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Chemotherapy in the management of prostate cancer

22 April, 2015 (13:59) | Prostate cancer | By: Health news

Despite this interpretation of the early experience, another generation has passed since the NPCP trials were initiated, without cytotoxic therapy earning a place in the routine management of patients with metastatic prostate cancer. Recent modification of chemotherapy and the introduction of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing that permits efficient assessment of ‘response’ have changed this perception.

It is instructive to consider some of the factors contributing to this perception. First, evaluation of clinical response has been difficult. Second, the fact that even patients with disseminated prostate cancer are commonly managed exclusively by urologists has attenuated the experience of medical oncologists in this disease, and very likely has contributed to the slow development of cytotoxic paradigms. Third, there has been an ironic distraction produced by the advent of medical testicular suppression. For some time, clinical research in advanced prostate cancer has seen disproportionate resources expended on randomizing many thousands of patients to variants of hormonal therapies.

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More than a decade of such experience has demonstrated that no matter how complex or expensive we make androgen deprivation, its therapeutic impact is still limited. Finally, the palliative impact of cytotoxic drugs is underappreciated. As pointed out by Slack and Murphy in the quotation above, cytotoxic therapy carefully applied can often provide symptom relief with less morbidity than that associated with narcotics or other palliative

Progress towards more routine assessment of the role of chemotherapy has been made because of a number of factors that have been addressed:

(1) Establishment of standardized response criteria;
(2) Closer ties between medical oncologists and urologists in ‘academic centers of
(3) Recognition of the toxicity and therapeutic limitations of androgen ablation;
(4) Inclusion of quality-of-life end-points in clinical research.

Asthma:Metered Dosed Inhaler

13 March, 2010 (05:22) | Asthma | By: Health news

Do you know when you use a MDI (metered dose inhaler), only 10 to 14 percent of the medication will ever reach your lungs even on good inhaler techniques? Most of the medicine will end up in your mouth and throat.

Surprisingly, many people adopt bad techniques and an end result is that 5 percent or even none of the medicine even gets in your lung at all. It is essential that proper techniques are used because it maximizes the effectiveness of the medication and could well save your life. This article teaches you how to retain that 10 t o 14 percent.

Before you start to put the inhaler, make sure to shake your inhaler well. This will ensure that you mix the ingredients in the canister in the correct proportion. Now breathe out slowly for 3 to 5 seconds until all the air in the lungs in your air has been exhaled out.

Now put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Position the mouthpiece 2 finger widths away from the mouth.
Chronic asthma
This is one common mistake that I see many people make. They press the inhaler first and then quickly breathe in later. No, no, no. Please don’t do that. By the time you breathe in, most of the mist will come out of your mouth already and you get the 5 to 0 percent retention value that I talked about earlier.

The proper way is to inhale slowly first for about a second, then press down on the canister. This will ensure that you get as much of the medicine in your lungs as possible. Do not stop inhaling until you feel that your lungs are full.

Now take out the inhaler from your mouth, quickly press your lips together and hold your breath for about 10 seconds. Let the medication slowly spread throughout the lungs. Breathe out afterwards

If you are having difficulty, you may consider using a spacer. The spacer is especially good for toddlers or young children whom many parents find it difficult to teach. When using the spacers, please remember to shake the inhaler before putting the mouthpiece in the spacer.

After inserting the mouthpiece, breathe in slowly for 1 second and press down on the canister. Continue inhaling until you feel that your lungs are full. Hold your breath for about 10 seconds, then exhale slowly.


6 March, 2010 (22:54) | Cancer, Cancer Treatment | By: admin

There is a worldwide campaign against the use of asbestos, and laws have been laid banning its production. Asbestos was named after the Greek word for indestructible. A great reason why asbestos is such a deadly mineral is its indestructibility. Asbestos was used as a cheap and stable ingredient of construction that was resilient to corrosion, heat, fire etc. Chrysotile is the most popular form although Crocidolite and Amosite are used too.

Asbestos is a stable mineral which was used for lot many purposes before its potential risk was discovered. It is used along with concrete for ceilings, as a thermal insulation layer, and also as fire retardant, because of the nature of its particles which are not easily affected by heat, or pressure.

Asbestos is dangerous because the particles of asbestos could live on and on for a long time. Through demotion of buildings, renovation etc, asbestos fibers can be released in air and might find their way into water resources too. These particles are extremely small, sometimes 700 times smaller than human air, which makes them extremely difficult targets for cleansing. This particulate matter finds its way into the body where it causes numerous health issues. Most of the asbestos particles can enter the human system through inhalation or ingestion.

Asbestos has been deemed as a category 1 carcinogen, and most people with prolonged exposure to this deadly mineral have been seen to develop cancer in the long term. The asbestos particles are very durable, and do not evaporate in heat or dissolve in liquids. Hence these particles cannot be easily destroyed and hence remain in the human system once they enter it causing irreparable damage.

People exposed to asbestos debris have a high chance of developing lung cancer, and the survival rate is rather low over a one to five year period. Asbestos fibers that are breathed also injure the delicate lining of the lungs and other internal organs. The scar tissues due to abrasion caused by asbestos fibers also known as pleural plaques result in asbestosis. Mesothelioma is another cancer caused by breathing in air with high asbestos content. This develops from Mesothelium which is a protective lining of most of the internal organs.

Even family members, who wash clothes of the person exposed to asbestos, are susceptible to this form of cancer. This cancer could develop, in some cases, years after a worker has stopped working at construction sites. This fact is what makes asbestos exposure all the more dangerous.

The law prohibits hiring workers for asbestos removal or renovation, without proper certification or approval. There are special contractors, who specialize in dealing with asbestos and only they should be hired for the task. Removing asbestos while destroying older buildings is hence done very careful after lot of wetting. This ensures that the asbestos powder is not dry and released in the air as small particles. Instead, the wet asbestos and concrete particles could be collected in polythenes that can be later sealed and disposed off. The disposal of asbestos too needs special permissions.

5 Serious Cures to Treat Depression

24 December, 2009 (18:17) | Depression | By: admin

Can you believe that there is a fast and permanent method to help you break the cycle of depression, so you can live a normal life again? Can you imagine to be proud of yourself to have followed your gut feeling to the right cure for dealing with depression? Imagine, having done so, to live your life to the fullest again.

Are you having trouble facing daily challenges? Is it hindering you from work, studies or family responsibilities? You might know this already: Depression is not a passing feeling of sadness. It’s a condition requiring professional attention. Several approaches to treating clinical depression can improve your condition so you can move on with your life.

Treatments for depression may vary from person to person. Your case may not be the same as the others having the same condition.

It is always wise to see a doctor because he will tell you if you’ve got a physical illness that leads to depression. In this case, your doctor is the only one who can give you the appropriate treatment.

Approaches to heal depression that originates in the brain range from taking medication, the talking cure, holistic approaches to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for very severe cases.

  • Dealing with depression by taking medication is very common but it is not my favorite method. 50% of depressed people are not responding to antidepressants.

However, I want to explain what kind of drugs are out there to treat this condition. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter needed for your brain to maintain your mood, temperature and sleep cycle stable. Depression will usually take place when you have a low serotonin reserve. SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors regulate serotonin levels. Common SSRI medications are fluxetine, setraline, citlopram and paroxetine. Other neurotransmitters involved in depression are epinephrine and dopamine. Unlike SSRI, atypical antidepressants target these two neurotransmitters to reduce depression. Common drugs under this category are bupropion, nefazodone and mirtazapine. People who are resistant to SSRI and atypical antidepressants would need a different kind of antidepressant medication. MAOI or Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors are not usually prescribed because of the many side effects. People who are on MAOIs have to avoid certain foods and drinks because it may interfere with the medicine. Elderpryl, Nardil, Zelapar and Marplan are some medications prescribed under this category.

  • A very effective approach in dealing with depression is known as ‘talking cure’.

Since depression is a subjective condition, your therapist will need to understand where your depression comes from. Psychotherapy enables you to voice your negative feelings and thoughts that lead to depression and make long lasting changes in your life. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) uses this particular method in treating depression. The aim of this therapy is to try to change negative thoughts and feelings to a more constructive ones.

  • Reading self-help books (bibliotherapy) that are based on new CBT and brain research findings have been acknowledged to be as effective as psychotherapy.
  • Several studies on holistic approaches have been found to bring better results than other therapies. Yoga, meditation, supplements, exercise, regular sleep, a specific diet, and acupuncture have been proven to play a solid part in depression recovery.
  • For severely depressed people electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is often the last resort when nothing has helped. Then electric currents are used to alter certain brain compounds to relieve symptoms. Although ECT is still controversially discussed as an anti-depression treatment, it is used today with precise electrical current calculation to reduce adverse effects.

You’re not the only one suffering from depression so you should never be ashamed of it.Dealing with depression successfully requires your participation. Ask for help and get help before your depression gets worse.

Have You been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

20 November, 2009 (04:37) | Breast Cancer | By: admin

There is important research being done on breast cancer and almost everyday new findings are being revealed. An important piece of information that will directly affect one out of every four women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer is that Herceptin is highly effective in the treatment of breast cancer.

Herceptin is used to boost the benefits of Chemotherapy and surgery, and now experts say that it must be used to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and overall health.

Herceptin is a drug that is highly effective in the treatment of breast cancer in its early stages. It is specifically targeted against certain receptors in the body that aggravate the cancer. Approximately 25% of patients have tumors that are diagnosed as HER2+, this is a receptor in the body called Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2. HER2+ tumors tend to grow and metastasize more rapidly than others. Herceptin is especially effective in the treatment of HER+ tumors. Herceptin usage is seen to reduce the risk of distant recurrence of the disease by almost 50%, which is a phenomenal rate of decrease for cancer risk.

HER2+ breast cancer is very aggressive and therefore it becomes important to find out the HER2 status of your breast cancer. This helps the doctor the treatments that may be right for you.

Each breast cell that is normal actually contains a copy of the HER2 gene, this is something that allows normal cells to grow. The gene is found in the DNA, and it contains the information for producing the HER2 protein.

Also called the HER2 protein, the HER2 receptor, is found also found on the surface of some normal cells. The HER2 proteins send out signals from the outside to the inside of the cell to grow and divide.

In Breast Cancer that is HER2+, the cancer cells have an abnormally high number of HER2 genes in every cell. This extra HER2 protein appears on the surface of cancer cells as well adding to the rapid growth and multiplication of cancer cells. This is the reason why HER2+ breast cancer is usually extremely aggressive.

Women who have been treated with Herceptin during or after chemotherapy and surgery show remarkable improvement. The drug also decreases the chance of developing breast cancer in the other breast. Over a prolonged period of time, the treatment via Herceptin has shown tremendous reductions in the recurrence of breast cancer.

Experts are now of the opinion that Herceptin must be included as standard care for breast cancer treatment unless there is some specific reason not to. Even for those with early stage cancer of the breast, Herceptin is now considered an important treatment.

How to Get Effective Herbal Treatment For Asthma

18 November, 2009 (19:36) | Asthma | By: admin

Because of the varying factors and complexities surrounding asthma, treatment is difficult and can take long before any vast improvement is seen. Not only that, some of the medications being given to asthmatics contain strong chemical ingredients that may compromise your body’s natural immune system, causing irreparable and irreversible damage in the long run.

Achieving long term relief without relying too much on your regular medication is possible with the help of herbal treatments.

There are many advantages to be had when opting for this method to help you achieve asthma relief. Some of the advantages include: assurance of safety, convenience, effectiveness, price and can be taken regularly without fear of dependence or addiction.

But even with the numerous advantages that it can offer for asthmatics care should always be taken when choosing herbal treatments because there are some that you might actually be allergic to or can counteract the effects of your medication making them ineffective or giving off unwanted results or reactions.

To give you an idea of how much herbal treatment for asthma can help you, here are a few examples:

Mullein Oil:

the high percentage of saponins and mucilage found in the leaf working together with the plants antibiotic properties makes mullein oil an ideal alternative not only for asthma but also for various other respiratory ailments. Since there are many preparations that can be made from mullein oil it is recommended that you seek assistance from an experienced herbalist if you are interested in using it for your condition.

Licorice Root:

Licorice root contains saponin glycoside or otherwise known as glycyrrhizic acid is not inflammatory, non-allergic and non-arthritic effect similar to what cortisone does but without the implications. There are ready made preparations that can be bought if you are interested in using licorice for your asthma. Just be sure to follow the instructions on label carefully as overdose from licorice root can be dangerous.


One of the most common and easy to find herbal treatment for asthma. Ginger not only serves as a cooking ingredient but has been used mostly by people to treat various illnesses and disorders. For asthmatics, ginger preparations serve to reduce and increase resistance to allergic reactions, while also taking care of underlying causes that might aggravate the condition.


mostly used in teas, chamomile has become quite popular in the western world because of its stress relieving effects. But aside from this, chamomile also contains antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antispasmodic properties that asthmatics can greatly benefit from. Mixtures are in forms of teas and tinctures along with creams and compresses. If you are taking blood thinners such as warfarin, avoid taking chamomile at all costs.

These are just a few in the long list of herbal medication that can help you when you want to achieve relief with as less chemical intervention as possible. More and more people are finding out about the beneficial effects of herbal treatments for asthma, isn’t it about time to find out for yourself?

Baldness and your hopes to prevent it

29 October, 2009 (04:26) | Hair Loss | By: admin

Men are considered the strongest sex. If we mean force and physical power – yes, but if we take a look at men from psychosocial point of view – they are weaker than women.

Men have lots of insecurities but they always hide them to seem strong. Should they really do it or should they let the world know it is human not to be steel-like persons. When we say the word “baldness” the thing that comes to mind is “60 year old man”. It isn’t clear why we always put this parallel between age and no hair on the head. Men get bald usually after 50 but who would have thought it would be a problem? Women always think that men are pretty comfortable with bald head. Surprisingly it is not true.

There are men usually at young age that shave heads because they feel like doing it. It doesn’t always mean they go bald. Of course, there are situations in which men shave heads because bald of their hair is gone so the solutions remains to get rid of all what is left on the head. It is one of the most common types of baldness. Doctors call it pattern baldness. It can have a genetic background that comes with such symptoms as patches on the head and receding hairline. Women feel attracted to bald men. It is a known fact. They always link baldness with brutality and that definitely turns them on.

Baldness can have various reasons behind itself.

  • It can be of a psychological background as well physical. People that have hair issues always feel insure.

It hurts their self-esteem and causes depression. The self-image is ruined and confidence is damage up to the point that some men prefer to stay indoors or put a baseball hat on when they go out. This is a nice way to cover your problem but this definitely isn’t a solution.

The solution will include treatment that requires dedication and time. When you make an appointment with the doctor you usually think his advices and prescriptions will lead to an immediate result. Unfortunately, you can’t grow your hair back in one night. There are medications that take time to show results but one should not drop the idea before he have it enough time to prove itself working. Propecia is the name of the drug that deals with the baldness problems. It usually comes with a prescription and it is brilliant and effective against pattern baldness. The original manufacturers of Propecia are Merck & Co. What the drug usually does it stop the baldness and works towards the hair growth. Usually men are not allergic to Propecia but everybody is individual. If you feel like the medication affects your body or your hair somehow – consider it your possible side-effect. Just like any other strong medication the pill gas precautions. The baldness remedy is not safe for anyone but men that suffer from baldness. Women and especially pregnant women are forbidden to consume this drug. You should keep your kids away from the pill.

Before the doctor prescribes this medication, you need to go through a good examination. If the specialist decides that this drug is exactly what you need – you will get a prescription that you will be eligible to use in any pharmacy near you. If for some reason your doctor decided that you are better off with another type of treatment – you have to trust his decision. But remember not to take Propecia without doctor’s permission. You are being granted another chance with your hair… will you take it?

Pained by Red, Itching Skin? Just What Are Hives and How Did You Get Them?

28 October, 2009 (04:02) | Allergies | By: admin

The case of hives you have experienced are the itchy, red splotches on your skin that can come quickly and disappear over the course of minutes or hours. Almost all types of allergy hives cause itching. They usually form on the surface of the skin. Sometimes they appear in the soft tissues of the mouth, throat and eyes. Hives are the  reaction of the body to an allergen, this is where the name allergy comes from. On some occasions, hives can be so severe, they become life-threatening affecting the whole body not just the skin. This systemic condition is called anaphylaxis.

When you come in contact with certain foods, cosmetics, soaps and detergents , medicines or even substances in your environment, your immune system can become negatively affected. You can experience an allergic reaction to any number of these items and your body goes on defense, prompting immune cells to produce a chemical called histamine. Histamine affects the  small blood vessels in the skin, the capillaries, causing them to swell and liquids are pooled under the skin causing welts known as hives.

Histamines can also be released in the bloodstream due to chronic infections systemic disease such as asthma, a condition that causes inflammation and obstruction of the airways in the lungs, blood products given intravenously, or into the veins. A healthcare professional can diagnose hives after examining the affected person and listening to an account of the event. Medical experts refer to chronic hives as cases that lasts longer than 6 weeks. This may happen to anyone, but it is usually most common in women aged 40-60 years. These chronic hive cases can last for months or years, but they are very unusual.

According to findings of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, allergy hives affects an estimated 20 % of our population. The rash associated with hives can be brought on by anything as simple as an allergic reaction to food. Hives can also be triggered by insect stings and bites, emotional and physical stress and certain physical agents: heat, cold, sunlight, or water. Medical professionals refer to hives as urticaria.

You find a good  hives treatment by using some over the counter antihistamine medications but be sure to read about possible side effects and make sure you do not have a reaction to them before you rely upon them. Many people have had relief from their hives with diphenhydramine, sold as Benadryl. Cetirizine, marketed as Zyrtec, has been recommended as well as loratadine (Alavert and Claritin). Medical technicians use Epinephrine to treat very severe reactions such as anaphylaxis.

With the advent of so called “Alternative Medicine”, there is a whole new awareness of safer, more natural cures and remedies for hives and related allergic reactions of the body. On the forefront of this more holistic approach to human imbalances is the science of Homeopathy.

The science of Homeopathy is more than 200 hundred years old. It is based on the philosophy that certain natural substances can stimulate the body’s own innate healing systems. This then allows the body to heal itself, often faster than with so called modern medicines.

Homeopathy is a very unique system of medicine. The ingredients that are used are at levels generally understood to be non-toxic and develop no negative side effects. The use of homeopathic ingredients for the treatment of hives, or any other particular condition, is based on “homeopathic provings” recorded in the “Homeopathic Materia Medica”.

The Truth Behind Chemotherapy

26 October, 2009 (17:41) | Cancer | By: admin

Chemotherapy is the procedure to treat cancer cells by using chemicals. Cancer cells have the ability to divide rapidly. But in this procedure, both the good and bad cells are being killed although it is really aimed at killing the cancerous ones. There are a number of ways chemotherapy drugs are taken. It may be by mouth, by injection on the muscle or vein, by catheter inserted into our bladder, abdomen, chest cavity, spinal cord, liver and brain.

When oral chemotherapy is done, a patient is given a certain dosage to take.

It may be daily, weekly or monthly.

Most medications are advised to be taken on an empty stomach. There are times drinking juice is also recommended after taking in a medicine. The downside of an oral therapy is the possibility of a patient not to follow the prescribed dosage and time of medication. If done so, it may result to a less effective treatment or more severe consequences.

  • Intravenous chemotherapy is done through inserting a catheter. It may be inserted on any one of his body parts such as bladder, abdomen or chest. Every time a patient visits the clinic/hospital for treatment, the device where the medicine is placed is just inserted into the opening of the catheter. This enables the medicine to efficiently flow to the bloodstream of the body.
  • Injection chemotherapy is done usually after doing the intravenous chemotherapy. The patient undergoes a series of injection of medicines. Depending on the dosing cycle instructions, it is done a number of times in a day. The patient can do this procedure either at home or in a clinic.
  • Topical chemotherapy is done when a patient has skin cancer. The patient is advised to apply cream chemotherapy drugs on a cancerous area. Again, the frequency and dosage is determined by the oncologist. The patient is also advised not to be in direct contact with anybody/anything within the first hour of application. Some cream dries up faster but others take around an hour.

Doctors usually recommend full cycle chemotherapy. A full cycle is taken six times.

But this is still dependent on the advice of the oncologist. Some of them may only recommend that some patients may only have three.

Though this only happens when the patient’s cancer cell isn’t that fast-growing. The most common side effect of chemotherapy known to us is hair loss. There are other side effects of chemo. This includes nausea or vomiting, appetite loss, anemia, weakened immune system, easy bruising or bleeding, kidney and heart muscle damage, infertility and stop of menstrual cycle. The number of these after-effects is the reason why cancer patients sometimes want a partial chemo instead. Some of them think that the reaction of their body to the treatment is just unbearable.

One chemo treatment can actually cost close to $50,000. This doesn’t include several tests yet such as MRIs and PET Scan. And of course, a daily dose of medicine is still required. There are citizens who depend on their health insurance. However, to undergo chemotherapy treatment is just too expensive for many American cancer patients.

Banish Pimples for Good

24 October, 2009 (11:40) | Acne | By: admin

Pimples or acne is not a life threatening disease but it can be a source of embarrassment, emotional distress and frustrations to most teens and adults. It is a skin problem that commonly appears on the face and it can lead to permanent scarring. There is nothing more distressing than suffering from permanent scars on the face. It is important to know how to banish pimples for good to look better and feel better.

Acne is a serious problem that can affect ones personal and social life. It is a common skin disease of teenagers and young adults but some people still get acne even in their forties. The psychological stress and humiliation brought by this skin problem can result to low self-esteem and depression. To get a renewed self-confidence, you have to know how to banish pimples for good and here are some tips:

  • Over the counter topical medicines.

Mild pimples can be treated by OTC medicines in the form of soaps, gels, creams and lotions that can be applied directly on the affected area. This kind of treatment needs time before you see significant improvement but with patience you can banish pimples for good. Of course different people have different response to this treatment and medicines may also cause side effects like redness or skin irritation. It is important to see your doctor if skin irritation occurs.

  • Prescription medicines.

Severe cases of acne or pimples can be treated by prescription medicines. Your dermatologist may prescribe topical or oral medicines. You doctor may prescribe creams, lotions and soaps suitable for your skin type and it maybe combined by oral antibiotics to banish pimples for good. Your doctor may also recommend oral drugs like isotretinoin.

Always ask about possible side effects and for pregnant women, always ask your doctor if the medicines can affect your pregnancy.

Simple self-care can also help banish pimples for good. Aside from medications and treatments you also need to care for your skin to get rid of acne for good. Use mild soap and water to clean your face. It is also important to keep your hair clean and away from your face to avoid skin irritation. Avoid touching and rubbing your face to avoid infection and skin irritation.

What Should The Most Effective Baldness Treatments Contain To Regrow Hair Successfully?

23 October, 2009 (19:37) | Hair Loss | By: admin

With so many hair loss remedies available today, finding the most effective baldness treatments can be a daunting task. However, once you know the main cause you can find the most appropriate solution and regain your lost hair. Here is a guide to the best, proven ingredients.

The hair loss market has grown into a $billion a year industry, with male and female pattern baldness on the increase. The problem is that this has led to many inferior products that never live up to expectations and that can contain harmful chemicals.

The most common cause of baldness can be attributed to a hormone called DHT which suffocates your hair follicles until the hair becomes so thin it falls out.

What you need in the most effective baldness treatments are ingredients proven to combat it and allow new growth.

Minoxidil is a topical medication approved by the FDA for female and male-pattern hair loss. While Minoxidil does not grow new hair, it works by blocking the DHT and prolonging the growth phase of hair – providing more time for hair to grow out to its full density and returning your full head of hair.

The best ones should also include some natural nutrients like Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root which have also proven to be effective at blocking DHT and will also help your overall health in the process by boosting your immune system and circulation, helping to bring blood rich in oxygen to your hair follicles.

Vitamin B6, biotin, zinc and magnesium will also help to build and maintain healthy strong hair, giving you a sustainable method of retaining your hair into the future.

All of these ingredients are proven to work and the only reason people fail with them is they don’t allow enough time for them to work. The best treatments can take up to six months to begin to show results, a time when many give up just as the hair cycles start to produce new healthy hair.

If you look for these proven ingredients in the most effective baldness treatments, you can soon look forward to gradually and naturally returning your hair to the way it was and keeping it that way.

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