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Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

29 November, 2009 (16:41) | Arthritis | By: admin

Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, is a disease where a person’s own body attacks itself, causing widespread tissue damage.

Reactions, sometimes referred to as flare ups, can be caused by a variety of reasons. A person can have a reaction to the stress in their life, infection or even an injury. The traditional treatment for autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis is immunosuppressing medicines. But these medications can be toxic if used for an extended period of time. If at all possible try to use drugs that are not as strong to avoid dependency. Also if you use these drugs for too long, the body will build up a resistance, making them far less successful. Also if a person becomes accustomed to these type of treatments, they will be far less likely to find relief with a natural treatment.

Changes in a person’s lifestyle can help boost the immunity, and there are many strategies that will help with the control of the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some of the natural remedies and suggestions for the control of the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder are; Eat a diet that is high in carbohydrates, and low in protein. This is accomplished by minimizing the consumption of animal products such as red meat and processed foods. Eliminate all milk and milk containing products. This includes the commercial foods that include milk as an ingredient.

Polyunsaturated oils, such as vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and margarine. Partially hydrogenated oils should be avoided in any form. Caffeine and tobacco are also on the list of substances that can cause a flare up.

A good practice is to increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids, this can be accomplished by adding more walnuts, freshly prepared flax seeds and fish that are found in colder waters. A fish oil supplement is a good choice for persons who do not like the foods that are naturally high in omega 3. If a person controls the diet in this fashion the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis can possibly be lessened without medications.

Aerobic exercise such as swimming are good for persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The water lessens the stress on painful joints. psychological therapy, hypnotherapy and visualization are good for the emotion stresses in a persons life. Eliminate the following foods for 8 weeks, then add them back one by one, this will allow you to find the specific triggers for your symptoms.

  • sugars, all but natural sugars in certain fruit,
  • citrus fruit,
  • soy, wheat and corn.

Fever few is an herb that has shown success in treating the symptoms, as have the following anti inflammatory herbs; turmeric, and ginger. With the proper treatments, you may find your symptoms becoming fewer and less severe.

Methods To Improve Eyesight Naturally

29 November, 2009 (16:24) | Eyes-Vision | By: admin

There are many methods available to improve eyesight naturally, but there are some basic components of a decent eye health diet and a set of habits to maintain that are worth knowing. It will likely not be obvious initially as to exactly what the benefits are of following this plan, but the results will be self-evident over time. An increase in strength of vision and clarity is inevitable. Here is a basic guide:

  • The widely available Vitamins C, A, and E all have a role in facilitating strength of eyesight, while Vitamins A and E have antioxidant properties that are an added bonus and help a body act healthily in general.
  • Lutein, which is found in the darkest, leafy green vegetables and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oils, are also useful to maintain and improve eye health. The fish oil, especially, helps make nerve cells stronger and is a general supplement useful in the nervous system of the body.
  • Carrots are not nearly as useful as popular legend makes them out to be, but they are worthwhile nonetheless, with a minor degree of benefit that boosts eye health.
  • There are other methods available to improve eyesight naturally that are all about simply controlling one’s interaction with devices that strain the eyes (e. G. Computers and televisions). As a general rule of thumb, include 15 minutes of eye relaxing exercises for every 45 minutes of devoted attention to a particular type of screen.
  • When taking a break away from devices that strain the eyes, there are certain activities that one can do to improve eyesight. For example, closing the eyes, concentrating, and then taking deep breaths can constitute a comprehensive relaxation exercise.
  • Meditation, an infrequently used method to improve the eyes, also yields major benefits. More importantly though, since meditation facilitates a relaxation of all muscles, it can increase hand to eye coordination, which would place less strain on the eyes overall.

Genital Herpes Pain Relief

27 November, 2009 (18:59) | Diseases, Pain management | By: Health news

Genital herpes outbreaks are never fun, never come at a convenient time, and aside from the nasty rash and lesions, they are often accompanied itching and swelling, and in many cases, quite a bit of pain. While many treatments and remedies focus on healing lesions and speeding up recovery time, not many deal with the pain of an outbreak. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few methods you can try at home with easily available ingredients, that are tried and true tested genital herpes pain relief treatments.

Over the Counter PainkillersSometimes a simple over the counter painkiller can be enough to reduce the pain of a herpes outbreak. I recommend Ibuprofen, it has worked the best for me in the past and reduces inflammation too. In my experience aspirin and paracetamol haven’t helped much. A local anaesthetic can also work wonders, but get a spray on variety rather than a cream, the spray contains alcohol which will evaporate, while a cream will contain a greasy solution that might gunk up your sores and make healing take longer.

Salt – Washing lesions in a mixture of warm water and Epsom salts can be very soothing and help relieve pain. You can also try sea salt (don’t use table salt), or try a bath of the same mixture, although you’ll need to use a lot of salt, around 2-3 cups for a bath.

IceApply an icepack wrapped in a thin cloth or towel for ten minutes, then take it off for five minutes, then apply for another ten minutes. This is a surprisingly effective pain reliever.

Vitamin E and C in Regulating Diabetes

27 November, 2009 (15:42) | Diabetes | By: Health news

There are upwards of 10,000 new cases annually of diabetes in the United States alone and the number is astronomically larger in the rest of the world. This condition, where the body fails to produce enough insulin, the chemical that regulates glucose, afflicts millions of people. Although it is now treatable, hundreds of thousands succumb to it annually. Billions of dollars have been pumped into diabetes research and despite the fact that there is no definite cure, there has been impressive progress in its treatment. While medicine affords a way for diabetics to live a normal life, millions of sufferers have also taken to vitamins to control its effects. Two of these vitamins are E and C. But exactly how effective are they?

Vitamin power

Medical research has gravitated towards the following vitamins as a way of regulating the effects of diabetes; B complex, B1, Pyrodoxine, C, E and B6. Recently, medical researchers have zeroed in on Vitamin C and E.

Examining Vitamin C

This vitamin has edged its way to the forefront of the battle against diabetes. Diabetics find themselves deficient of this helpful compound primary due to stress. Recent research has unearthed the fact that diabetics experience an increase in natural increase in insulin production with each subsequent increase in Vitamin C.

Foods with Vitamin C

Now that we have identified Vitamin C as a major weapon against diabetes, which foods can this vitamin be derived from? Veggies, citrus family of fruits and sprouted bengal are all rich in Vitamin C. This is also good news to people who do not have diabetes. Eating these fruits and vegetables can strengthen the immune system and ensure a steady production of insulin which can prevent any diabetes.

Vitamin E expert information

This is another potent vitamin in the fight against diabetes. People with diabetes experience damage to their arteries. One of the vitamins that has been very effective against this is Vitamin E. This is because, like Vitamin C, this compound is used by the pancreas to boost insulin production. That is why patients suffering from diabetes are required to take at between 100-1500 IU of this vitamin daily.

The foods that are rich in Vitamin E include cereal, bread, vegetables, diary products and sunflower seeds. Others include vegetable oils, soy beans, lettuce and whole grains.

We see from the above information that a lot rests on the proper diet. That is why in the fight against diabetes, there is no substitute for eating right.

Treatments For Osteoarthritis

27 November, 2009 (08:58) | Arthritis | By: Health news

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease and degenerative arthritis, is the most common form of arthritis. It involves the breakdown of cartilage in the joints and is primarily found in older adults. Symptoms include aching, soreness, pain, bony enlargements in the center of a joint, and joint swelling. Osteoarthritis is most commonly experienced in weight bearing joints such as the knees and hips. It is typically the result of aging, but can be intensified by other factors such as heredity, injury, obesity, joint overuse, and stress. While there is no cure for Osteoarthritis, there are helpful treatments that and lessen the pain, increase mobility, and enhance the individual’s quality of life. The type of treatment an Osteoarthritis patient receives will vary depending on a myriad of factors. If you suspect you are experiencing Osteoarthritis, it is critical that you discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your personal physician to ensure you are ge
tting the right treatment for your particular needs.

Most common treatments include:

Physical therapy and exercise.

A licensed physical therapist can advise you on specific muscle strengthening exercises that will help support ligaments and tendons and help alleviate pain.

Supportive devices.

Supportive devices increase mobility, prevent falls, and are great for pain relief. A hinged knee brace, can be used to stabilize ligaments and tendons which will significantly decrease pain, while devices like crutches or canes can lessen the direct stress on joints. When selecting a device, make sure it is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to adjust for a precise fit.

Medication (oral or injected).

Your doctor may prescribe you pain-relieving and/or anti-inflammatory medications which can help with Osteoarthritis management.

Weight Control.

Keeping your weight in a healthy range will reduce the stress on your joints.

Hot or cold therapy.

Hot or cold compresses can be administered to reduce pain and swelling.

Removal of fluid.

If excess fluid surrounds the joints, your physician may choose to drain that fluid manually in order to alleviate pressure on the joint.

Alternative treatments.

Some medical research concludes that glucosamine and chondrotin can rebuild cartilage, especially in the knee. There are also other (currently unproven) supplements that are also associated with Osteoarthritis treatment. Likewise, some people swear that acupuncture and bio-electric therapy alleviates pain, though there have not yet been any conclusive studies to support these claims.


If less invasive treatments prove ineffective, your doctor may recommend corrective surgery.

Hair Loss Home Remedies – Why They Can Cause More Harm Than Good

27 November, 2009 (04:10) | Hair Loss | By: admin

It’s unbelievable the amount of hair loss home remedies that you can find online. Although some of them can help, you could try hundreds of hair loss home remedies before you find one that works.

Most of the hair loss home remedies you will find are useless and you will waste a lot of time trying products that don’t work, when you could be trying treatments that do. This is not good because the quicker you begin treatment the greater your chances are that it will succeed.

If you are distracted by these so called “miracle cures” you may get treatment too late, and your only solution left would be to try surgery. This is very expensive and will require many follow-ups and a lot of pain and discomfort.

Many people feel safe with hair loss home remedies because they feel that they are safe and natural. Although this is true, you can find natural products that are effective treatments and won’t waste your time. Avoid any product that provides miracles, because you should be looking for a solution.

If you want to treat your hair loss with a natural remedy, you just need to know what vitamins, herb, and minerals to look for. Vitamins A, B-6, biotin, and C coupled with minerals like zinc and magnesium are important for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Herbs like saw palmetto, horsetail silica, nettle root, pumpkin and muira puama are known to block DHT which is the number one cause of hair loss for both men and women.

You should also look for Minoxidil because it is the only ingredient that is FDA approved for re-growing hair.

Your next step is to take what you just learned and put it to good use. Why use hair loss home remedies that do nothing, when you can begin using a natural treatment that could solve your problem. Start doing something to improve the quality of your life.

You are free to reprint this article as long as it remains intact and my author resource box is included.

Cure Glaucoma: the best treatment to do it

27 November, 2009 (04:06) | Eyes-Vision | By: admin

Cure glaucoma by learning about the best tips and treatments. Don’t let this disease change your whole life. This affection is characterized by an increase of fluid pressure within the eyeball. It will defect the field of vision and in time it can lead to blindness.

You should consult your doctor as soon as the first signs appear.

Some of the best cures for glaucoma are amino acids. For stopping the cross linking damaging the optic nerve you can use Acetyl. Another good cure for maintaining the collagen structure is Glucosamine. You need to take 1,500 mg per day.

Cure glaucoma with the help of minerals and lipids. Germanium can reduce glaucoma. It’s also good to use Forskolin as eye drops. For at least one month, take 243 Magnesium per day. This will improve the visual field and the blood circulation. You can also use Selenium.

Vitamins are another way to treat glaucoma. Make sure your body gets enough vitamin C, B1, B12. You can find these vitamins in aliments or as pills. For a more efficient protection try to take some Folic Acid and Lipoid Acid. Take good care of yourself to be able to fight against this affection. Your body needs these vitamins in order to be protected.

There are some special herbs and fruits you can get to treat this eye affection. One of the most efficient fruit is bilberry. The best herbs are Ginkgo and Camu-Camu. You can also use Cod Liver oil to lower the pressure.

Exercises can be very helpful for treating glaucoma. This is why you need to learn more about this. A few special eye exercises can cure this disease in a very short time. Combine exercises with treatment and you will get healthy eyes again. Don’t let this affect your life. You have the chance to use all the best treatments and exercises to save your eyes.

Osteoarthritis – Signs and Symptoms

26 November, 2009 (18:22) | Arthritis | By: admin

Osteoarthritis is a common condition affecting the joints that can affect mobility and quality of life. It can limit daily function such as ability to squat down or carry heavy objects.

This article reviews the signs and symptoms used to diagnose osteoarthritis.

It is a very common; 8.5 million people in the UK have osteoarthritis (Arthritis Care, UK 2002).

Osteoarthritis may first appear between ages 30 and 40, and is present in almost everyone by age 70.

There are several symptoms associated with arthritis and can include:

  • Morning stiffness of stiffness after periods of inactivity
  • Achy joints
  • Pain
  • Restriction range of motion/ impaired mobility
  • Crepitus or grinding sound on movement

Symptoms are most likely felt in large weight-bearing joints in one or more sites especially the hip, knee, spine and hand.

Osteoarthritis can develop as we age or from other factors, such as injury or being overweight.

It is important that if you experience these symptoms that you consult a suitably qualified health professional for an assessment and diagnosis.

Most people with arthritis or degenerative joint pain have already been to their doctor to get it diagnosed.
In my experience there are some times when you MUST see your physician about your joint pain.

Here is my advice, if you have any of the following:

  • joint pain that is causing persistent pins and needles or numbness
  • spinal pain with weakness in your arms or legs, pins and needles, or loss of control of bladder and bowel (you need to see your doctor immediately for this one)
  • undiagnosed trauma or significant injury that has not been assessed
  • joints that lock regularly or give way on you (especially knees)
  • unexplained weight loss
  • constant unremitting night pain
  • unable to weight bear through the joint
  • undiagnosed joint pain for more than 2 weeks

Then you MUST consult your physician. Not all joint pain is from arthritis, and an accurate diagnosis is very important.

Your health professional will ask a series of questions to learn more about the symptoms then do an objective assessment.

On examination there may be swelling around the joint, heat, deformity, and pain on manual joint compression.

This could be confirmed by X-ray imaging where your health professional could see any of the following:

  • narrowing of the joint space
  • bony spurs or osteophytes
  • alignment changes of the joint

It is important to know that signs follow symptoms and that in early arthritis you may experience some symptoms of osteoarthritis before the signs. As the condition develops it is more pronounced on X-ray imaging. Your health professional will look at the total clinical picture for the diagnosis.

Once you have received a diagnosis it is important to establish a systemised management plan that you can easily integrate in to your life to proactively manage your osteoarthritis. The earlier and more comprehensive your plan is in the beginning the better for your overall outcome.

Snap on a Brand New Smile

26 November, 2009 (05:31) | Dental Care | By: admin

Everyone deserves to have a bright, confident smile, and those seeking it out now have several modern dentistry and orthodontic options available to them, each with its own series of benefits.

Whether patients are looking to correct crowding, spacing, missing teeth, staining, wear and tear or a reduction in facial height, Snap-On Smiles has formulated a solution that is fast, affordable, non-invasive and totally reversible.

Snap-On Smiles is a temporary appliance that is placed directly over existing teeth, producing an instantaneous new smile so much like your real teeth, you can even eat with it in. With proper care, it can last for years, and provides a simple alternative to the many other invasive, expensive and painful dental and orthodontic procedures that are available.

The process of rebuilding your smile with Snap-On Smile begins with an initial consultation with the attending dentist or orthodontist, who will take photos and impressions of the existing teeth, and then present the various shape and size options available. Two weeks later, the custom designed and fitted Snap-On Smile will arrive and the doctor will insert the appliance quickly and painlessly. The patient will snap it in and walk out the door with new found confidence.

The Snap-On Smile offers both convenience and comfort when compared to the alternatives of painful and expensive dental implants and fixed bridges, due to its availability in both full arch and quadrant sizes.

For patients who have suffered enamel wear down or reduced facial height as a result of years of grinding or clenching, the Snap-On Smile can provide an alternative to the overwhelming process of drilling down of teeth on both upper and lower arches in preparation for crowns.

A Snap-On Smile can also serve as an analysis example for a patient who may be considering a full dental rehabilitation for the future. 

For the patient looking to makeover their smile for an upcoming special event, the Snap-On Smile offers a method of achieving straight, bright teeth at just a fraction of the pain, cost and time of many traditional orthodontic procedures. 

Proper care and cleaning of the Snap-On Smile is imperative for its longevity. After meals, patients should remove and rinse the appliance, and apply a small amount of the provided anti-bacterial gel to it. The appliance should be cleaned with solution and a soft toothbrush twice daily. Those with Snap-On Smiles shouldn’t sleep with them in unless their doctor has specifically instructed them to do so.

Weight Loss Secrets

25 November, 2009 (22:48) | Overweight | By: Health news

There is nothing more frustrating and deflating than trying to lose weight only to not see any results after days of effort. I struggled for years trying to find simple weight loss secrets that would reduce belly fat and get me going in the right direction with my weight. After years of yo-yo dieting, I found a solution that is working very well for me.

The very simple technique involves two main components to target belly fat and other problem areas for dropping pounds.

The first, and in my opinion the most important aspect, us finding a safe, reliable supplement that helps you control your hunger and suppress your appetite. I found that I was controlling my portions at the main meals of the day, but where I fell off the wagon was the snacks in between. Using a supplement that helps suppress the appetite was critical to controlling those cravings between meals.

The second aspect was finding a simple, fun, and fast exercise program that allowed me to keep a my busy schedule, and laser target the areas of my body I wanted to lose weight in, which for me was the belly area. Losing belly fat has long been my challenge, and I desperately wanted to drop pounds there.

Using a combination of those two techniques, an effective and safe appetite suppressant for those in between means, and a fun, fast, and effective exercise program really jump started my belly fat reduction campaign. After just a few weeks of work doing this, the results were beyond my expectation.

If you are anything like me, and found that the snack cravings between meals were your weakness, or that your exercise program was just not very effective, then it is time to change things for the better.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

25 November, 2009 (18:04) | Breast Cancer | By: Health news

Practices on this cancer prevention are only for women with moderate to high breast cancer risk. There are still no guidelines for the prevention for women with average risk.

However, how can we identify the group of women at known risk in general population? Thus, it is important for us to know whether we are in risk of breast cancer by knowing the risk factors and do the early detection steps frequently.

In General
Generally, we can do some prevention steps in our daily life no matter we are in risk or not. Leading a healthy lifestyle is an essential prevention step for all the cancer.

1. It is advised that women need to maintain a healthy body weight throughout their daily life without consuming high fat food.

2. Women have to do some regular physical activities such as jogging, swimming and so on.

3. Breastfeeding is a good practice to prevent the breast cancer.

4. Consume diets that rich in grains, fruits and vegetables. Less meat in diet will be too good to be practiced.

5. Moderate use of alcoholic beverages. It is too good not to consume the alcoholic beverages at all.

6. Minimize yourself from the exposure to exogenous hormones.

7. Reduce the sugars in the diet.

Women with Moderate to High Risk
There are several ways for the prevention of this kind of cancer in women at significantly increased risk.

Who are those with moderate to high risk in breast cancer?

  • Women who are the carriers of BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation.
  • Women with multiple affected relative cancer presenting at early age.
  • Women with family history of this kind of cancer and so on.

There are many options for the women in risk to prevent from breast cancer. Most of the strategies are to remove the tissue which may become cancerous and decrease the endogenous hormone exposure. The most common is bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.

In conclusion, it is important for us to recognize the group of women with high risk or moderate risk who will ultimately develop this type of cancers. There are many risk assessment can be done through the cancer research. This will reduce the need for many women to unnecessarily undergo aggressive surgery.

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