Month: September, 2009

Prostate cancer treatment success rate is not important

30 September, 2009 (17:04) | Cancer | By: Health news

Generally,we shouldn’t focus on the prostate cancer treatment success rate,but the prevention of prostate cancer.

And there is a great meaning for the PSA test and correct diet in the prevention process.Just keep in mind that the porstate cancer prevention,but not the prostate cancer treatment success rate.

It’s reported that a group of Swedish scientists have experienced long-term observation of the 5595 fathers and found that, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer, are with genetic characteristics, If the father of 70-year-old previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer, then for his son the chance of prostate cancer is 2.5 times higher than the average person, If the father after the age of 70 have prostate cancer, for his son ,the chance of prostate cancer risk 1.5 times higher than the average person. Moreover, if the family has two or more close relatives in the same time, suffering from prostate cancer, then the relative risk of prostate cancer in the crowd will increase 14 times.

Experts suggest that men over the age of 50 should conduct annual health check, which should include the prostate examination,which is simple and can can also be used for diagnostic antigen PSA blood test, if there is family history of prostate cancer,it should be especially careful. Prostate cancer can be prevented, and have some, such as oranges, tomatoes, chicken, watermelon and other vitamins, carotenoids, trace elements with higher levels of food, can greatly reduce the risk of disease.

PSA screening may be carried out by detecting the early detection of prostate cancer, prostate cancer is also one of the reasons to reduce the relapse rate.

Once the tumor can spread to the glands was found outside the pre-prostate cancer treatment the chances of success will be greatly increased.