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Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

27 December, 2015 (23:27) | Erectile Dysfunction | By: Health news

No one is secured from this. It could face everyone. But anyone can deal with it. Psychological impotence is so terrible that its causes are rooted in man’s head and there is no medicine to cope with this problem.
Depression, stress, fatigue, scandals at home and work, and even poor school grade of your beloved child – all this can get out in the most crucial moment. These are the first and main causes of psychological impotence. He just cannot turn his attention to something else or relax.

However, there are a number of reasons that can cause this type of impotence. Circumstances of intimacy can be uncomfortable or even unsuitable for the partner. For example, if he knows that at any moment someone can come in, or if he feels uncomfortable in the position in which he is having sex. Psychological impotence can be caused even by the smell or appearance of woman. Sometimes, that the man is sexually weak only with one particular female partner.

Although sometimes vice versa – a partner is going well with only one woman in bed. In the first case he is bored with monotony and he is looking for something new, in the second case he is scared to look for something new. He was accustomed to one woman, her touches, structure and anatomy of her body.

Often the causes of psychological impotence are quarrels and scandals. The discrepancy between sexual tastes, preferences and desires, can also be the reasons of psychological impotence.

This type of impotence entails an obsessive fear of unintended pregnancy or infection of any sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to protect your health.

However, the use of condoms during sexual intercourse can be a stressful situation. But then you can select another kind of contraception.

Certainly, psychological impotence can occur when a man makes love to a woman for the first time. He is afraid not to make a proper impression on her.

The reason for psychological impotence lies in the innate low sex drive of man and his low self-esteem. It happens that a man is not able to be excited because of the fact that he has not decided on his sexual orientation yet. The reason for this type of impotence may be the psychological trauma especially in adolescence: depravity and sexual humiliation. In this case, the man should visit sex therapist and psychologist.

Basically psychological impotence occurs suddenly while spontaneous erections in the morning and at night exist.
Psychological impotence is diagnosed by collecting information about the sexual life of men. The doctor asks about the duration of impotence, frequency of sexual intercourse and about the sex life before this.

To cope with this problem will help masturbation, stimulation by visual images, and, of course, a healthy lifestyle: maximum of vitamins and mineral substances, minimum of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

By the way, female partners also should be careful with their men: careful attitude to a partner and achievement of harmony in the relationship will help to cure any disease.

Lifestyle Sources of ED

18 September, 2014 (16:03) | Health Care, Erectile Dysfunction | By: Health news

One of my favourite statements is that you are what you eat and experience. What you eat and do is obviously crucial to your general and sexual health in Australia Pharmacy Viagra and more importantly the support system that gets your Dick to erect. Let’s recall the 3 Steps to get your Dick erect:

1. Sexual stimulation from the brain or directly from physical stimulation around Dick is communicated through the nervous system to Dick’s tissue and blood vessels;

2. The nerves supplying Dick’s tissue/blood vessels release Nitric Oxide, a gas molecule which causes another cell molecule called cGMP in the lining of the blood vessels (called the endothelium) to make the surrounding tissue relax.

3. As the internal tissues relax they expand to allow blood flow into tiny blood sacs called sinusoids. These sacs fill up and engorge your Dick. They also push against his internal wall to restrict the veins that normally take blood out…and shazam! Your Dick gets erect.

Like any other part of your body, these systems are obviously affected by what you eat and experience. They are affected by all the inputs into your body system and some are favourable to make them work better and others hinder their functioning.

The importance of Nitric Oxide and blood vessel health is one of the most researched processes and, whilst a lot has been learnt as to what affects them, there is a lot more to be done. Summarised below are the findings of Mr Dickxy and his team. Unsurprisingly, the usual everyday health nasties that affect your lifestyle and health have been related to deficiency in Nitric Oxide production: free radicals, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes…sounds like another form of the Perfect Storm. And guess what, the usual goodies that generally promote health, like exercise and antioxidants, promote your Dick to erect. It must be making sense by now, unless you have a plumbing or psychological issue, ED is really a portal into your physical health, especially your vascular health. Hence the chicken and egg dilemma with heart disease.

We have already discussed most of the nasties except for the free radicals and I have an extensive section on them and how they arise in Step 6: Lifestyle & Nutrition. These free radical nasties enter your body through what you eat and experience – your Lifestyle & Nutrition – and may be lurking around even if you generally feel well. Most definitions of free radicals state that they are the reason behind ageing and the development of symptoms related to heart disease, hypertension, stroke and cancer and so many other health complaints such as headaches, dry skin, and high blood pressure. Some of these should be sounding familiar for ED by now.

If you are still unsure about how Lifestyle affects ED how about this January 2012 report from
Pravda: In a study by the Russian Health Ministry of men aged 20-75 in 6 Russian districts, 90% were found to suffer from ED! As many as 50% were under 45 years old. They analysed what they term “bad habits” and found that 63% of men admitted to drinking alcohol regularly; about 50% smoked; more than 50% of men under 60 years were overweight; Sure there are other sources for these poor guys but, Lifestyle has a lot to do with it. Let’s get some more information on Lifestyle factors can affect blood flow and general health.