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17 November, 2009 (04:25) | Brain Cancer | By: admin

Everyone has brain. It is the central of the all nerves system in our body. The brain regulates anything by giving command to the nerves system. Brain is formed from protein and also millions nerves system. On the brain there are also million tiny blood vessels that supply oxygen and also nutrition.

Brain, although it is the most important part our body is not free from disease. There are many diseases that infect brain such as cancer. Brain cancer is the deadliest killer. Cancer, as you have probably known is uncontrolled cell growth. The cell growth uncontrollably because of genes codes that missing or damaged. Brain cancer is cancer cells that arise in brain tissue. This growing cells interferes the brain function. There are many brain functions that can be distracted when the cells grow uncontrollably.

Since brain is the center of all commands and also functions, many function such as muscle control, sensation, memory, and many other can be distracted and as the result you can die. There are two kids of brain cancer. The harmful one is the malignant tumors and those that composed of non-cancerous cells are called benign tumors. The brain tumor can spread to the whole body because of the blood stream. The cancer cells that develop from the brain tissue is called primary brain tumor while the tumor that caused by the spreading cells are called metastatic brain tumors.

The brain cancer is very dangerous. Since it gives pressure to the brain, some nerves are pressed and as the result, it can’t deliver command to the part of the body. There are some severities of brain cancer.

  • The first grade is the tissue benign. This benign tumor looks like normal brain and they grow slowly.
  • The second grade, the tissue is malignant. The tissue cells look less like normal than the first grade. It is slightly faster in the growing.
  • The third grade, the tissue looks very different from normal cells and it is growing in fast.
  • The last grade is the most dangerous one because it is completely different from normal cells and it grows very fast.

The reason why brain cancer is aroused is not fully understood because there are too many factors that affect it. But the researchers have gathered data that dangerous chemical materials and also radiation have the biggest contribution to the brain cancer. Heredity factors can be the source of brain cancer but it has not been proven. The researchers also announce that the brain cancer is not contagious.

To avoid brain cancer, they suggest that you avoid excessive UV exposure and also avoid consuming contaminated food. Avoid also fish that come from high polluted area because it may contain heavy metal such as mercury and arsenic materials.