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How to Stay Fit and Healthy

30 August, 2010 (23:45) | Health Care | By: Health news

Living in the world full of tempting sugary and fat-full of foods can sometimes be a risk to our health. We need to focus more on what we do, and most especially what we eat. Remember that food is the main reason why we get those nutrients and minerals our body needs and as well as keeping us alive. So, that’s why we need to choose the right kind of food intake. Obesity is one of the main concerns for people around the world regarding health issues. Main reasons for being one would be the of lack exercise and proper diet. How do we stop it? How to stay fit and healthy?

Health advisory and advertisement, healthy food products and equipments are the eye-catcher for the health conscious. Different strategies have been formulated just to control and provide a health living for ourselves and some do it for their whole family. First of all, it is with clarification that there is nothing wrong with food. Eating is needed for us to be alive and for our body to function well while excessive intake of food gives an adverse effect in our health. There should be a balance on everything we take from day to day. For example, when you eat oily food, it is imperative to drink water that is not cold. The oil’s chemical reaction to cold water solidifies that can stay inside your body that somewhat will develop into cholesterol and worst could become cancer in the colon.

Effective ways on how to stay fit and healthy is choosing the right kind of food you buy in the grocery and knowing the nutritional facts and necessarily its real content. Junk food can sometimes be tempting and still nothing should stop you by eating them. However, in return you should drink plenty of water to help you digest those unwanted particles. Pair it with proper exercise. Going to the gym would be a good idea, but it should not be limited on the area. You can also do exercise when you are cleaning the house or lifting things out. Motion is the friendliest method of exercise that helps you maintain a healthy and fit body.

Remember that if you are in the situation of gaining weight it’s not easy to pull back your normal weight. You need to start from scratch and besides you wouldn’t be that if you take care of your health. Our lives are the most un-prized investment we had. It is the only one we had, and we should take care of it. On the other hand, life is something that we should enjoy. Find ways to make yourself happy. In the advent of you staying healthy and fit, just remember how to balance everything. Good food plus exercise and a less stressful environment would do the trick.

Natural Cures For Anxiety

30 August, 2010 (23:32) | Anxiety | By: Health news

The world today is very fast paced. People nowadays suffer from high levels of stress due to all sorts of work pressures, stress related to relationships and also family matters. High levels of stress also lead to anxiety attacks and panic attacks. This has become very these days and people are spending thousand’s and thousand’s of dollars on medication and doctor’s fee.

If you suffer from such problems and attacks I am here to tell you that before you go ahead and spend a ton of money, you can consider numerous natural ways to deal with the problem. People are turning to natural remedies to cure these attacks, the most common remedy being the linden method. The linden method is one of the few methods that is supported academically, by psychologists and by doctors. The Linden method is also completely drug free. This method has had the highest success rate and is one of the few methods that is based on scientifically proven research. This method is very easy and once understood can be done from home. The linden method deals a variety of disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd) and generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, post traumatic stress, depression, Agoraphobia and social anxiety.There is a small group of nuclei located in the brain called the amygdale which is responsible for processing all emotional responses. This small organ in our brain is the main culprit when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety and other conditions. But with a few steps this can be reprogrammed. There are various other ways to cure anxiety a few of the are listed below

  • 1. Emotional method – This method of curing anxiety main focuses on trying to maintain a calm state of mind, this helps with stress relief in a big way. This method is focused on driving away worries and try to make patients think about happy thoughts. Yoga and meditation is an excellent way to calm and relax the mind.
  • 2. Cognitive Method – Anxiety is a mental condition, this is why this method focuses mainly on the way you think. Its studies certain life and thought cycles to try and figure out why certain thought are leading to anxiety. The method looks to understand these thoughts and try and change them. This method aims at slowing down thoughts and cutting out negative thoughts
  • 3. Behavioral therapy – This as the name suggests is a method where there is a change in behavior. This method teaches them to behave in a positive manner and do things that they enjoy and make them happy.
  • When you have so many ways to cure anxiety naturally why spend you’re money on drugs and doctors fees.

    Eliminate Fear by Facing It

    27 August, 2010 (21:00) | Anxiety | By: admin

    The idea of Exposure Therapy is that whenever people avoid confronting their fears, their fears get stronger as a consequence. As such, exposure therapy challenges a person’s fears by repeatedly exposing him to them. The person will then find that through these exposures, he gains more control over his fears and eventually, they weaken and disappear. A person may be asked to visualize his fears by a therapist, or he may encounter them in reality.

    One must take note that any person is not required to confront his biggest fear immediately. This can be both inhuman and traumatizing, leading the person into a panic attack. Exposure therapy has to start with circumstances that are only slightly intimidating, and as progress is made, the situations get more and more challenging. This approach allows a person to slowly build confidence in dealing with his fears, and master the skills required in managing anxiety disorder.

    Similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure therapy also involves three stages. The first is learning relaxation techniques. This is necessary for a person to overcome his fears whenever a person encounters a stressful situation, relaxation techniques will inhibit his panic-induced responses and promote relief. These techniques involve muscle relaxation, steady breathing, and many others, which must be practiced with a therapist or at home.

    The second stage is creating a step-by-step list. Here, a person with anxiety disorder must create a list of tasks to do in order to progress toward eliminating his fears. Each step must be as feasible and as precise as possible. For instance, if a person has a fear of heights, he can overcome this fear by looking at photos of high places for a start. In the end, he could go mountain climbing.

    The last stage is performing each step in the list. After creating the list above, a person must then do everything he wrote down on the list under the supervision of a therapist. The person cannot progress onto the next item on the list until his fears subside. Through this, the person learns that although negative thoughts cause anxiety, the truth is that these thoughts do not physically harm the person and that they do regress given time. At each time the person panics intensely, he must make use of the relaxation technique he learned in the first stage. After relaxing, he goes back to the task he must do. The aim is for the person to learn how to minimize distress while completing each item on the list via controlled action.

    Health Disparities of People with Disabilities. Introduction

    26 August, 2010 (21:04) | Disabilities | By: Health news

    Health status is critically important to experiencing quality of life, self-sufficiency, and full participation in society. For the 54 million Americans with disabilities, maintaining health and wellness is especially important to reduce the impact of impairment on functioning in these critical life areas. Yet, people with disabilities may be the largest underserved subpopulation demonstrating health status disparities that stem from preventable secondary conditions. Healthy People 2010, the nation’s blueprint for improved health, addresses this problem in its objectives. In 2002 and 2005, the U.S. Surgeon General asked for public health efforts to improve the health and wellness of persons with disabilities. This article examines the concepts of health and wellness, summarizes currently available information documenting disparities in health for people with disabilities, and provides a framework for policy recommendations to reduce health disparities among people with disabilities.
    For the approximately 54 million Americans with disabilities (McNeil, 2001), maintaining health, wellness, and minimizing secondary conditions are important in reducing the impact of impairment on functioning and participation. Yet, people with disabilities may be the largest underserved population that demonstrates evidence of health disparities. The concept of having a disability and being healthy is relatively new (Krahn, 2003).
    Until recently, disability was presumed equivalent to illness, and it elicited all the associations of dependence, lack of productivity, and physical and sexual inactivity that are incumbent to the notion of illness (DeJong, 1994; Nosek, 1996). As demonstrated in several Surgeon General reports — Closing the Gap: A National Blueprint for Improving the Health of Individuals with Mental Retardation (USDHHS, 2002) and The Surgeon General’s Call to Action To Improve the Health and Wellness of Persons with Disabilities (USDHHS, 2005) — and Healthy People 2010 (USDHHS, 2001), there is an increasing public health commitment to addressing the health and wellness of persons with disabilities.
    The goal of this article is to provide an overview of health disparities experienced by people with disabilities. The article describes:

  • 1. Concepts of health and wellness;
  • 2. Different disability models;
  • 3. Disability surveillance activities and prevalence rates;
  • 4. Public health and disability research;
  • 5. Disparities experienced by people with disabilities;
  • 6. Recommendations for addressing health disparities.
  • Defining Health and Wellness
    “Health and wellness” involve physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and other factors that enable individuals to maximize their potential and fully participate in their community. For persons with disabilities, as with the rest of the population, health status is a dynamic process that changes over time. Rather than thinking of “health” and “illness” as opposite and binary categories, it is useful to consider a continuum of health and illness along which individuals move, enjoying relatively better health at some times in their lives than others. A person’s
    29 C. E. Drum et al. / Californian Journal of Health Promotion 2005, Volume 3, Issue 3, 29-42
    unique circumstances and a wide variety of contributors define his or her “optimal health” (Kailes, 2004).

    Hot Tubs and Arthritis

    26 August, 2010 (18:52) | Arthritis | By: Health news

    If you’ve continually endured the ache of arthritis or gout or have had to watch someone you know and care for suffer with it, you will be delighted to know the Arthritis Foundation highly recommends the medicinal properties of hot tubs and heated swimming pools for people suffering from arthritis or gout.

    People with arthritis have a very challenging time moving and by being submerged in warm water, they are able to obtain some relief of some of their pain and are even able to get the previously impossible done; they are able to exercise with minimal discomfort.

    As always, with any new pastime, if you are an arthritis or gout sufferer and would like to start enjoying the benefits of exercising in water, please first check with a general practitioner before you make a start.

    Once your doctor has said it’s all OK for you to start exercising in a hot tub, let your body get used to the warm water first. This will warm up your muscles and your body in preparation for gentle exercise later on. This is one of the miracles of the hot tub for people with arthritis – not only will they be able to get some exercise in, they will be able to build up some muscle while they are enjoying the freedom of movement. An added bonus is the absolute luxury of soaking in warm water.

    It is really important to take things bit by bit when exercising in a hot tub or swimming pool for several reasons;

    · Firstly, as with any exercise program, you can strain muscles if you are not suitably warmed up prior to starting.

    · Secondly is the fact that it is possible to over exert yourself in a hot tub or pool by doing too much or doing it for too long. You become light in the head and dizzy. Getting to that point won’t help any exercise program, and it can be injurious to your over-all health.

    · Thirdly take things easy after you have exercised, keep in mind that now that your muscles have been stretched and worked, it is important to keep them warm for several minutes before getting out of the hot tub to allow your muscles to relax before hitting the cooler air.

    For the person who suffers with arthritis, the mere fact that they are able to move with not as much of pain in a hot tub or even a swimming pool is nothing shy of miraculous. Folks with arthritis are in constant pain and a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that there is a gravitational pull to the earth we live on. This is greatly alleviated if they are submerged in water. Warm water is an added benefit because it will also cause the blood vessels to dilate, which will allow for more blood and oxygen to flow to muscles and skin not to mention the heart.

    It is an activity, if not followed and practiced properly, that could bring on more problems than were there before. So if you are thinking about getting some exercise in a hot tub where your arthritis will be lessened, don’t forget to talk to your doctor first and follow the guidelines that they give you in order to take the best care of you and where your abilities lie. A little warm water exercising will go a long way on the road to better health.

    Back Pain Relief

    26 August, 2010 (11:34) | Back Pain | By: Health news

    Back pain is one of the commonest complaints – in fact nearly 1 in 4 people suffer from this condition. Most people have resigned themselves to either live with the pain or take medication to relieve the symptoms.

    When you suffer from back pain, you get THAT look sometimes, don’t you? You know, the look that says you’re a malingerer that you’re putting on the agony, that you’re just after sympathy. Sometimes, you can even get it from professionals.
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    Back pain conditions although common are not treated with the same “respect” as other illnesses because by their very nature they are not as visible as say a broken leg or arm. If you have a broken leg for example you are not only treated for the pain but corrective measurements are put in place e.g leg put in plaster. Usually the first statement is one of these “It will pass with time ” or “Its your age ” or “take these tablets – see how it goes.” Lets look at why this is the case


  • Wrong Diagnosis – If you visit your GP or MD they very often do not hear much after the words ” I have this terrible back pain ” – after the first few questions it is likely they will come to a conclusion.
  • They do not get time to know you as a patient so they cannot possibly get to the root cause of your condition. Most medical practitioners will view back pain as a result of personal habits e.g working practices. Causes of back pain are varied and vast and without the correct diagnosis will never be solved. Make sure your MD or GP listens and understands why you are suffering, examine the causes not just the effects, as a mistake at this point can lead to years of pain

  • Treating The Symptoms – Most solutions treat the symptom not the cause of the pain. Common practice is to give pain killing drugs of varying strength, injections or suggest alternative medicines and treatments.
  • There is scant, if any research supporting any of the traditional treatments…yet they are still considered “best practice”. No wonder so many suffer from back pain!

    Perhaps you are considering some of these treatments. To save you time and money let me tell you that there have been many exhaustive studies that conclusively show that the following therapies are not effective:

  • Chiropractor treatments (Ernt E. J R Soc Med. 2006 Apr;99(4):192-6.-3)
  • Physical Therapy (Van Tulder. Spine. 2007 Jul 15;32(16):1785-90)
  • Injections (Deyo R. J Am Board Fam Med. 2009 Jan-Feb;22(1):62-8)
  • Acupuncture (Furlan AD, Spine. 2005 Apr 15;30(8):944-63.)
  • Prescription Medications (Martell BA Ann Intern Med. 2007 Jan 16;146(2):116-27)
  • Scientific back pain research has one very obvious conclusion:

    Traditional treatments are not getting the job done.

  • Generic “One Size Fits All” – As stated above at both the diagnosis and the treatment stage there is a tendency to go for the common best practice with the result you as the suffer do not get the root cause identified and resolved. As a consequence you continue to suffer the pain once the medication wears off. You are an individual and as such you need to be treated with that respect in gaining a solution to your “real cause” not just the effect.

  • Self Help – The problem with us as individuals is we focus on the pain, if we could just get relief. This is understandable, given the nature of back pain it impacts our lives in so many ways.
  • Take time to log what has led to the pain – when did it start, does something happen to trigger the back pain, when it happens, why it happens, what is the nature of the pain, when is it worse, what helps, how long does the medication help for? Log everything, no matter how small, little differences can sometimes have a big impact.

    Completing this log will help you discuss your condition with your medical practitioner and help them arrive at a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

  • Treatments – Be open minded but not gullible. Yes you want relief and you need to consider all your options, but look closely at the research backing the solution. Start in small steps and move forward and you will find you are much better equipped to make rational decisions. Look at natural remedies as well as the common “buy this pill for pain free lifestyle” drugs. Look for a treatment that suits you and has worked for others.
  • Generic – Just because it worked for Mr / Mrs X does not mean it is going to be the wonder cure for you. However if the cause is eliminated, you are going to feel better faster than you would do with just treating the symptoms.
  • Major research into back pain relief has been carried out by a leading nutrition specialist, who is also on the Medical Nutrition Committee at the American Society for Nutrition, (where he has advocated for nutrition as a treatment for back pain to become more widespread.)

    His scientific background gave him a unique perspective when he set out to find the real cause of his own lower back pain. He knew how to do research and understood through experience the stunning effect that diet has on health.
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    Also, he had a group of supportive colleagues at the following research societies that he is a professional member of including the International Association for the Study of Pain and the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

    He also served as a researcher at two major universities and practiced as a clinician at two large hospitals.

    Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

    24 August, 2010 (11:38) | Diseases | By: Health news

    One of the most terrible diseases to develop at any point in someone’s life is Parkinson’s disease. Also known as PD, Parkinson’s is a disease that attacks the motor portion of brain and causes people to become more rigid, to move slower, or even suffer from tremors in advanced cases. There is no known cause of this terrible disease but there are some Parkinson’s disease treatment techniques available. It is also speculated that it can be induced by drugs, head trauma, toxins, or by someone’s genes.

    Once this disease is identified, there are routes to follow that can extend someone’s life and teach them how to deal with living with Parkinson’s. One of these treatments is called Levodopa or L-DOPA. Because the body doesn’t produce enough dopamine in the motor part of the brain affected by this disease, doctors supplemental Levodopa to get this dopamine to the brain to curb the side effects of the affliction.

    Dopamine agonists are another option to pursue because they can also drastically reduce the terrible side effects that this disease can have on patients. This treatment is generally tried before Levodopa because it can stop the spread of the deterioration of that part of the brain. However, side effects to agonists are hallucination, nausea, constipation, and insomnia.

    MAO-B inhibitors are another way to battle this disease and improve the quality of life for a patient suffering from PD. How this drug works by blocking the metabolizing of the dopamine in this part of the brain allowing it to stop the side effects of PD. This kind of treatment can also help improve motor skills that may have deteriorated and is usually tried before Levodopa.

    The most drastic and revolutionary tract to battle PD is deep brain surgery which, needless to say, can be quite dangerous. Operating on the brain and the nervous system, which PD attacks specifically, is still one of the final frontiers for modern medical practitioners. However, though it was more common before the medicines were developed, brain surgery is usually held as the last option for treatment.

    Levodopa, Dopamine agonists, MAO-B, and deep brain surgery are all examples of Parkinson’s disease treatment. Two famous people who inspire many people to battle this condition because they are battling it themselves are actor, Michael J. Fox and legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. Both of these individuals have shed light on this debilitating diseases that we will hopefully one day cure.

    What is Preeclampsia Blood Pressure?

    24 August, 2010 (01:13) | Health Care | By: Health news

    Blood pressure is a medical term which is known to almost all of us. It measures how hard our blood pushes against the walls of our heart. If the force with which the heart pushes our walls is too strong then we have high blood pressure. This problem is also known as hypertension. Blood pressure gives us two values i.e. top number which shows systolic value and it is the pressure when heart pumps the blood. While bottom number is known as diastolic pressure; showing pressure of blood when heart is filled with blood. Usually the top value is 120 and bottom value is 80. Blood pressure is said to be high when top value is more than 140 mmHg and bottom value is more than 90mmHg.

    But when this problem occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy then it can be a sign of very serious condition known as preeclampsia BP. A woman may have high BP during her pregnancy. If this happens then she must go for regular checkups to her physician. Woman with this problem must visit her doctor more frequently as compared to the woman without this problem. It can be said that pre-eclampsia is a problem related to the pregnancy. This problem causes high BP in the mother and cause fits as well. It can seriously affect kidneys, brain, liver and placenta. All these things ultimately cause damage to your baby.

    Common symptoms of preeclampsia blood pressure are as follows:

    · Headache which may be severe and constant
    · Severe pain in the ribs especially the right side
    · Feeling sick or as if feeling of vomiting
    · Sudden swelling of your face, feet and hands
    · Problem relating to visions e.g. blurred vision, flashing lights and blackouts

    This problem can cause many complications to the mother and the baby as well:

    It does not affect your blood pressure only. If it is severe it can cause failure of your kidneys, problems relating to liver and stroke too.

    It affects the baby in several ways like: as it is the problem of high BP; it can cause reduction of flow of blood to your growing baby. It shows that in this case it will not allow the baby to get required amount of oxygen and other necessary nutrients. It will ultimately cause slow growth of your baby. If this condition continues than your baby is needed to be delivered immediately or earlier.

    Exact cause of this problem named preeclampsia blood pressure is not known. But there are certain possible causes which are as follows:

    · You can be a victim to this disease if it is your first baby
    · If you are over 40years of age
    · If you are obese then chances of this disease elevate
    · If you have twin or multiple pregnancy
    · If you had pre-eclampsia in your earlier pregnancy as well
    · If you had long interval in pregnancies
    · Your family history can be one of the reasons

    It can be prevented by taking low dose of aspirin daily. But this should be taken under the supervision of doctor because it can cause bleeding during pregnancy too. Chances of this disease can also be reduced by taking calcium supplement daily.

    Some Effort is Required to Avoid Diabetes

    20 August, 2010 (23:47) | Diabetes | By: Health news

    The experts say the single most important thing you can do for your health is keep your blood sugar (glucose) levels under control as you may have heard that diabetes is a major health problem. It is the pattern of elevated blood glucose for months and even years that cause the damage to the body that leads to diabetes, which in itself triggers serious effects that can shave years of a person’s life.

    So, high blood glucose is a huge concern as it is not something you know about as its effect is largely hidden. But, over the years, slowly but surely it can result in major damage to body organs like the eyes and kidneys that can lead to blindness or kidney failure. Even if you do not have a diagnosis of diabetes, poor blood sugar control can be just as devastating on your health and the length of your life. The longer your blood sugar levels are out of control the shorter your life span.

    Even those these facts are scary we can look upon them as an opportunity to improve our eating habits make sure we are doing some proper exercise and improve our health so this problem will never affect us. Your exercise program is very important as when your work your muscles with strength training exercise your blood sugar level can fall as much as three times faster than if you do other types of activity.

    A simple strength training program containing 8 or 9 exercises targeting the whole body’s major muscle groups performed 2-3 times each week is what is needed. The muscle cells are where fuel (glucose) is burnt for energy and when they are strong and toned they absorb more sugar and remove sugar from the blood better. Strength training exercise also helps the cells throughout the body become more sensitive to insulin, the vital hormone needed to ‘push’ glucose into the cells. Then less insulin is needed to clear the bloodstream.

    If you do not stabilize your blood sugar levels with proper exercise and a proper diet you can become insulin resistant which is a condition where the body’s cells resist the glucose. If it cannot enter the cells, more and more insulin is produced to try and get rid of the glucose from the bloodstream. Then you have high blood sugars levels and high insulin levels in the bloodstream. This unhealthy mix can then get into places where it should not be wrecking havoc and damaging body organs and tissues and you have full blown diabetes.

    Your eating plan needs to include 4-6 small meals each with a portion of protein and the rest of the meal made up with raw and cooked vegetables. Protein is important as it stabilizes and safely lowers blood sugar levels so a little in needed at each meal. The trick is to plan and prepare your meals ahead and take them with you wherever you go during the day. If you do not do this then you will be forced to eat things which may be unhealthy and will sky rocket your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day.

    By becoming more aware of your blood glucose levels you have more chance of keeping them in a near normal range and damage to the body is reduced. You will also not continue to gain excess body fat and overall health is improved immediately.

    How Do You Treat Gout?

    20 August, 2010 (23:39) | Arthritis | By: Health news

    Gout is an affection of the joints and can be found in millions of people. Gout is the most encountered type of arthritis, and it comes out as an attack that usually appears during the night. The affected joint is the one that can be found in the big toe in a lot of cases, (the big toe’s ball) but gout can affect one of the joints from the ankles too. If gout is left untreated then the flair ups start to appear very often and they will spread to several other joints. Treatment is required in this situation because gout can turn into chronic gout and cripple the joints.

    Gout appears in people who have too much uric acid in their body. Uric acid is created from the food that is digested and decomposed into its basic elements which are absorbed by the body. Sometimes there is too much acid in the blood. Gout soon occurs after the acid has started to crystallize in the joints causing irritation and inflammation.

    Hence, the cause of gout is an overload of uric acid in the blood.

    But what causes the level of uric acid found in the blood to raise above the normal limit?

    Well this might be caused by obesity, certain types of medication, or an over indulgence of alcohol.

    What’s the best way to know how to treat gout?

    If you want to prevent or treat gout then you need to reduce the levels of uric acid from the blood. You can achieve this by changing the food you eat so that it doesn’t have the types of food that have purines, which are substances that raises the uric acid level. Red meat, peas, liver and shellfish are foods that have a lot of purines in them. So you should avoid eating any of the foods mentioned above.

    There is also medication that can lower the amount of uric acid from the body but don’t take any unless a physician tells to do so because this medication can cause problems if the dose is not properly controlled.

    So if you have been afflicted with a gout attack visit your doctor soon and listen carefully to his advice. You will be given some medication that you have to take every day and you will be advised to change the types of food you eat to reduce the uric acid from the blood. If you do so you will not have any problems with gout anymore.

    Signs of Autism in Young Children

    20 August, 2010 (17:32) | Autism | By: Health news

    You might notice sometimes that your child is behaving strangely and differently when compared to normal children. You should never ignore these conditions; rather take it very seriously since this problem might increase at a later age. Your child may face lot of difficulties in interacting with others and communicating normally. He may find it difficult to adjust to the environment and play with other kids. These are some of the symptoms that you should take seriously and help him to improve.

    Here are some general signs of autism that will help you identify the condition and you can detect them at an early state.

    Signs of Autism in Young Children: How Can I Notice Them?

    Detecting the easy and early signs is not very difficult and parents can find and trace them if they are vigilant. Being a parent you should keep a note of the behavior of your child and know the signs that you are looking for. Here are few facts that you should know and understand in order to analyze your child and conclude properly:

  • Try to study the activities of the child and try to find out what he or she wants. If the child is pointing at something, try to find out what it is.
  • When you are trying to point out something, find out how the child is reacting.
  • Try to pretend play and bring imagination and record how the child behaves.
  • If the child is not reacting as expected, there is a chance of autism. These early signs can further be clarified if you refer few books and search on the internet. But, you should never ignore such signs and approach doctors as soon as possible.

    Signs of Autism in Young Children Detected by Pediatricians or Primary Care Doctors

    The primary care doctors are responsible for studying the child and find out if there is any real risk of autism. They can also predict the intensity and the state of autism the child is in. There are some special tests and diagnosis that can help you find the real threat and the cure required. These tests start with general questions and this is generally carried out in the premises and the behavior of the child is analyzed.

    The following tests are generally carried out by the physicians:

  • They try to make eye contact with the child and the reaction is recorded.
  • The child is given some toy or any other object for the intention of playing and the reaction of the child is noted.
  • The doctor might ask the child to build a building of bricks or similar activity.
  • If the child is not reacting as expected of gives very slow reactions, there are chances that the child might be suffering from mild or low risk of autism. This is where the physicians need to be very careful and determine the actual depth of autism properly.
    How Developmental Specialists and Clinics Check for Signs of Autism in Young Children

    Once you approach the physicians and they are aware of the entire case history, they can screen the entire signs and find out the relevant points. They can refer the right physicians, neurologists or physiologists so that you get the best possible care.

    The psychologists of developmental physicians have specialization on these developmental disorders and how to handle such cases. They have skills on how to identify the symptoms and the signs of such disorders. They can help you know more about different types of such disorders and the intensity of the disorder. The neurologists also help a lot in these cases and they can see across the scans and apply their techniques to solve the cases.

    The skilled, experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals use DSM IV to study the behavior of the children and help them come with the situation. They also help them learn and cope up with the society and improve on their behavior.

    Generally parents believe that these signs are a part of development and it will recede with growth and age. But, as soon as you detect such early signs or autism, you should see physician immediately and get confirmation. It is very important that the children get proper care and direction to deal with life. You should follow the advice of the doctor and implement the directions along with being patient.

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