Breast Cancer Cure, how to achieve it by making lifestyle changes

3 October, 2009 (11:18) | Breast Cancer | By: Health news

Treating the root cause or causes of breast cancer is far more important than treating the obvious immediate symptoms. Treating only symptoms, which is the cancer growth will simply cover up the real underlying problem and will cause the problem to return or to spread to another area. A genuine cure will look for the reasons why the cancer first appeared and address those reasons and that will allow the body to permanently heal.

The words breast cancer scares people and someone newly diagnosed with the disease will blindly follow authority without stopping and applying a bit of common sense. What they need is information on the subject so they can make informed decisions on their best treatment options based on knowledge. There are many facts that are known about breast cancer but you are seldom told.

Breast cancer doesn’t just happen; it is the result of something you did, so it makes sense that it can be corrected also. To successfully overcome a diagnosis of breast cancer it is much more important to look for the reasons why it occurred in the first place and address those reasons. When you remove the factors that caused the problem the body through the immune system has a natural tendency to heal itself and will remove the cancer without it spreading or returning.

Our bodies are continuing trying to heal themselves and that is with the aid of our built in repair system which is the immune system. Right through life our immune system keeps us healthy as it repairs cuts and bruises, broken bones, infections, diseases and also cancer. But it needs a little help and only you can do that and that is by eating the food that’s been designed for human consumption and removing the everyday food items that have contributed to the problem.

Breast cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system, that’s been weakened by the way we now live, especially with our wrong food choices. These are foods that use refined flour and sugar, also the consumption of too much animal fat, salt, caffeine, and alcohol. Lifestyle factors may include constant worry, anger, fear, frustration. Also the chemicals that affect us and they are chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, smoking, and all drugs. All these factors contribute to breast cancer.

There are only natural ways to strengthen the immune system and that is to eat freshly grown fruit and vegetables everyday, most of which have cancer fighting properties, make sure you get adequate rest and sleep, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and lastly a positive attitude towards life which is very important.

Breast cancer is an entirely curable disease but a person must take central responsibility for his or her own health and have an active involvement in the healing process. A change in the way you live is essential, especially with the food you eat because all those factors are the causes of breast cancer today.

Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specialising in cancer. For further information on more effective ways to overcome breast cancer using the powerful natural healing ability of the human body; please visit Alternative Cancer Treatment

Acne Home Treatments – Can You Cure Your Acne?

2 October, 2009 (16:20) | Acne | By: Health news

If you’re afflicted with acne breakouts, then you understand how hard it can be to discover acne home treatments. You can waste a ton of money on acne home treatments that just aren’t effective. The good news is that those that do work, do so quite efficiently. Here are a few of the optimal acne home treatments.

Cleansing the Affected Area

Although dirty skin doesn’t cause acne, it can be aggravated by oil produced by the skin. Therefore, an effective home remedy for treating acne is to wash your skin. It seems as though ProActive is a helpful acne cleanser for people who experience few results in their acne treatment. You should wash the affected area twice daily, but refrain from harsh scrubbing, since this can irritate the acne. Double check to ensure that your cleanser is water-based. Avoid cleaners that contain oil. For the best results, follow the directions on the product.

Avoid Picking the Acne!

One of the most harmful acts you can perform in acne home treatment is to pop or pick at your acne. Picking will only worsen your acne condition. Beyond that, it will make your fingernails dirty! Picking your pimples can make you more prone to infection. Also, if you’re concerned about how your skin looks, remember that picking pimples results in acne scars, which are permanent.

Helpful Non-Prescription Creams to Try

Over the counter creams that you spread on your acne breakouts are another component of acne home treatment. This is the premium acne home treatment to eliminate blemishes that already exist. Benzyl peroxide, which is an ingredient in treatments like Clearasil, is an effective tool used to unclog pores and make the size of the pimple decrease. Alpha-hydroxy acid not only makes the blemish more dry, but also makes the top lay of the skin covering the blemish peel off, which expedites healing. Lots of cleansers contain alpha-hydroxy acid. Salicylic acid, which is an ingredient of Stri-Dex and Clearasil treatments, works in a similar manner as alphy-hydroxy acid.

Think about using tea tree oil for a more organic home acne treatment. Tea tree oil eliminates bacteria, which can bring about acne. There are lots of over the counter oils, gels and creams available for purchase which have tea tree oil as an ingredient. You can purchase pure tea tree oil for your acne at health food stores.

Regardless of which acne home treatment you discover is the most effective for you, make sure you follow the exact instructions on the packaging. If you use the acne treatments too much, you can cause skin irritation, thereby making the situation worse. It’s imperative that you carefully pay attention to the directions!

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

2 October, 2009 (11:47) | Acne | By: admin

Treatments on how to get rid of acne scars are very useful, but it depends on what skin type you have. Treating acne scars can be done through natural inexpensive ways and dermatological procedures that would probably cost much. However, the treatment of the scar still depends on the sweetness and the severity of the scar.

Removing the surface layer removes some shallow scarring at the surface, which lessens the depth of scarring. Micro-dermabrasion, a similar technique, removes the surface skin by using crystals of aluminum oxide that pass through a vacuum. Removes dead cells, unclogs sebum canals and dissolves scar tissues by enzymatic hydrolysis, without peeling.

Dermabrasion is a great way to remove the acne scars. Doctors use a machine with diamond edged wheels that rotates very fast. Dermabrasion, which is a procedure done in salons and dermatology clinics peels off the outer layer of the skin, so the scars are removed.

Other anti-scar treatments include laser resurfacing and the chemical peel procedure. Dermabrasion has been around for quite some time, but has given way to newer techniques to get rid of acne scars. This involves a rotating metal wheel for removing acne scar tissue and skin layers.

Here is a tip that will benefit you with you acne.

Lemon juice naturally and smoothly bleaches the skin, and this makes it efficient for certain types of scars that are essentially darkened or discolored spots. Picking at scabs must be avoided at all costs. Lemon juice has the properties of natural bleaching, which helps to lighten up the scars. Cucumber juice also works well with acne related scars. This special home remedy will definitely help you on how to get rid of acne scars.

Prostate cancer treatment success rate is not important

30 September, 2009 (17:04) | Cancer | By: Health news

Generally,we shouldn’t focus on the prostate cancer treatment success rate,but the prevention of prostate cancer.

And there is a great meaning for the PSA test and correct diet in the prevention process.Just keep in mind that the porstate cancer prevention,but not the prostate cancer treatment success rate.

It’s reported that a group of Swedish scientists have experienced long-term observation of the 5595 fathers and found that, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer, are with genetic characteristics, If the father of 70-year-old previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer, then for his son the chance of prostate cancer is 2.5 times higher than the average person, If the father after the age of 70 have prostate cancer, for his son ,the chance of prostate cancer risk 1.5 times higher than the average person. Moreover, if the family has two or more close relatives in the same time, suffering from prostate cancer, then the relative risk of prostate cancer in the crowd will increase 14 times.

Experts suggest that men over the age of 50 should conduct annual health check, which should include the prostate examination,which is simple and can can also be used for diagnostic antigen PSA blood test, if there is family history of prostate cancer,it should be especially careful. Prostate cancer can be prevented, and have some, such as oranges, tomatoes, chicken, watermelon and other vitamins, carotenoids, trace elements with higher levels of food, can greatly reduce the risk of disease.

PSA screening may be carried out by detecting the early detection of prostate cancer, prostate cancer is also one of the reasons to reduce the relapse rate.

Once the tumor can spread to the glands was found outside the pre-prostate cancer treatment the chances of success will be greatly increased.

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