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Medical Tourism Healthcare

30 June, 2010 (05:58) | Health Care | By: Health news

People opting for medical tourism have to consider a lot of things before making their decision. Four of their major decisions to be taken are:
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  • Which country to go to (India, Malaysia, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Bangkok etc.)
  • Which medical tourism facilitator to go with (if deciding to go with one in the first place)
  • Which Hospital to choose
  • Who is the right doctor for me
  • Today I am going to talk about the least discussed topic of them all – Which hospital to choose.

    This is a very important decision so you don’t just want to leave this for Medical tourism facilitators or anyone else to decide. You need to do a lot of research on the healthcare facility that you are considering. One good measure is to check if the facility has International standards & certifications such as JCI (Joint Commission International). It’s not the end of the world if they don’t, but that’s a whole different topic in itself, which I will get into in my later blogs.

    Today I wanted to clear a misconception that medical tourist have regarding certifications of healthcare facility. Because of the popularity of JCI, some medical tourists won’t consider any hospital without it. Though it’s a good idea to consider hospitals with international accreditations, know that JCI is not the only body in the world to have the highest standards for quality of healthcare.

    Below, I have (1) a brief on some of the more common/popular accreditation organizations, (2) a list of other Accreditation organizations whose certifications are at par with them and (3) reasons why these other Accreditation organizations have equally good healthcare quality standards.

    JCI (Joint Commission International)

    JCI is the international arm of JACHO; a USA focused Accreditation for HealthCare Organizations. JCI is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides certification to hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, laboratories, and other health care organizations in the international community. Their main focus is to provide the highest quality of healthcare and patient satisfaction and have expertise in infection control, medication safety, facility safety, and accreditation standards compliance.

    JCI is one of the most sort after accreditation by healthcare facilities internationally catering to Medical Tourists.

    CCHSA or Accreditation Canada (Name changed in 2008)

    Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit organization in Canada that provides health organizations in Canada and Internationally with external peer review to assess the quality of their services based on standards of excellence.

    ACHS International -

    Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) in 2005 established ACHS International (ACHSI). ACHSI delivers accreditation and quality improvement programs for health care providers across the world..

    Above are some of the organizations that many of the hospitals and clinics internationally are taking certifications from to prove that the facilities and standards provided by them are world class. In most of the countries where medical tourism is booming, hospitals and clinics are making sure they leave no stone unturned to attract international patients.

    So why are healthcare facilities wanting certifications from only these organizations. What’s common among them?

    Well they are all ISQua certified organizations. ISQua, The International Society for Quality in Health Care, is a non-profit, independent organization. ISQua works to provide services to guide health professionals, providers, researchers, agencies, policy makers and consumers, to achieve excellence in healthcare delivery to all people, and to continuously improve the quality and safety of care.

    ISQua itself does not conduct surveys or give out certifications to healthcare facilities, but is an umbrella organization that accredits other organizations that provide certifications to healthcare facilities. ISQua standards are the highest in the industry and thereby making it the hardest to get. In fact worldwide there are currently only 17 organizations that are accredited by ISQua.

    ISQua Accredited Organizations

  • American Association of Blood Banks, Accreditation and Quality Programme – AABB
  • Accreditation Canada
  • The Australian Council on Healthcare Standard – ACHS
  • Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited / Quality in Practice – QIP/AGPAL
  • Healthcare Accreditation Quality Unit, UK – CHKS-HAQU
  • Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa – COHSASA
  • Health Accreditation System of Instituto Colombiano de Normas Tecnicas y Certificacion, Co – ICONTEC
  • The Irish Health Service Accreditation Board – IHSAB
  • Joint Commission International, USA – JCI
  • Malaysian Society for Quality in Health – MSQH
  • Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare – NIAZ
  • Quality Improvement Council and the QIC Accreditation Program, Australia – QIC
  • Taiwan Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation – TJCHA
  • Health and Disability Auditing New Zealand – HDANZ
  • Global-Mark Pty Ltd, Healthcare Certification Programme
  • Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, Australia – ACSAA
  • Health Care Accreditation Council of Jordan – HCAC
  • Any healthcare facility having certifications from either of the organizations follows the highest international standards to cater to their patients.
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    So next time you come across a hospital, which is not JCI certified by does have one of the above certification, just remember a single body has approved them all, so they all have equally high standards. All you need to verify is whether the certifying organization is ISQua certified.

    Heartburn Home Remedies

    24 June, 2010 (02:55) | Diseases | By: Health news

    A great way that you can combat the burning sensation associated with heartburn is to eat the right vegetables and avoid the wrong ones. There are some common vegetables that you can use as heartburn home remedies and you’ll be amazed at their effectiveness.

    Vegetables that are heartburn home remedies:


    Garlic is one of the proven at home remedies for heartburn, it has an antibacterial effect, which destroys bacteria that can exacerbate the acidity of the stomach. This antibacterial action helps to reduce the acidity of the digestive tract. You can chew the garlic raw after peeling. Make sure to scrub your teeth afterwards though because it can cause garlic breath!

    Eat More Potatoes

    This is also a great alkalinizing agent, which helps neutralize the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, thereby helping control heartburn, the burning sensation, and the discomfort that goes with the condition. If you know what to search for you can find plenty of natural home remedies for heartburn around your own home. Indian pharmacy nolvadex – order 3 or more products and get free shipping!

    The Added Benefits Of Carrots

    Carrots have alkaline properties that offset the excess acidity of the stomach. Carrots also enhance digestion and include antioxidants. You can consume the carrot uncooked or cooked, but it is more useful when eaten raw. Vegetables such as this make home remedies for heartburn cheap and healthy.

    Eat Cabbage

    Cabbage is very alkaline, particularly when fresh. Even if you eat it cooked though it will still help to neutralize the acid in the stomach. When you feel your heartburn starting, chew on raw cabbage until the symptoms abate. You can chew on cabbage before or after a meal to reduce the production of hydrochloric acid. Aside from being one of the home heartburn remedies, you can drink the water used to boil the vegetable as an intestinal and kidney cleaner.

    Try Some Yellow Mustard

    This mustard as one of the best home remedies for heartburn relief as it not only gives essential nutrients like iron and fiber, but also makes the stomach less acidic. It is also rich with vitamins and minerals.

    Vegetables that you should avoid are tomatoes, and other vegetables that are high in vitamin C. It’s good to avoid these vegetables as they raise the acidity of the stomach.

    Vegetables are not only good alkalinizers but are also good sources of fiber, essential nutrients, phytochemicals and anti-toxins. These heartburn home remedies will not only help you fight heartburn but they’re also good for your overall health and body. So give them a go and see for yourself.

    Generic viagra or brand viagra

    21 June, 2010 (21:47) | Men's Health | By: Health news

    Sexuality is a very essential part of living that works in overall developing the love life of the person. It is a very important for the couple to be sexually fit to attain and deliver complete satisfaction that is required and expected. As far as men’s sexual health is concerned, impotence or erectile problems is the most commonly observed health condition that comprehensively impacts on the well being of the person. Generally the sexual condition is observed as the person ages, and is the result of aging. However, impotence is not a life threatening syndrome but is surely a depressive one which can take a major toll in worsening the overall sensual connection between the two.

    Generic Viagra has been the most effective and powerful source for overcoming erectile problems successfully. The medicine is composed of sildenafil citrate, which is the most effective parent chemical that works in helping men gain erection that meets the level of complete sensual satisfaction.
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    However, initially the emergence of generic form of Viagra was at first mistakenly known as the inferior quality drug that is not safe to take. However, after FDA approvals generic Viagra, secured lots of popularity and was preferred by many users as the best online sexual energy booster that can help in relieving the penile complications and improving the blood flow to the main organ making it effective.

    Brand Viagra UK and US is a very powerful source of anti-impotence drug that works in helping men to gain erection that can work best in improving the sexual condition in men. Online the generic version of the effective medicine works very well I helping men gain complete sexual satisfaction by embracing the salacious moments with the partner and reaching the peak of sexual intimacy.

    When it comes to differentiating in the brand and generic forms, the major dissimilarity would go only in cost factor, as brand Viagra is comparatively costly as compared to generic that is offered at cheap rates online.

    However, the external factors like color, shape, blister packaging of the generic and branded drugs may differ, as although they both contain the similar ingredients the displaying part can be changed. This will help in differentiating which one is generic and which is the patented one.

    Online generic Viagra is offered at extremely inexpensive rates, with no compromise on the quality of the sildenafil citrate used. This helps the generic form to deliver similar effectiveness as the brand Viagra does.

    Hence, it is advisable to search for anti-impotence drugs online, as cost effective generics deliver the analogous benefits when effectiveness is focused. Also, as a matter of fact, FDA has approved generic Viagra as the safe and powerful drug that can be consumed to get relieved from the erectile troubles.
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    Also, the distinctive flavors in the market have added up an extra point in its popularity, the potential ones are tablets, soft tabs and oral jelly. Buying these productive generics through reputed online drugstores would help to get you the product that work wonders when it comes to successfully overcoming male impotence.

    Sciatica Homeopathic Remedies

    19 June, 2010 (11:54) | Back Pain | By: Health news

    There are various sciatica homeopathic remedies which exist to naturally combat sciatic nerve pain. Unfortunately it is not so easy to find information regarding how to use them and so on.

    Sciatica is a condition that affects a multitude of people worldwide. In the west about 80 percent of adults are plagued by nasty back pains running from their lower backs all the way down to their legs. This pain also runs through their buttocks; this path is exactly where the sciatic nerve lies and the pain can be extremely debilitating.

    To apply sciatica homeopathic remedies, you need to first determine where the pain is located. This article will reveal four types of sciatica homeopathic remedies which you can begin to use today to combat the pain caused by your pinched sciatic nerve.

    Dosage – It is important to note the dosage of the sciatica homeopathic remedies below so that there will be no mistakes of any kind. Even though with homeopathic cures dosage is not as rigid, nevertheless you need to take an hourly dosage of 6C. You may take additional doses if your condition persists but it should not exceed 10 doses a day.

  • Colocynthis
  • Colocynth is a homeopathic remedy which is also known as bitter apple, bitter cucumber, egusi, or vine of Sodom. It is an effective sciatica homeopathic remedy and if mostly used when there is a shooting pain and numbness along the entire leg.

    You may also make use of another remedy called Nux Vomica…

  • Nux Vomica
  • Nux vomica is a medicine which is gotten from the seeds of an Asiatic tree. It contains strychnine and brucine and can also be used as a stimulant besides the fact that it is a fantastic remedy for a pinched sciatic nerve.

    It can best be applied when there is rapid, twitching leg spasms accompanied by stiffness and paralysis

    Another alternative remedy which may be used is Rhus Toxicodendron…

  • Rhus Toxicodendron
  • This sciatic nerve homeopathic cure can be used when calf cramps are mingled with tearing pain and numbness.

    Mostly these physical symptoms will mix with other emotional indicators including, but not limited to, the following; restlessness, anxiety, hopelessness and so on.

    Alternatively, you may utilize Ammonium Muriaticum…

  • Ammonium Muriaticum
  • This sciatica homeopathic remedy should be used if it becomes noticed that sitting down aggravates your sciatic nerve pain by the presence of the following symptoms; contracted hamstrings, leg spasms, chronic muscles twitching, and so on.

    Emotional symptoms that might be noticed include melancholia and an urge to cry.

    FACT: Most conventional treatments for sciatica only work as a temporary band aid solution; they all fail to work in the long run!

    Inflammation of the Gall Bladder and Bile Duct

    19 June, 2010 (03:45) | Critical Care | By: Health news

    Autopsy studies and examinations of inflamed gall bladders removed surgically show that bacteria are rarely involved. Inflammation of the gall bladder can be caused by drugs, chemicals and bacterial toxins,6 in which case the liver should be built up to the extent that such substances can be detoxified. Two sisters who incurred this type of gall-bladder inflammation from spraying roses recently reported a rapid recovery after taking 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C and 200 units of vitamin E every three hours with pep-up containing 4 egg yolks per quart.

    Usually, inflammation occurs only when cortisone is not being produced in adequate amounts; hence emphasis must be placed on helping the adrenals function with maximum efficiency.


    When pigments from the breakdown of worn out red blood cells, excreted in bile as a waste product, cannot reach the intestine, they accumulate in the blood and are deposited in the tissues, thus giving the skin and whites of the eyes the yellow coloring characteristic of jaundice. Any condition that causes a rapid destruction of red blood cells can bring on jaundice, but more often the disease results from severe swelling or spasms of the bile duct, surgical trauma, or obstruction caused by a cancer, stone or cyst that prevents the bile from reaching the intestine.

    During World War II, when jaundice was a chief cause of illness, army doctors found that recovery could be markedly speeded up by a diet extremely high in protein (250 grams daily) provided the patient could consume such a huge amount. Fats were not limited, and carbohydrates were generously supplied to prevent proteins from being used for calories. Most authorities have recommended 100 to 150 grams of protein daily with a diet moderate in fat and rich in natural starches and sugars. During jaundice, the backing up of bile acids into the blood breaks down fat in the walls of the red blood cells, thus causing anemia. For this reason, the diet should be high in all nutrients needed to rebuild blood. If the diet is faulty, severe liver damage or even cirrhosis may occur; therefore adequate nutrition should be continued long after recovery.

    When jaundice is brought on by spasms of the tiny muscles of the bile duct, nutrients that aid tissue relaxation should be immediately emphasized: vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, and sufficient vitamin D to insure calcium absorption. To stimulate cortisone production, the anti-stress formula should be taken with highly fortified milk around the clock. When these measures cannot be started quickly enough, bile is sometimes forced into the pancreas, where it can cause severe inflammation, acute pain, and hemorrhage. If pancreatitis does develop, an anti-stress diet rich in the above nutrients should be given as soon as the patient is able to retain food.

    Diet for Gall-Bladder Abnormalities

    At the onset of hepatitis, pancreatitis, an inflammation of the gall bladder, or when a stone first obstructs the bile duct, nausea and vomiting usually become so severe that little food can be eaten. A physician should be called immediately. Every effort should be made, however, to prevent acidosis and to meet the demands of stress.

    After the acute stage has passed, small two-hour feedings are gradually replaced by six light meals daily. The bile flow is inadequate during most diseases of the gall bladder, but lecithin can be taken to homogenize fats, thus increasing their absorption. Though bile acids, necessary to taxi digested fats and fat-soluble vitamins across the intestinal wall, can be increased 100 per cent by using oils instead of solid fats, they should be supplied temporarily by tablets of dried bile. Generally a teaspoon of lecithin and 1 to 3 tablets of dried bile with enzymes per meal and mid-meal are sufficient to assure efficient digestion and prevent gas formation. Soft stools would indicate that enough bile is being obtained and that insoluble soaps are not being formed. Because the blood levels of vitamins A, D, and E are especially low during diseases of the gall bladder, these fat-soluble vitamins should be taken with the lecithin and bile.

    Gas distention can be further reduced by taking 1 or 2 cups of yogurt or acidophilus milk daily. If an odor to the stool persists, indicating that protein digestion is still incomplete, lecithin, yogurt or acidophilus, and bile tablets with enzymes should all be increased; and conversely, when no digestive disturbances occur, amounts of these foods may be decreased and the tablets discontinued.

    Diets for gall-bladder diseases usually have a long list of “avoids,” for which there appears to be no scientific basis. Actually, no food need be forgone as long as it builds health; even salads are not taboo. To stimulate bile flow, no less than a teaspoon of oil should be obtained at each meal and mid-meal, always used appetizingly in food. At first milk and milk soups, whole-grain breads and cereals, lean meats and fish, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, custards, and simple milk desserts are customarily allowed. When weight permits and recovery is well under way, small servings of pork, steak, gravies, and gently fried foods can usually be eaten without discomfort provided lecithin and bile tablets are taken at each meal.

    To obtain a high-protein diet needed for repair without getting excessive amounts of saturated fats, one can rely on yeast, soy flour, wheat germ, fresh and powdered skim milk, nuts, non-hydrogenated nut butters, and liver lightly sautéed in oil. Many of these high-protein foods can be incorporated into delicious breads, waffles, muffins, and hotcakes baked on a dry griddle.

    Neck Problems

    17 June, 2010 (03:17) | Headaches-Migraines | By: Health news

    Most of us have experienced a headache at least once in our lives. But for tens of millions of Americans, headache and migraine pain is a part of their daily lives. It is such a widespread problem that billions of dollars each year are spent in research and prescription drug sales (all in an attempt to try to help people get out of pain and get their lives back).

    But despite all of the work and money being thrown at the problem, the bottom line is that pharmaceuticals (be it over the counter or prescription strength medications) do not cure the root cause of headaches & migraines. They merely mask symptoms offering temporary relief.

    Current biomechanical research has found a common thread with most headache sufferers. This commonality is that those people who experience ongoing headaches and/or migraines have problems in the cervical (neck) part of their spine. The cervical spine has seven vertebrae (the bones which surround and provide some protection to the spinal cord). The vertebrae are moveable and can twist, bend, flex and extend. This motion allows us to move our necks with a considerable amount of freedom.

    The mobility of the cervical vertebrae comes with a price. Sometimes the vertebrae can get suck out of alignment (in relation to the other bones). When this happens, it is called a “subluxation”. “Sub” means less than. “Luxation” means dislocation. So a subluxation is an abnormal position of a bone, but not so much so that it’s dislocated. Vertebral subluxations can occur with as little as one degree of misalignment. They can also occur when the vertebrae is suck, and isn’t able to move correctly. Instead of the joints gliding on each other freely, they feel like a rusty old hinge that needs a squirt of WD-40.

    When vertebrae become subluxated, it sends off a cascade of abnormal sensory signals to the brain. At first, the problem is at a sub-perception level (meaning you can’t feel it). But after enough time passes, the abnormal sensory signals to the brain grows in intensity, and eventually is perceived as pain.

    So how does this have anything to do with headaches an migraines? The nerves which branch up into the head stem from the cervical spine. When you irritate a cervical spinal nerve (which travels to the head), it eventually is perceived as a headache. The source of the problem is a hard bone pressing on a soft nerve – all in the neck area.

    When a chiropractor adjusts the cervical spine, he gently re-aligns the cervical vertebrae, taking pressure off the nerves. If those nerves happen to be the ones which travel up into the head, the result is elimination of headaches & migraines. The results can often be fast and surprisingly powerful.

    Acne Treatment Skin Care

    15 June, 2010 (23:48) | Acne | By: Health news

    If you suffer from blemishes you’ll be interested in what I have to say about acne treatment skin care.

    Acne is a huge problem for teenagers, but many adults find they are still fighting this problem. This article should help either age group to get a handle on this skin disorder.

    There are a few ingredients you should not use on your skin, no matter what skin type you have and even if you don’t suffer from blemishes.

    These are alcohol, mineral oil and fragrances.

  • Alcohols, which are labeled as ethanol, ethyl, methanol, benzyl, isopropyl, and SD alcohol are all drying to your skin. If you have oily skin, you may think this is a good thing, but it isn’t in this case.
  • These strip away the skin’s natural acid mantle, which leaves you wide open to bacteria and viruses, which will cause skin problems, acne and blemishes included. You shouldn’t use acne treatment skin care that contains alcohol.

    Just a side note here, two ingredients that have alcohol behind their names, stearyl and cetearyl, are the good guys, and have nothing in common with the bad guys listed above, so if your products have them in don’t hesitate using them.

  • Mineral oil also called liquid paraffin, petrolatum, or paraffin wax, is a by-product or petroleum that will clog your pores. When your pores aren’t open the toxins can’t get out of your body. These toxins in your body will contribute to acne and other skin disorders.
  • Mineral oil also strips the natural oils from your skin will cause your skin to be chapped and will lead to premature aging of the skin. So along with encouraging acne, you are also helping yourself to look older.

    That’s not a very comforting thought is it? Just ditch the mineral oil and you can be ahead of the game.

  • Fragrances in acne treatment skin care may make you smell better, but many of them can be toxic or negatively affect the nervous system, causing hyperactivity, depression or irritability.
  • Do some cosmetics take your breath away, as in you’re not able to breathe, because they are so strong? When I encounter one of these I wonder what they are covering up.
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    The products I use have no fragrance in them and they smell good. The natural ingredients used smell fresh and are not overpowering. And I know they aren’t toxic to my skin, which will just lead to skin problems like acne.

    Human Gallstones

    15 June, 2010 (15:49) | Critical Care | By: Health news

    Autopsies indicate that 10 per cent of our population has gallstones, most of which consist largely of cholesterol though a few are formed from bile pigments. Cholesterol stones have been produced in rabbits in a single week by substances causing the walls of the gall bladder to become inflamed; in three weeks their gall bladders were completely filled with stones. The inflammation apparently injured the mucous membrane lining the gall bladder, causing cells to slough off upon which cholesterol could deposit.
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    When hamsters have been given a diet deficient in vitamin E, all developed cholesterol stones, though no stones occurred in animals receiving the vitamin. It has been generally believed that diets high in fat and/or cholesterol produced stones, but animals given large amounts of cholesterol or saturated or unsaturated fats developed no stones as long as vitamin E was adequate. Conversely, hamsters fed no fat or cholesterol whatsoever all formed stones without vitamin E. The stones developed before any signs of a vitamin-E deficiency could be detected and while the amount of cholesterol in the bile and blood was the same as that in animals having no stones.

    Moreover, when animals were kept on a vitamin-E-deficient diet until all had stones and the vitamin was then given them, the stones dissolved. Even a diet still deficient in vitamin E but containing yeast and generous amounts of fat (natural lard) caused half the stones to dissolve; the remainder were small and contained little cholesterol. Yeast and soy flour, added to the stone-producing diet, prevented stones from forming; and the addition of natural grains, peanuts, and minerals decreased the number of stones to half.

    The reasons why stones form or are prevented from forming by these diets are not yet clear. It is known that vitamin A is quickly destroyed in the absence of vitamin E; that without vitamin A, millions of dying cells from mucous membranes covering the walls of the gall bladder slough off into the bile; and that stones form around a base of organic material. It would therefore appear that dead cells may catch and hold the cholesterol. Foods such as yeast, nuts, and unrefined grains, containing B vitamins and/or oils, increase the production of lecithin; and they as well as lard stimulate the emptying of the gall bladder. Because lecithin breaks cholesterol into tiny particles and keeps it in suspension; a high lecithin content of bile would appear to be vitally important in preventing stones. Population groups living on refined foods have far more stones than those eating only unrefined products.

    Can human gallstones be dissolved?

    The general medical opinion is that gallstones cannot be dissolved and that sooner or later surgery is required. Many people with stones, however, have no digestive or gallbladder disturbances; and others apparently have had stones for years without knowing it until a chance x-ray revealed them. There are situations, of course, where surgery is imperative, but if a physician’s decision is to postpone surgery, it is worth the effort to try to dissolve such stones.

    Investigators have pointed out that the low-fat diets customarily recommended can actually cause stones by preventing the gall bladder from emptying vigorously. The longer bile remains in the gall bladder, the more concentrated it becomes. When the gall bladder fails to empty, thick stagnant bile high in cholesterol may slosh about with each body movement for days or weeks. Cholesterol and bile pigments are thus constantly brought into contact with any dead cells present. Under such circumstances it would be strange if stones did not form.

    Human gallstones, implanted in a dog’s gall bladder, dissolve quickly. This fact indicates that some constituent in bile keeps cholesterol from settling out; therefore the bile of persons who had had stones removed was studied after various nutrients were given them. Cholesterol settled out quickly when saturated fats were eaten. A teaspoon (3.5 grains) of arachidonic acid–the essential fatty acid in peanut oil–or linoleic acid with 20 to 60 milligrams of vitamin B6 increased the cholesterol-holding capacity of bile as much as 200 per cent. Vitamin B6 is necessary before linoleic acid can be changed into arachidonic acid, 25 needed to produce lecithin.

    The diet to prevent gallstones or to help them dissolve, therefore, must be high in vitamins A and E to keep cells from sloughing from the mucous membranes. It should contain sufficient oil and B vitamins to stimulate the gall bladder to empty vigorously during each meal; and it must supply all nutrients known to increase lecithin production so that cholesterol can be held in suspension. Saturated fats should be kept to a minimum, and hydrogenated fats and excess carbohydrates, which change into saturated fat, should be avoided.

    Large gallstones cannot enter the bile duct, and tiny ones pass readily through it; hence only medium-sized stones may become troublesome. Possibly because many nutrients aid relaxation and decrease sensitivity to pain. The discomfort lasts only a few hours, and as soon as the stone is forced through the bile duct, it is gone forever. The over-all pain and certainly the expense is considerably less than that incurred by surgery.

    The Myth of Genetic Diseases

    15 June, 2010 (00:24) | Diseases | By: Health news

    There is a general misconception, fueled by a lot of pseudo-scientific nonsense, that most modern diseases are caused by “genetic” deformities.

    If that were true, however, why is this problem suddenly exploding onto the scene only now, but was never a problem for past generations?

    Something is clearly not completely genuine about this proposition.

    To paraphrase Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain): A hurtful truth has no value over a hurtful lie. Neither should be uttered. The man who speaks a hurtful truth, thinking to save his own life, should stop and think; that sort of life is not worth preserving.

    Neither is it worthy living a lie, yet that’s just what science fiction, posing as science fact, would have you do.

    The great deception of evolution — despite no real convincing evidence of it in nature or the fossil record (How many people on 9-11 faced with the choice of death sprouted wings and flew away unharmed?) — was just the beginning.

    Now an entire generation has been trained to look upon scientists as “saviors” who will solve all our modern ills, even while they busily create new and worse ones every day.

    Genetic research, in particular, has become the new “holy grail” of scientific inquiry and tampering.

    Once upon a time, in the thirties and forties particularly, radioactivity was thought of in the exact same light, with all manner of admittedly “miraculous” properties being ascribed to it.

    You wouldn’t know it from recent movies on the comic fiction “hero” based on a poisonous insect, but the story line originally — as late as the early sixties — was that the spider was radioactive, the same thing credited with creating another more monstrous but just as popular comic book, TV and movie fiction a lot more hulkish in nature.

    At one time, in those days just after the assassination of president Kennedy, as a junior high school student, I wrote and drew my first and only comic book, the main character of which received super powers from a similar accidental exposure to a nuclear bomb test.

    The reality of radiation poisoning, sickness and death never occurred to my immature mind, so steeped as I was in the mythic lore of pseudo-science taught and encouraged from every quarter in the decade of the space race.

    Gamma rays, another form of solar radiation, was even credited with creating a certain phantasmagorical foursome in yet another comic book fiction of pseudo-scientific nonsense.

    As I grew up I discovered many of the flaws in what was seriously taught as “science fact,” and by my senior year of high school — the year men supposedly walked on the moon for the first time — I was giving lectures before my earth science class on the impossibilities of evolution and proofs exposing it as among the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon a gullible and eagerly receptive public.

    You may well have a genetic predisposition to illness affecting one bodily organ or system over another, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the cause of the disease, which is invariably either some form of malnutrition, toxic poisoning, or environmental contamination.

    Obesity, for instance, like heart disease or diabetes, runs in families that have the same dietary customs, learned and indulged by habit from childhood and rarely changed or altered in adulthood.

    My own pre-diabetic hypoglycemic condition — following the same diet as my parents and grandparents (both parents and maternal grandfather became diabetic), and my siblings, several of which also became diabetic — cleared up over forty years ago and never returned, after I drastically overhauled my lifestyle and diet.

    The only thing “genetic” about this condition was how the bad diet I once had affected my body at its weakest “link.”

    It’s remarkable how easily I changed and avoided this “genetic predisposition” to diabetes, by simply changing my outer and internal environments for the better.

    There is even recent evidence that electropollution, or dirty electricity emitted by electrical power lines, some computers, cordless and mobile phones, compact fluorescent lights, and even treadmills, can cause what Dr. Magda Havas (Trent University, in Peterborough, Canada) has labeled Type 3 diabetes (Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine).

    Basically some people’s genetic makeup (and most likely diet also) predisposes them to being sensitive to electropollution from dirty electromagnetic fields (EMFs) — even from devices plugged in near them — which causes a diabetic spike in blood sugar levels.

    Apparently the spike in blood sugar, other than strictly dietary in source, may be caused by the effect of electromagnetic pollution on the pancreas, by lowering its production of insulin, or possibly on insulin’s ability to deal with blood sugar properly.

    This should not come as any surprise, considering the fact that the cells of your body all communicate with one another by means of minute electrical impulses, often in the microwave range.

    It stands to reason, therefore, that certain levels of electropollution smog can have an adverse effect on whatever systems of your body are most susceptible to this pernicious but mostly hidden influence.

    Electromagnetic radiation can also adversely effect your heart rate, estrogen and adrenaline levels, hormone balance, can damage your DNA, and causes stress that can result in cancer as well.

    Statistics are just now beginning to trickle in linking long term cordless and cell phone usage with brain tumors, just as electric blankets and even alarm clocks plugged in and situated near where you sleep have also been implicated in increased risks of developing fatal cancers.

    It has been long known — for more than thirty years that I am personally aware of — that high tension power lines are linked to a higher than average rate of leukemia and other forms of cancer in children.

    Radar from airports and military bases has been shown to cause high cancer-incidence locales in those living within the range of these facilities, just as children of radar operators also have a statistically significant higher incidence of leukemia.

    I know about this first hand, because my dad used to work for the FFA (Federal Flight Administration), before it became the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and one of his co-workers had a son about my age, I used to play with, who died of leukemia.

    This is especially interesting, considering the fact that the children themselves are not exposed to the radar. Only their fathers are exposed on a daily basis, who then apparently develop a genetic abnormality as a result of this exposure, which is then passed onto their children in the form of a predisposition to this particular form of cancer.

    Little wonder, as most of science spins its wheels looking in the wrong direction of the chimera called genetics, that no progress is being made toward discovering either the direct causes of the virulent diseases running rampant in our age, much less any actual cures.

    Monkeying around with the genetic code, splicing in genes from species entirely foreign to a plant, animal or human, can only have unforeseen adverse effects, some of which will threaten the existence of all life on earth if not halted in time!

    Amazingly, when you consider how evolution-tainted science today so despises anything smacking of religion, this was all prophesied long ago:

    “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now — and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened” (Matthew 24:21-22; Mark 13:19-20).

    Science comes from the Latin word scire, to know, meaning: “knowledge.”

    Though some of that knowledge is good, a lot of it is pure evil (witness all the terrorist weapons of mass destruction now threatening to exterminate all life on earth hundreds of times over).

    Science is the path mankind took when it first sinned, choosing the fruit of the tree of the knowledge (science) of good and evil over the tree of life (Genesis 3).

    One of the worst mistakes of pretentious science today is the entire myth of genetic-caused diseases, and the false “savior” hope in genetics to somehow “save” us from ourselves.

    Only once mankind is finally forced to turn its collective back on genetic manipulation and experimentation will society finally learn the incredible truth, that we truly are our own worst enemies, and that worshiping before the monstrous altar of modern science (industrial, military and especially medical and pharmaceutical) is what has been largely responsible for the explosion in so many deadly diseases in recent history.

    Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

    11 June, 2010 (21:05) | Men's Health | By: Health news

    Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence, one of most depressive and suffer sickness of men’s health. 30% of the worldwide male population is facing thiscritical illness problem and looking for medication or treatment. The increase in age of male, have increased the risk of getting erectile dysfunction due to the low performance of male stamina and bodyfunctionality.

    Currently that is few alternative ways to focus on the erectile dysfunction treatments. Surgery is one of the most risky way for curing ED but the most effective way. In the advise of the doctor to do the surgery on penis to improve the blood circulation. However, the surgery is not advisable for senior because it might not 100% get cure if the body is old.Medicationis the second way to curing erectile dysfunction, like viagra is the most popular drug in the market for it. It might got the instant results on it but the risk of side effect for high dosage mightcausedlow blood pressure and heart attack.Therefore, it is highly controlled by the government and under prescription of doctor to use it.
    Viagra super force
    Device is the popular alternative way as well but it might not get obvious results due to no internal treatment involved. Recently supplement become another way for curing the Erectile dysfunction and getting popular. It is because the herbs and organic supplement is not chemicalinvolvementand easilyadsorbedby human body. Some of the plantation have historically records andtraditionally being used to cure for erectile dysfunction. Scientist is invent the new technology to extract the ingredients to make in pills or capsule. Thebenefitof supplement is safe to take it without worry of the side effect and age restriction is free.The disadvantages of supplement in curing erectiledysfunctionthat is it might not get instant result and need on longer time for the treatment to seetheeffective of the results. It is normally take around 30 to 90 days depend on individual.
    Levitra super active
    In market, Vadimax is the most popular pure natural herbs supplement for erectile dysfunction treatment. It is wisely used by the patients worldwide and it is invented by Dr Jonathan Mathew in 2003. However, the herbs ingredients is not only for treatment purpose and it is also improve the libido and people take it as a sexual enhancement and penis enlargement supplement since it is no need of doctor’s prescription. Some of the countries are officially let Vadimax to sell in pharmacy without restriction since the lab test report show that no side effect and harm free to the body.

    Diabetes Prevention

    11 June, 2010 (20:49) | Diabetes | By: Health news

    Type 2 diabetes continues to reach epidemic levels in America, doubling the risk of stroke and sudden death from a heart attack. This insidious disease attacks the body’s vascular system, causing metabolic imbalances which reduce quality of life and increase mortality from all causes.

    New cases of diabetes are skyrocketing with diagnosis in children becoming all too common, predisposing them to a lifetime of suffering and a shortened lifespan. For the vast majority of people, Type 2 diabetes is a problem caused by poor food choices, and is best prevented and treated through a natural multi-step approach to diet and lifestyle.

    Step 1. Monitor Post Meal Blood Sugar Levels

    Type 2 diabetes is a disease characterized by excessive sugar circulating in the blood. The cells become resistant to the effects of insulin, and sugar uptake becomes inefficient leading to high blood sugar levels especially after eating. Research indicates that it is the surge of blood sugar after each meal which leads to metabolic dysfunction and ultimately to full blown diabetes.

    Further, the risk of devastating complications associated with diabetes increases as post meal blood sugar levels rise. Keep blood sugar readings 1 hour after eating below 140 mg/dl and 2 hour readings below 120 mg/dl to reduce disease risk.

    Step 2. Eat Healthy – Eliminate Refined Carbs

    Poor diet is the primary cause of Type 2 diabetes. Specifically, it’s the excessive amount of refined carbohydrates most people eat throughout the day. All types of breads, pasta and wheat-based starches begin to break down into sugar in the mouth and cause blood sugar levels to spike dangerously.

    The sugars in most vegetables are closely bound to fiber, and release very slowly, making leafy greens a natural anti-diabetic food. Other good choices include lean cuts of meat (avoid charring or overcooking), nuts and seeds. Be sure to include a raw fat source with each meal, as this will slow the breakdown of sugars and ensure the fat-soluble nutrients in your food are properly absorbed.

    Step 3. Lose Weight

    Regardless of your starting point, losing as little as 7% of your total body weight can have a dramatic effect on the metabolic factors which drive diabetes. Aiming for a sustainable weight is more important than targeting an unrealistically low weight. Losing weight stimulates a cascade of metabolic functions which exert positive control over blood sugar, insulin resistance and blood lipids. Following a healthy diet will cause natural weight loss with little effort.

    Step 4. Begin an Exercise Regimen
    Studies show that walking the equivalent of 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of diabetes by half. Exercise allows the cells to naturally accept sugar from the blood as it helps to reverse the effects of insulin resistance. Blood sugar levels are kept at lower levels and are much less likely to lead to diabetes or cause damage to the eyes, kidneys and extremities.

    Step 5. Targeted Natural Supplementation

    There are a handful of natural supplements which are used by the body to assist blood sugar metabolism. Minerals such as zinc, magnesium and chromium are critical to the proper breakdown of carbohydrates and fat, assisting the body to properly respond to the effects of insulin. Vinegar and cinnamon have been shown to assist the breakdown of carbohydrates to sugar, resulting in improved post meal blood sugar response.

    For most people, Type 2 diabetes is a direct result of poor food choices. Many resort to prescription medications which are minimally effective in reducing blood sugar and many have been shown to increase heart disease risk. A growing number of people have been able to prevent and treat diabetes through a natural approach to diet, exercise and lifestyle, leading to dramatically improved health and extended lifespan.

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