having sex, safety is key for both the protection of yourself and your partner.

In order to be as safe as possible from sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and pregnancy, you should wear a condom in every instance where you are partaking in sexual intercourse. We are all aware of condoms, and you may also be aware of the different variations of condoms which are available on the market at the moment. You may feel that you are well educated when it comes to condoms and practising safe sex, but condoms actually play a key role in protecting us in all aspects of our sex lives:
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– As many people are aware, condoms are vital in order to prevent against the spreading of STIs which can be caught through the exchanging of bodily fluids. They are also key in protecting yourself from HIV and contrary to popular belief-you cannot catch HIV from an infected partner when wearing a condom unless there is a fault with your condom. This is why it is important that you check the expiry dates of your condoms, and only use lubricants with compatible condoms.

– Some STIs and HIV can be passed on through oral sex as well as penetrative sex, so help yourself be further protected by wearing a condom during oral sex also.

– Many fear that their condom will break easily unless dealt with very gently. Condoms which are made from materials such as latex are designed to withstand great stretching, but all condoms are extensively tested to get a grasp of their durability. If you are worried about weak condoms, ensure you only purchase condoms which are certified as being tested.

– We often worry about catching STIs through the exchanging of semen or vaginal secretions, but some STIs can also be caught through skin to skin contact. Unless you are sensible enough to wear a condom, you could potentially catch diseases such as Syphilis, Genital Warts and Herpes, which can remain dormant in some people, thus not show any visible signs of the disease.

– Every year, around 440 million Americans purchase condoms of different varieties. With the rise in sexually transmitted diseases, the more people who wear a condom during sex, the lower the percentage will be of those who catch an STI. The less you wear a condom, the more chances you have of catching an STI, or if you are female, falling pregnant also.

– In order to maintain safety at all times, you should always change your condom if performing a sex act during intercourse and always after ejaculation has occurred. By continuing with a used condom, you are risking the chances of it breaking which can then lead to pregnancy or STI transference.

And did you know…

– When first produced, condoms were only available on prescription. As time has gone on, there have been developments in medicine, which has resulted in condoms now being produced in latex and synthetic materials. Although now used as a method of birth control, condoms were originally only prescribed to men to protect themselves from STIs if they were seeking sex from prostitutes. However, women were not allowed such a luxury as condoms as the use of condoms would prevent them from falling pregnant. My how times have changed!

Male Enhancement Pills

11 March, 2010 (20:56) | Men's Health | By: Health news

It is true that it takes more that sex to keep a relationship to grow strong. What is often unsaid is that when any of the partners is not having great sex, the relationship may doom to fail. The relationship is even more acute when we are going through changes in our lives. Let me illustrate what I mean by that. All men go through a predictable period in their life, from growth to their prime and then decay. In their early twenties, teenage boy’s sex drives and energy levels are at their prime. Of course, every man is unique biologically.

The environment also plays a crucial role in shaping a man’s sex life. As a man grows through life, he will be involved in a lot of activities such as work and starting a family. These are often very stressful for the man. After a few years of stress, men may no longer have the stamina and sex drive they once have as compared to when they were younger. Even when they are interested in sex, they often have difficulty getting an erection or keeping it very long. The women, on the other hand, are only going through their prime at an older age. This can cause some potential problems in the bedroom.

We may have no control over stress but we can have control over our sex lives! If you are familiar with the term male enhancement, you will know that it will automatically arouse some interests in men. Every man would like to enhance their size and performance and size. No one will complain if they have the drive of a young teenager. Male enhancement products and pills can offer them a second boost to their prime that they thought were lost years ago.
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There are many such products in the market, so you would want to look for one that has proven successes. If possible, you may want to look for the one with special formula that includes pomegranate. It is actually a fruit that is very well known for its male enhancement. Not only that, it is also rich in antioxidant properties, so you can also boost your health at the same time.

Male enhancement pills will give you the extra edge for more intense erections. You may be amazed that such pills can give you so much staying power in bed. Your partner will have no more complaint about your performance in bed! The pills functions by supplying stream of blood to your penis. With this, you will find that you will have enough stamina until you reach mind-blowing orgasms throughout the night.

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