Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

27 December, 2015 (23:27) | Erectile Dysfunction | By: Health news

No one is secured from this. It could face everyone. But anyone can deal with it. Psychological impotence is so terrible that its causes are rooted in man’s head and there is no medicine to cope with this problem.
Depression, stress, fatigue, scandals at home and work, and even poor school grade of your beloved child – all this can get out in the most crucial moment. These are the first and main causes of psychological impotence. He just cannot turn his attention to something else or relax.

However, there are a number of reasons that can cause this type of impotence. Circumstances of intimacy can be uncomfortable or even unsuitable for the partner. For example, if he knows that at any moment someone can come in, or if he feels uncomfortable in the position in which he is having sex. Psychological impotence can be caused even by the smell or appearance of woman. Sometimes, that the man is sexually weak only with one particular female partner.

Although sometimes vice versa – a partner is going well with only one woman in bed. In the first case he is bored with monotony and he is looking for something new, in the second case he is scared to look for something new. He was accustomed to one woman, her touches, structure and anatomy of her body.

Often the causes of psychological impotence are quarrels and scandals. The discrepancy between sexual tastes, preferences and desires, can also be the reasons of psychological impotence.

This type of impotence entails an obsessive fear of unintended pregnancy or infection of any sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to protect your health.

However, the use of condoms during sexual intercourse can be a stressful situation. But then you can select another kind of contraception.

Certainly, psychological impotence can occur when a man makes love to a woman for the first time. He is afraid not to make a proper impression on her.

The reason for psychological impotence lies in the innate low sex drive of man and his low self-esteem. It happens that a man is not able to be excited because of the fact that he has not decided on his sexual orientation yet. The reason for this type of impotence may be the psychological trauma especially in adolescence: depravity and sexual humiliation. In this case, the man should visit sex therapist and psychologist.

Basically psychological impotence occurs suddenly while spontaneous erections in the morning and at night exist.
Psychological impotence is diagnosed by collecting information about the sexual life of men. The doctor asks about the duration of impotence, frequency of sexual intercourse and about the sex life before this.

To cope with this problem will help masturbation, stimulation by visual images, and, of course, a healthy lifestyle: maximum of vitamins and mineral substances, minimum of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

By the way, female partners also should be careful with their men: careful attitude to a partner and achievement of harmony in the relationship will help to cure any disease.