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Psychotic Diseases

31 May, 2010 (20:48) | Diseases | By: Health news

The understanding of Human Functioning is very complex and due to the very nature of these very complicated combinations of different criteria; it makes it impossible for us to be compared to any “social norm”. Social norms are the basic doctrine of the psychological fraternity. We certainly have common or similar behaviour, but the critical inner feelings and reactions to different environments are all uniquely different.

It is therefore totally unrealistic to believe that we can be classified as normal or abnormal and totally impossible to determine a “social norm” scientifically. We are all uniquely different and function from different points of departure. We all have unique finger prints, DNA, looks, voices, hair, and behaviour. So which one of us are normal? Is there any scientific document that can determine a “Norm”? Is there any DNA or fingerprints which can be described as normal. Research has proven that many people have similar looks or trends but the reality is that everyone is undoubtedly uniquely different. The fact is that all of us should appreciate that uniqueness, because in that uniqueness brings very high value. Every individual is irreplaceable.

I am not attacking or trying to discredit anyone’s doctrine at all, but I am certainly committed to bring peoples attention to the fact that millions are being exploited, through very carefully designed marketing techniques and strategies. Most these techniques are being presented by the so called experts and many people except the experts advice as truth.

Be that what it may, let me now prove my case through scientifically proven evidence. The scientifically researched data below should help millions of people to stop and think and I urge every person that is taking psychotropic drugs to research the facts for themselves.

Of course people get depressed, have stages of anxiety, feel insecure, etc. However, I will present you with proven scientific facts that prove people do not have mental disorders or diseases but are experiencing part of everyday “life challenges” We are not mental when we all happen to suffer from different negative functioning criteria from time to time. Are we all infected with mental disorders or diseases? That is what Psychiatrist want us to believe. It simple is not true.

Let us start from the very beginning again by asking the following questions;

Where is the starting point or ending point when quantifying human behaviour if everyone is uniquely different?
Answer: That has become a million dollar question as the sciences prove that we are uniquely different and therefore it is not possible to create or classify a person into a segment where a “norm” can be justified scientifically.

Can any Psychotic disease be tested through any scientific test or pathological examination?
Answer: Any pathological disease is an organism that can be found through blood testing, X-Ray or scan. Not one psychotropic disease or disorder can be detected through pathological examination.

So how does one determine that a person is suffering from disorders (diseases) such as; Bipolar, Manic Depression Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, etc, etc.?
Answer: There is not a single test, X-Ray or examination that can determine any psychotic disease.
All these diseases are invented by psychiatry and all these diseases are diagnosed through the Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV. Over 370 diseases without one having any scientific background or evidence to prove such mental disorders exist.

So why are their millions of people diagnosed with these diabolical diseases or mental disorders? The mental health experts often say that people have a chemical imbalance such as serotonin or endorphins in the brain, yet there is not one single test to proof their claim. Can this be true? Absolutely!

Unlike drugs such as insulin that corrects a measurable proven imbalance in the body, the Psychotropic medications have no visible or measurable physical abnormalities to correct. One can clearly see the effect of bacterial evidence on an X-Ray, but there is no physical evidence of any psychological disorders either in the blood or any other means.

Conclusion: Without a doubt no behaviour can be described as a mental disorder or disease and the Mental Health Sciences are all about power and certainly not about science or your or my health. The drug manufacturers and psychiatric industries are bed partners and are a very powerful and a very forceful industry.

The reality is that the Psychiatric industry have millions of people around the world believing their industry is a medical science. This is simple untrue but give credit where credit is due they are the worlds best marketers.

Early Menopause in Young Women

29 May, 2010 (01:33) | Women's Health | By: admin

These are two different things all together. It is about the age that makes the difference in the name. If you are under 40 when you go through menopause, then you have what is called premature menopause, if you are between 40 and 45 then it is early menopause. Finally many doctors are now finally seeing that many young women are suffering from a premature menopause and are trying early intervention to help them through it.
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This is the leading cause of infertility in women in their late 20′s and 30′s and they are left confused and wondering why this is happening to them. Menopause might not even be on your list of possible causes, but one in each hundred women experience early menopause symptoms that could have many causes.

Causes of Early Menopause:

* Another cause of early menopause is the necessity for a hysterectomy. Once the ovaries are removed, menopause will commence. * One is genetics, meaning that if your mother or grandmother experienced early menopause symptoms, there is a greater likelihood that you will as well. * Finally, if a woman has had chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer, these treatments can also be the culprit in early menopause. If you have any of these risk factors, and you begin to experience early menopause symptoms, you can visit your doctor to find out if you are indeed beginning the menopause process.

Early signs of menopause are clues to the onset of the symptoms of menopause in a relatively early time. The menopausal state is usually during a woman’s late 40′s to early 50′s. Anything earlier than that is thought to be an early menopause scenario.

Symptoms of Early Menopause:

* Most of the early menopause symptoms are similar to what women experience during regular menopause, and can include hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. * Other early menopause symptoms might be headaches, a reduced sex drive, depression and difficulty sleeping. * You might also find that you are irritable or have to visit the restroom more frequently. * Fatigue and forgetfulness are also signs of early menopause. * Vaginal dryness is a common concern, which can contribute to the loss of libido.

While all of these early menopause symptoms may seem uncomfortable, they are only temporary in nature and many can be treated effectively using simple remedies.

For example, you can increase your exercise and improve your diet to help with some of your early menopause symptoms, like irritability and fatigue. You can also use an over the counter lubricant to help combat the vaginal dryness.

If depression becomes a big issue, your doctor can prescribe medication that will help you to deal with this symptom as well. While early menopause may seem like a huge hurdle to get over in your life, there are many options available to you to help you deal with your early menopause symptoms and offer you a higher quality of life.


Hormone therapy is standard for women experiencing premature menopause. Hormone therapy can relieve some of the symptoms and prevent some adverse effects of lowered estrogen levels–according to the Mayo clinic, adverse effects of lowered estrogen levels include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and increased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.
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In addition, if a woman has undergone premature menopause and still wishes to try for a baby via in-vitro fertilization, hormone therapy is necessary to increase chances she’ll carry to term.

Bell’s Palsy

27 May, 2010 (16:23) | Health Care | By: Health news


Patient JRK presented with reduced range of movement and moderate synkinesis on the left side of his face, onset September 2005. The facial palsy had originally been diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy, but MRI scan showed a pituitary tumour which was felt to be compromising the Facial Nerve. The tumour was treated with medication which brought about a large reduction in size, but there was no improvement in facial movement.


Static photography was used to assess and record the range of movement of his face in the following postures:

• At rest
• Small smile, lips together
• Large smile, lips apart
• Lip pucker
• Eye closure
• Eyebrow raise
• Open mouth wide
• Raise top lip/snarl

The Sunnybrook Facial Grading System was used to provide an objective measurement of the range of movement of the left side of his face, comparing it to the unaffected right side and expressed as a percentage. This scoring system not only measures range of movement, it also deducts marks for any signs of sykinesis, such as asymmetry at rest and aberrant linking of movements. Therefore it is a much more sensitive measure for patients who demonstrate significant synkinesis than the House Brackman scale which is widely used in British hospitals.

At his first attendance, JRK scored as follows:

  • Voluntary movement score 56%
  • Resting symmetry score -13%
  • Synkinesis score -14%
  • Complete score: 29%
  • Soft Tissue Assessment demonstrated shortening of the myofascia around the following muscles on the left side:

    • Depressor Anguli Oris
    • Depressor Labii Inferiors
    • Risorius
    • Zygomaticus major and minor
    • Orbicularis Oculi
    • Lower portion of Orbicularis Oris

    Surface Electromyography (sEMG) was also used to evaluate the degree of nerve activity at each of the 4 main branches in the face, and proved a very useful part of treatment when employed for Biofeedback techniques.

    Function of the Face

    Patient JRK complained of problems with severe cramping in his right cheek on attempting to do large movements of his mouth. This restricted his facial movement when eating, yawning and laughing. He also experienced tension in his left cheek, and reported fatigue in this area on talking for prolonged periods.


    Treatment was given for a period of one year, during which the patient attended on 6 occasions at 2 monthly intervals, and it included the following treatment modalities:

  • Trophic Electrical Stimulation
  • sEMG Biofeedback
  • Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Home Stretches
  • Home Exercises
  • Results of Treatment

    Static photography demonstrated improvement in facial symmetry in all 8 postures. Scoring with the Sunnybrook Facial Grading System improved by 25%, with the break-down as follows:

  • Voluntary movement score 68%
  • Resting symmetry score -8%
  • Synkinesis score -6%
  • Complete score: 54%

    Function of the Face had improved significantly, with much reduction in the tension in the left cheek, and the problem of cramping on large movements resolved completely. Stamina on talking was improved, so the patient found that fatigue was no longer a problem.
    Facial palsy or paralysis can result from a number of different conditions including Bell’s Palsy, acoustic neuroma, meningioma, facial nerve tumours, stroke, following facial reconstruction surgery, nerve repairs and transplants and trauma.

    Facts About Statin Drugs

    27 May, 2010 (00:42) | Medications | By: Health news

    Statin drugs, also known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, are one of the most common pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to patients. They are a class of drugs that are used to reduce the levels of plasma cholesterol. Results from clinical research has shown that these drugs have a variety of benefits such as lowering cholesterol and reducing heart attack risks of patients with diagnosed heart disease.

    Types of Statin Drugs

    Statin drugs are typically separated into two groups: synthetic and fermentation-derived. The synthetic drugs include: atorvastin (commonly known as Lipitor and Torvast), fluvastatin (commonly known as Lescol), Cerivastatin (commonly known as Lipobay), pitavastatin (commonly known as Pitava and Livalo), and rosuvastatin (commonly known as Crestor Mexico. The fermentation-derived include: lovastatin (commonly known as Mevacor, Altoprev, and Altocor), pravastatin (commonly known as Lipostat, Selektine, and Pravachol), and simvastain (commonly known as generic zocor price and Lipex). Many of these drugs are often available in generic forms.

    How the Drugs Work

    These drugs work to improve the levels of cholesterol in the blood by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, which is a liver enzyme that aids in making cholesterol. By inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase, these drugs block the pathway that is needed to synthesize the cholesterol in the liver. The drugs assist in significantly reducing the “bad” cholesterol, known as LDL. They also help increase “good” cholesterol called HDL, and moderately reduce the levels of triglycerides.

    Drug Benefits

    Besides lowering cholesterol, statin drugs have a variety of other benefits, especially for individuals that have heart disease. These benefits include: improving overall function of the vascular system, decreasing blood clot formation, reducing C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, reducing the size of plaques in the arteries, reducing inflammation, and stabilizing plaques. Recent research has also shown that these type of drugs help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, reduce the risk of stroke, reduce blood pressure, reduce the incidence of certain cancers, and prevent cataracts.

    Side Effects

    These drugs are usually regarded as well-tolerated drugs. The most common side effects of these drugs are gastrointestinal issues such as upset stomach, gas, and nausea. Less common effects include rash, dizziness, headache, and disturbances in sleep. Reports have indicated that these drugs also cause liver enzyme increases in approximately 1 out of 100 patients. There is not much evidence to indicate statin drugs cause serious or permanent damage to the liver. These drugs can also cause a muscle disorder in about 1 in 1,000 patients that results in occasional pain and weakness in the muscles. A more serious, but rare reaction includes myopathy and myositis. Some reports have shown that these type of drugs can occasionally cause cognitive issues such as difficulty concentrating and some reports indicate a slight increase risk in developing cancer. Experts do not widely accept these indications.

    Drug Interactions

    Statin drugs should not be taken with a fibrate, which is another type of drug that lowers lipids. A combination of these drugs can increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis and decreased renal function. Patients taking these drugs should also not consume grapefruits of grapefruit juice because it inhibits the metabolism of the drugs.
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    Social Anxiety Disorder

    26 May, 2010 (21:55) | Anxiety | By: Health news

    Yes, it is true – social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.) can lead to depression. Millions of people in the world are living with severe social anxiety. If you live with S.A.D. long enough it can lead to depression. If there is something you can do to get out of the funk, then you should consider doing it. After all, is this the kind of life you really want to live? You may feel you have no other choice, but let me assure you that is not true.

    I heard a very successful individual once summarize life with two sentences:

  • Life is not fair
  • You have choices
  • You know the part – life throws you lemons, some people make lemonade, other people cry and complain and others just crawl under the covers. It is entirely your choice. It really does come down to this: how do you want to live your life?

    Social anxiety is a strong fear, shyness, and worry over being around crowds of people. Those that suffer from this illness have a real issue with being in a room filled with people. They believe these people are talking about them and the fear and worry about it just eats them up inside.

    Those that suffer from social anxiety are the stereotypical wall flowers that are not mingling with and talking to people because they cannot summon the courage to do that. The belief these people have that people are talking about them is 100% accurate – in their mind. It may or may not be reality, but it is most definitely their reality.

    Days, weeks or even months leading up to scheduled events have them feeling stressed and worried about what is going to happen. It is a feeling that leaves them feeling inadequate and can lead to depression. This is a habitual reaction that has been formed over many years and after that amount of time it appears to be normal to the people that suffer from S.A.D. I am here to point out possibilities and alternatives that may be much more rewarding and enriching to those dealing with this problem.

    I believe social anxiety can lead to depression because the person suffering from this illness may not want to be around crowds of people, which leads to loneliness, and depression is not far off. If you constantly have the feeling that people are always talking about you, or you feel you cannot be around them, then eventually you will stay home and avoid people all together.

    This isolation can make you feel like you don’t have any friends because you cannot go out and have a good time. It can even affect your job because you don’t want to mingle with your co-workers or go on business trips so you lose out on valuable opportunities and maybe even promotions. These feelings and the choices made because of them can be the beginnings of a downward spiral that is hard to get out of.

    I hope this is not your path, but know that social anxiety can lead to depression, and that there are things you can do to change – if you want to.

    Obagi Blue Peel

    26 May, 2010 (01:12) | Acne | By: Health news

    From adolescence throughout adulthood, skin health is one thing we all care about no matter where we may be along life’s path. Acne and other skin conditions range from mere annoyances for some to outright struggles for others. Some of us outgrow skin issues or they fade with time, while others face the misfortune of having skin care issues flare up later in life or they may continue from adolescence up through adulthood. Obagi Blue Peel is the flagship of the Obagi company, but Obagi also has a range of other skin care products to help you achieve healthy skin and keep it that way!

    Who is Dr. Zein Obagi?

    The Obagi Blue Peel is the brainchild Dr. Zein Obagi. Dr. Obagi is a world-renowned dermatologist and is equally famous as an expert researcher and scientist. He has pioneered many skin health maintenance and prevention concepts that are now common knowledge among dermatologists and aestheticians. Dr. Obagi has been practicing his craft since the late 1980′s in Beverly Hills, California – one of the centers of aesthetics authority in the world. Since that time, Obagi skin care products have expanded to cover a variety of healthy skin related issues.

    Dr. Obagi himself is known as a peel expert, designing a world-class restorative skin treatment labeled the Obagi Blue Peel. This treatment is tailored to the individual based on their own symptoms, and its produces dramatic results that have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in addition to many talk shows, health magazines, and medical journals.

    The Problem With Typical Chemical Peels:

    Typically, patients may go for chemical peels at a doctor’s office or chemical peel may be applied by a licensed esthetician. The strength of the product applied and the actual chemical ingredients of the solution itself can vary for a number of reasons including the needs of the individual patient and the doctor or esthetician’s knowledge and area of expertise. The doctor mixes a treatment solution with a given percentage of Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or some other acidic component. TCA is the most widely used form of chemical peel and solutions usually range anywhere from 15 to 50 percent TCA for medium strength to intense deep penetrating skin treatments.

    The problem with typical chemical peels is that the process is not an exact science. The chemical peel may be applied to virtually any part of the body with the goal of reducing the appearance various types of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. As the chemical peel is applied to the skins surface, there generally is no method for determining where the product has been applied and whether or not the product has been evenly and accurately applied. You basically must rely on your doctor’s or esthetician’s trained eye. Even experts occasionally mess up, and a relatively inexperienced esthetician may leave your skin damaged worse than if you had never gone for a chemical peel in the first place.

    The Obagi Blue Peel Advantage:

    Just as with other chemical peels, the Obagi Blue Peel uses Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as the active ingredient to reduce skin blemishes, scaring, and wrinkles. The Obagi Blue Peel advantage is in the blue skin cream itself. The blue cream itself has no ingredients for directly treating the skin, but what it does have is a patented mixture that indicates where and at what level TCA has been applied. This way nothing is left to chance or is left to simply rely on the trained eye of the doctor. Your doctor knows where product has been applied and at what level and also knows where product has yet to be applied. No more spotty skin treatments or over applied product that may cause further damage to your skin.

    The Obagi philosophy is one of therapeutic and system-oriented healing rather than identification and elimination of symptoms alone, and the Obagi Blue Peel is emblematic of this philosophy. Not only does the blue peel produce dramatic, superior results, but it also is a much lighter treatment resulting in less initial irritation than with typical chemical peels. The blue cream mixture is also designed to be self-neutralizing, requiring no additional chemicals to eliminate the TCA when your session is complete. This neutralizing characteristic has the added advantage of regulating the speed at which the TCA enters and affects the skin, creating an even more even treatment then when raw TCA is applied in typical chemical peels. The blue cream can also be applied in layers to regulate the depth at which the TCA will penetrate the skin and is an excellent method for treating skin that suffers from conditions of various depths and types.

    Bottom line, the Obagi Blue Peel is designed so your doctor has near complete control over the speed, depth, and intensity of a Trichloroacetic acid skin peel treatment. Obagi Blue Peel is an excellent method for treating a variety of skin care issues including acne, rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, various types scaring and sun damaged skin. It has also been shown to promote production of collagen in the skin as well, leading to younger, firmer, healthy looking skin. So ask your dermatologist about the Obagi Blue Peel at your next visit. If they are not licensed to perform the treatment, be sure to ask for a referral to doctor who is licensed. The results will speak for themselves.

    Holistic Fitness

    24 May, 2010 (11:19) | Health Care | By: Health news

    Holistic Health Care is an expression used most of the time but its exact explanation is not known yet. Definition of Holistic Health Care may fluctuate from person to person and from source to source. It basically means dissimilar things to diverse people. Although different perceptions exist for the term holistic, yet the basic meaning of it remains the same. Due to the interdependence of different health aspects on each other, the holistic health care has been introduced. The mental health conditions of a person strongly influence the physical health. A person may be in a very unstable environment as a result of which his personal health may get affected.

    The holistic health care is best described as a symptom based approach. The actions and movements of a person greatly influence the kind of physical health that he is going through. The health care deals with the analysis of the patient’s mental condition so as to make sure that he does not undergo any kind of depression or isolation. Even in the hospitals, nowadays, the holistic wellness program approach is being followed. They make sure that the hospital conditions and environment are very healthy. The gloomy environment causes the health conditions of the person to degrade. It takes into consideration the factors that indirectly but drastically affect the health of a patient.

    The medication and other treatments given by the doctors prove to give the best results only when the holistic health care is applied. The people who are close to the patient makes sure that he feels happy and comfortable with the environment and other conditions. The spiritual well being of the person is also ensured by the holistic wellness program. The positive energy should exceed the levels within the patient. The positive vibes that reach the patient makes him expect the good results soon. It makes him get more positive and thoughtful. Only then can a person recover with great pace.

    The holistic health care follows some of the most innovative techniques. Right from improving the environment to laying stress on positive thoughts, it makes sure that the person gets the best conditions to improve. The physical heath of the person is greatly influenced by the mental state of mind. The holistic health care takes care about his state of mind. Hence the effect of all kinds of medicines seems to prove its worth at an increased rate. The various issues discussed under the holistic health care have to be implemented with newer ideas so that the parson shows greater degree of improvement. The environment has to be very positive with the best encouragement given to the person.

    The Closer

    21 May, 2010 (20:04) | Dental Care | By: Health news

    We have all been there, we are in the market for a new car, albeit perhaps reluctantly but none the less we find ourselves in the showroom and are approached by a eager salesperson. The salesperson guides us through a series of questions to size us up and answer our questions. When we arrive at the financial portion of the discussion however he or she hands us over to their “manager”… enter the CLOSER!

    You may ask yourself “what does this post have to do with my dental needs”…read on!

    I was in need of extensive dental treatment and had been interviewing dental practices before I took the inevitable plunge. The dental practice in question (in the Eastern U.S.) was quite impressive, more of a self standing two story clinic staffed by more than a handful of doctors and support staff. The facility had top notch appointments and exuded efficiency, right down to the current copies of” Architectural Digest” in the magazine racks, and the exotic salt water fish tank in the waiting area. One appointment that caught my eye was the video playing that depicted a staff member tending to the dental needs of some native tribesman in another hemisphere. My initial reaction to which was fantastic “giving something back”.

    I was ushered into the examination room,had impressions made as well as photographs of my oral cavity by a dentist who tried hard to conceal his horror. As he left, and a appropriate amount of time passed so as to allow me to reflect on my “dental sins and transgressions”… enter the CLOSER!

    She was disarmingly pleasant, with a full head of attractive white hair, beatific smile and a St. John’s knit suit. She proceeded to commiserate with my lot in life and said that she to found herself in a state similar to mine years earlier. She went on about the embarrassment she endured from never being able to smile in public and having to cover her mouth with her hand as she laughed like a giggling prepubescent girl.

    After the horror of the dollars and cents portion of the program (similar to a Mercedes with entertainment package) she again bestowed a beatific smile upon me, and asked how I liked the video in the reception area!

    Massage Therapy

    18 May, 2010 (21:22) | Health Care | By: Health news

    If you are searching for an effective and natural solution to your pain management, a massage therapy for pain relief could be just the right thing for you. It helps deal with your body ache without any need for drugs. This way it not only helps you relax as you battle the pain, but it also avoids any possible side effects.

    In a recently conducted survey, it was found that about 63% of the total of 1,998 patients, claimed to feel better after a massage. Some even said that it felt better than acupuncture, chiropractic and other body therapies.

    In fact science proves that massage can be a lot more effective than the other therapies for patients suffering from chronic back pain. It helps reduce the pain to a great extent, and make muscles healthier too. Similarly in case of cancer patients, it has been found that it can go a long way in reducing the stress and anxiety. The sensation of pain can be reduced too, and can help one relax.

    This in fact even leads some experts to believe that massage can greatly reduce the spasms and muscle pains that occur after heart bypass surgeries. It helps control the pulse rate and blood pressure of patients, resulting in a soothing effect of the mind and body. Apart from that, a good treatment can also help combat pressures caused by post-traumatic headaches, and helps the brain produce endorphins.

    Now you may wonder what exactly is so special about this therapy that can help your body deal with so many issues with such ease as claimed. Well, the simplest answer would be that massage basically helps to manipulate your muscles and tissues such that they can better adapt themselves to fight pain.

    Those who have already experienced massage may have noticed that professional therapists loosen your body using techniques specific to the cause to be dealt with. The hand movements, the massage oils, and other accessories like magnets and stones etc, are all used at different places of the body in particular styles and forms so that they can provide maximum relief. The electrical signals used in various types of treatment can stimulate your immune system, blood circulation and even heal muscles that have been partly damaged.

    Apart from that, most massage places also use aromatic oils, rose water etc during treatment sessions so as to arouse your sense of smell. Others might also play light soothing sounds to touch your sense of hearing, which can make the whole experience all the more relaxing for the mind. And as it is a universally known fact, the healthier the mind, the fitter the body would be.

    Needless to say, massage is no more viewed as just as a way of self pampering for the ones hunting luxury. Yes, it goes much beyond that. In spite of all the rich feel of a massage, people are gradually beginning to realize that there is more to a massage therapy than plain indulge. It helps you soothe your nerves, helps the body relax, and makes you muscles stronger and active, helping your body learn how to deal with pain more easily and efficiently. It can even make your skin glow resulting in you looking healthier and younger, instead of causing side effects like the usual drugs that often make life more stressful.

    There are a number of different types of massages that can be opted for. While some are simply meant to help one relax, others are more of pain and disease specific.

    Therefore, if you are planning to go for a massage, it is suggested that you first go and speak to the therapist about the body pain that you seem to be suffering from. Make sure to let them know if you face any bleeding disorders, blood clot issues, have soft tissues or superficial vein infections, or have ever faced problems of kidney or heart failure. Pregnant women would need to stay extremely careful too, since only a few special types of treatment are permitted to them.

    Let your therapist chalk out a plan for you as per your needs and convenience. Depending on your requirements, the session may comprise of just one treatment, or a number of therapy sessions spread over a number of days.

    Way to Lose Extra Weight

    18 May, 2010 (16:22) | Other | By: Health news

    Summer is here and you are tempted to show some skin. Its that time of the year when most people frequent a beach. There is nothing more relaxing than lying under the sun. However, extra body can turn things embarrassing for you.

    Being over weight is not just bad for you looks but also for your health. One of the most immediate impact of being over weight is a loss of energy. Fatigue is another disturbing result of extra body weight.

    So, if you want to get a slim and sexy body, its time you do something about it.

    If you are thinking if taking weight loss pills- fat burner or appetite suppressant, I would like you to reconsider. This is because while they can ensure weight loss, most of them inflict your body with some rather serious side effects.

    In such a case, something that can ensure rapid and natural weight loss while being safe at the same time is a slim diet patch.

    Such patches have taken weight loss to an entirely new level. They are easy to use and deliver fast results as well. A combination of all natural ingredients make up such a patch. Guarana, yerba mate, fucus vesiculosus, zinc pyruvate etc., are some of the ingredients that are used in high quality weight patches.

    These ingredients increase your metabolism. This ensures that your body is able to burn more fat at a much faster pace and helps melt away fat from your body. But this is just one side of the story!

    Such a patch also helps suppress your appetite so that your food intake is reduced significantly. What you need to keep in mind is that you cannot lose weight until and unless you control your diet. This is where such a patch proves to be highly resourceful. It reduces hunger pangs and food cravings by making you feel full when you are not. Of the above mentioned ingredients, yerba mate is highly effective in reducing your appetite.

    As soon as you apply the patch in your skin, it begins releasing all the ingredients directly into the bloodstream. This ensures most accurate dosage and better potency of the ingredients since they bypass the digestive system and do not come in contact with stomach juices and acids.

    It is not surprising that such a patch can make you strip off at least 2-6lbs within a weak. As such it can easily make you leaner by 20-24lbs within a month!

    Nutrition for Esophageal Cancer

    18 May, 2010 (03:35) | Cancer | By: Health news

    Nutrition for esophageal cancer patients is very vital as they find it hard to swallow foods and drink liquids including water. Patients might not get enough energy to even eat foods that they might lack energy to fight against esophageal cancer. But eating healthy foods should not be neglected. Patients suffering from esophageal cancer should find ways to incorporate healthy foods and nutrition rich foods in their diet. The selected foods should offer good calories to help the body stay healthy and also to make swallowing easy.

    Esophageal cancer patients who have undergone radiation therapy or surgery might feel their throat irritated and sore and might avoid eating protein rich meats, vegetables and fruits rich in fibers naturally. Hence, opting to eat soft or moist foods is not considered abnormal or uncommon. Apart from trying to lower the side effects and cure cancer, patients can also do various things to eat and swallow foods easier. Patients need to choose foods that are soft and easy to swallow like puddings, milkshakes, soups, eggs, ice creams and jellies. These offer good calories to keep up the weight of the patients and also offer them good energy to perform day to day tasks and also help in preventing unintentional weight loss.

    An excellent method to retain the nutrients of foods is to convert them in the form of purees by mashing them using hand or blender. Oatmeal is also a good option to get enough calories but they should be diluted well with warm water or milk so that they do not get stuck in the throat when consuming them. Beans can also be made into puree as they offer good proteins. They can be mixed with some broth and consumed. Patients can take more time for eating foods in order to munch them properly before swallowing them. Foods can be made into smaller bites or pieces for easy munching.

    Nutrition requirements for esophageal cancer patients can differ from one person to person depending on various factors like their age, occupation (sedentary or heavy work), place of living (hot or cold climate), genetic factors and so on. There is no standard nutritional allowances prescribed for esophageal cancer patients but nutritional allowances are determined based on individuals.

    Patients who find it very hard to intake or consume any food items can take the advice of doctors and start taking nutritional supplements in the liquid form as they contain huge quantities of calories and nutrition required for survival and recovery. Monitoring patients from time to time is very important to add some nutrients or change them.

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