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Treatment for bacterial vaginosis

27 October, 2009 (11:28) | Bacterial vaginosis | By: Health news

Bacterial vaginosis is a problem catching hold of many women these days and showing them the state of embarrassment. It is up to you to discuss this problem with your doctor for bacterial vaginosis treatment or cure it naturally. Natural means are always preferable over the antibiotics one.

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Garlic serves as a good antiseptic agent to cure this problem. It maintains the natural pH level of the vagina. Vinegar bath along with apple cider can cure the disease fast and is a very effective bacterial vaginosis treatment. Many women who opted for antibiotic treatment are facing recurrent problem as these products kill the natural bacteria along with the artificial ones.

To get rid of the itching and burning sensation you need to work on the natural oils present in the area. Yoghurt can be an effective bacterial vaginosis treatment when used as a tampon. It can be inserted and kept there for a while. Probiotics is another very good option to get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Use cotton panties and avoid wearing synthetic ones as they can absorb moisture and sweat. Microbes grow in damp conditions so they can create problems. Bacterial vaginosis treatment includes tea tree oil to provide relaxation to vaginal skin. Stress and strain can also be a cause of this problem as this can disturb the balance of the skin. Metronidazole is few prescribed medicines offered by the doctor.

High intake of curd and vitamin C  can make your condition better and show positive result in bacterial vaginosis treatment. Stay healthy and regain your confidence by fixing up your problem. If the problem still persists then you can opt for surgical options too. Maintaining a good personal hygiene is an easy way out of this trouble. Take bath twice daily and keep smiling always and live a tension free life.