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Sinus infections treatment

29 January, 2010 (06:51) | Diseases | By: Health news

The two forms of nasal infection that you will find are chronic nasal infection and that of the acute form. While there are many similarities between the two sinuses infections it is necessary to understand that treatment of these infections will be somewhat different.

Infection usually develops in the areas of the breast and cheek of the nasal sinus areas. You can also develop symptoms of sinus infections in the ethnocide – face to face – the sinuses

While you may suffer from some sinus pain in these areas as much pain you feel in your frontal sinus areas. This area is located in the area of the forehead. In general, when you are suffering any pain in this area that manifests as a headache.

At the moment we will concentrate on understanding acute sinus infections. The first step to understanding this infection is to see where you first start to develop symptoms of acute sinusitis.

In the acute form, the infection takes a few days to develop. The duration will last approximately one week. Once the acute sinus infections have begun, usually ends pretty quickly.

When you catch one of these types of sinus infections may experience some pain. This pain can be relieved by some sensible steps. These steps include drinking plenty of fluids, raising his head so that the excess mucus drains from the nasal passages.

In cases where the infection does not vanish it develops into chronic infection of the sinuses. With this infection the symptoms take longer to disperse. There are times when a medical operation may be needed to cure the effects that are felt with this infection.

You should have your doctor about any allergies you have to be dealt with first. Since the medication for allergies may not be compatible with sinus medication is for your benefit if this condition is cured before treating sinus infections.

Of course, you can see about using various medications such as penicillin and amoxylene to treat the symptoms of sinus infections. There are also several other drugs you can use. These are antihistamines, steroids nasal sprays, nasal saline irrigation, leukotrinenes, reflux medications, steam inhalation and mucolytics.

As these different medications for sinus infections can have various side effects, it is better if you know some details about the medication. Learn how to treat sinus infections go a long way to make you feel better quickly.

Cat Allergy Symptoms and Treatments

29 January, 2010 (04:33) | Allergies | By: admin

There are different types of cat allergy treatment available, but before addressing any treatment, we must first discuss what causes a cat allergy and what the symptoms are.

An allergic reaction to a cat is caused by the human body’s immune system mistaking cat hair & dander as a “dangerous substance”. The immune system is attempting to ward off these “dangerous substances”. This causes symptoms like that of hay fever.

  • Symptoms

There are many different allergy symptoms, but they mostly depend on what type of cat allergy you are diagnosed with: cat hair, cat dander, cat flea, or cat skin allergy. Also, there are many different types of cat allergy treatment, so different symptoms require different treatments.

  • Swollen and Watery Eyes

This is usually caused by tiny pieces of cat dust and dander traveling from the cat’s skin through the air and into your eyes. You will usually have itchy eyes and they will be red at times. You can get rid of the swelling and watery eyes by either removing the cat or by taking eye drops.

  • Wheezing and Coughing

Just as in the cause of the itchy, watery, swollen eyes, cat dust and dander can travel through the air and be breathed in through the mouth. The muscles in the airways will contract in a reaction to the dander coming in contact with your airways, resulting in difficulty breathing, coughing, and wheezing.

  • Excema

Sometimes cat dander will come in contact with the skin and cause itchy, red, dry sections. To remedy this, minimize scratching and moisturize the area.

Other symptoms include sneezing and running/stuffy nose.

  • Treatments

A cat allergy treatment is available in pill form, so your doctor may be able to subscribe something if you have symptoms of cat allergy. Another cat allergy treatment is available in the form of antihistamine nasal sprays. However, these methods provide only temporary relief. Here are some tips to minimize your cat allergies:

  1. Keep the cat out of certain rooms.
  2. Keep the house well-ventilated.
  3. Vacuum often.

By knowing what the symptoms and causes for you cat allergies are, it is much easier to identify treatments. By using the information in this article, you should be able to ease your allergies quite well.

Natural Treatment of Depression

29 January, 2010 (04:12) | Depression | By: admin

There are many adults who are trapped under the state of depression due to increase in work load or due to other personal problems. Depression is something that can be treated naturally but it does not mean that people can use self treatment. It is very important for that person to consult the doctor in order to cure the same as it can turn serious if left untreated. Depression is the symptom of other diseases such as anemia or hypothyroidism. According to the doctors depression must always be treated naturally in order to get rid of it totally.

There are various natural treatments of depression.

  • St. John’s Wort: It is a herb that comes under the category of folk medicine which is used in order to relieve poor sleep and nervousness. It is effective antidepressant. For patients with moderate depression, the effect can be noticed within 4 to 6 weeks. It is available in all the medical stores and can be consumed in the form of tablets, capsules, tea or liquid extracts.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: According to the doctors, it is suggested that people under depression needs more of fatty acid in order to trigger the proper functioning of the brain. Omega-3 fatty acid is found in fish. It is also noted that countries where fish is the main food such as Taiwan and Japan, depression rate is much lesser.
  • SAM-e: SAM-e means S-adenosyl-L-methionine which is naturally found in the human body and is helpful i increasing the level of dopamine and serotonin.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid also known as folate is generally found in fruits, green vegetables, grains and beans.
  • 5-HTP: 5-HTP means hydroxtryptophan and it gets generated in the body and helps in boosting up the level of serotonin in the body. It should not be used with the combination of any other antidepressants.
  • Diet: The intake of sweets must be reduced in order to bring down the sugar level. The intake of alcohol and caffeine must also be avoided as it increases the anxiety and depression in the long run. Magnesium must be included in the diet as it is important for the production of serotonin. Vegetables, grains and nuts are very good sources of magnesium.

Acne Treatment

29 January, 2010 (04:05) | Acne | By: admin

Statistics confirm that acne is in fact the most common skin disorder that is experienced by people. Much research has been done into how acne develops and what treatments work to get rid of it effectively. Many different remedies, treatments and products have been manufactured with the aim of preventing and ridding sufferers of this horrible problem.

There are seven main ingredients that are used to treat and prevent acne. Many products use or more of these ingredients and claim to treat acne effectively. Six of the seven treatment methods are listed below:

  • Accutane
  • Antibiotics
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • herbal remedies
  • Retin-A
  • Salicylic Acid

Accutane is also known as Isotretinoin and is a powerful medicine that is prescribed by doctors to treat very acute cases of acne when other remedies and solutions have not worked. This medication is usually has to be taken for around six months before the full effects are experienced.

Antibiotics fight infections and get rid of the bacteria that cause the acne. This treats the problem of acne from inside the body rather than just applying products externally.

However, antibiotic cream is also available which can be applied directly on to the affected areas of skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide works as a powerful anti-bacterial property that helps to control and prevent the spread of acne. Herbal Remedies have increased in popularity in recent years as they are thought to be a safer and more healthy option. Many herbs are thought to work well by reducing the production of oils in the skin and other toxins in the body that can cause acne.

Retin-A, or Tretinoin as it is also often called is a mixture of retinoic acid and acid that is derived from vitamin A. This is used to help people who have acne or who have damaged skin due to over exposure of the sun. It is also used as an anti-aging product that can help to banish wrinkles. Products which use this ingredient work by unplugging the pores and ridding the skin of dead cells.

Salicylic acid slows the discarding of cells within the hair follicle which helps to stop them becoming blocked and infected. Many products that contain the above ingredients can be bought over the counter from a drug store, without the need to visit a doctor.

Best Teeth Whitening

27 January, 2010 (05:19) | Dental Care | By: admin

One thing that must have surely crossed your mind while brushing your teeth every morning is how to get the best teeth whitening for your teeth to put them back as the dazzling equipment you were bestowed with to show off. Well, there is no reason to worry. Some of the best teeth whitening agents are now available at affordable prices in the market thanks to a stream of research and scientific findings on which specific agent helps in the process.

Hydrogen peroxide has been the clear choice of the manufacturers and dentists world – wide. Dentists claim that hydrogen peroxide is the safest bet when it comes to mouth and dental care, since this specific chemical has the added advantage of acting as the best available gargle today.

Usually the cap of the bottle measures the dosage of the chemical. Dentists prescribe a warm gargle first with a capful of hydrogen peroxide diluted in about one fourth cup of lukewarm water. There are various gels containing the bleach with varying strengths, which can be applied to the teeth with the help of a toothbrush. Gently brush the teeth with the gel for about a couple of minutes or so in the normal way as you would brush your teeth. Wash off the gel and the chemical immediately after the brushing. Hydrogen peroxide gels do not have a pleasant effect in the mouth so do not expect a tangy mint flavor while brushing.

That is the mark of the best teeth whitening available. They will not give you a pleasant refreshing sense after the brushing is over. However, at the background the work is already on, the bleach blends with the active outer layer of the teeth without damaging the enamel and scrapes off the stains and yellow patches altogether. This requires a good deal of patience. You will have to follow the procedure over a number of days and you will see marked improvements at the end of the first fortnight of use. It is because of the effect that this bleaching agent has on the teeth that it is called the best teeth whitening gel available. Depending upon your stains and the extent of the spread of the stains over the other teeth, the history of the stains and your body’s metabolism the dentist will specify the strength of the bleaching agent to be used.

As with all good things, the best teeth whitening products must be used with abundant caution and care. These are normal bleaching agents and the work of any active bleaching agent is to chemically act upon the outermost layer of the teeth and fight the stains by dissolving them in the bleach itself. Immediately above the teeth is the gums that hold the teeth together and these gums are extremely delicate and sensitive to injury of any kind. Though they house the most powerful instrument available to human beings from nature, outwardly the gums are the most vulnerable components of the mouth. So all care must be taken to ensure that the gums remain out of the treatment zone as far as possible.

Deal With Stress When You Have Cancer

27 January, 2010 (04:38) | Cancer | By: admin

It is the diagnosis that nobody wants to hear. Despite all the advancements the field of medical science has made especially in the treatment and cure of cancer, cancer as a diagnosis is dreaded by all people alike. Cancers are of many kinds and they affect many parts of the body. Some cancers are found predominantly in women while others like prostate cancer are exclusively found in men.

Cancer can be extremely stress inducing. Stress is a state of physical or mental unrest. Stress is the condition when you find things not going your way and worrying and anxiously pondering over the situation again and again adds to the tension. Any illness can lead to stress and also stress can lead to many other illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and even cancer.

Cancer has become very much treatable today and there are many individuals who have survived the once fatal disease. Having cancer can cause people to become depressed due to the thoughts of death and mortality which become very active in their subconscious.

Depression if not checked can lead to further stress. Another stressful thought caused by cancer is the thought of the mounting medical bills. Chemotherapy and radiation sessions are not inexpensive. Add this to the hospital, medication and doctor’s costs and you have a huge medical bill in front of you. Your medical insurance many not cover all of these expenses and it could all lead to a drain on your finances. Worrying about depleting finances can lead to stress and other negative conditions.

It is important to keep a check on stress because untreated stress can lead to many other health complications. There are ways to tackle the stress which an illness brings on. It is important to stay in a positive frame of mind and in a cheerful demeanor. It is definitely not easy when one is undergoing treatment for a possibly fatal disease but at least that effort should be made. The treatment of cancer or any other life threatening condition becomes faster and quicker when a positive attitude is maintained.

In order to stay in a positive mind frame one can join a cancer group where patients with cancer or cancer survivors meet and speak about their battles or victories. These real life stories can be inspiring and can give one the determination and courage to go through the treatment. Another way to beat the stress is to read awe inspiring books about people who have beat the odds and come out victorious.

Taking the effort to make those little lifestyle changes while undergoing treatment for cancer can make the recovery faster and smoother. You can change your diet and increase the intake of fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, and mineral and protein rich foods and anti oxidants rich foods like green tea for instance. The body becomes strongest and gains immunity which in turn is good for the treatment of cancer.

No matter what kind of cancer one has acquired, treatment and cure are not impossible if every sincere effort is taken along with constant prayers to God.

Sciatica Nerve-Pain Cures

26 January, 2010 (04:12) | Back Pain | By: admin

Sciatica nerve pain is a serious medical condition that can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the primary causes is disc herniation or a bulging of the lower lumbar disc, this in turn compresses one of the nerve roots that connect with the sciatic nerve. Nerve pain can sometimes center around the area that is being traumatized or in cases of very severe pain, can radiate all through the low back, the thigh and travel down the leg to the foot and the sole of the foot.

Sciatica nerve problems sometimes go away in the same way that they appeared, on their own. However, in the majority of cases the pain needs to be treated and cured. You may have the pain for a few weeks and suddenly find that the intervals at which it reappears are gradually becoming further apart. Others who are not so lucky may opt for alternative medicine approaches like acupuncture, acupressure or massage therapy.

Sciatica nerve cures can be divided into 3 broad categories: medical, alternative medicine and individual treatments. The causes for the pain are different from one individual to the next, so also will the treatment differ for each patient.

  • Medical treatment involves a doctor who will conduct tests to identify the specific area where the sciatic nerve is being compressed or pinched or stressed. After assessing the situation, oral medication or epidural injections may be prescribed to control the pain and give the person relief. In cases where the pain is very severe, surgery may be recommended.
  • Individual treatments center around getting the right kind of exercise that will strengthen the muscular core, improve posture and relieve weight pressing on the spinal cord.
  • Alternative medicine involves acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic care, and massage therapy.

Asthma Remedy

26 January, 2010 (04:06) | Asthma | By: admin

Much coverage has been given recently to Americans that suffer from Asthma. Both adults and children suffer from its debilitating effects. Asthma is a condition that is caused when the air ways in the lungs become inflamed. Some of the symptoms of Asthma are shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and even chest pain. Some people are fortunate enough to only suffer mild cases while others deal with a life threatening condition and require being on constant medication. In this article I will try and give you suggestions for how to make dealing with your asthma easier and less threatening.

First, you want to find a good doctor that understands Asthma and you feel you can trust. You want to discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor and tell them when they occur.Sometimes Asthma attacks can be triggered by such simple things as a blast of cold air, pollutants in the air, chemicals in the air,or by simply running out of breath due to some over exertion. If any of the above things cause you to have symptoms it is best to avoid them.

Secondly, you want to maintain a good diet and stay healthy. Simple colds and flu can trigger severe Asthma attacks. Eating properly can help to keep your lungs healthy. You want to make sure your body gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals. If your diet is lacking in vitamins and minerals, I suggest you take supplements to ensure your body has the correct balance of the essential vitamins and minerals. Maintaining a healthy weight is also very important, because many physicians feel obesity can lead to Asthma.

Third, get yourself on a good exercise routine. You want to build up your lungs. Moderate aerobic exercise can be quite beneficial along with resistance training. But before you start any exercise routine check with your doctor to make sure it is advisable for you.

Lastly, in the event you have an attack you want to make sure you know what to do so it does not get out of control. Speak to your doctor about medications you should be taking on a daily basis, as well as rescue inhalers that are used on a need basis. Prevention is a key word in controlling your Asthma attacks so keep in mind at all times what may trigger an attack for you and try to avoid them. Also many feel the drinking of teas can prevent attacks, such teas as green tea and chamomile are recommended. If you are diagnosed with Asthma don’t panic just take a smart sensible approach to living with it.

The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

26 January, 2010 (03:59) | Hair Loss | By: admin

Finding the best shampoo for hair loss will be easy if you have a good idea of which types of ingredients will be best to increase the health of your hair. While there is no magic ingredient that will make hair grow, the use of an effective shampoo can have a tremendous impact on helping your hair to be healthy.

Most commercial shampoos contain lauryl sulfate. When this compound is used the shampoo will give a person the lather that is expected from a shampoo. However, this and the other chemicals in many commercial shampoos can be very harsh on your scalp and hair. There can be many side effects when lauryl sulfate is used including skin allergies, hair loss, dandruff, and other conditions. When you see lauryl sulfate as an ingredient in the hair loss shampoo, this may not be the best shampoo to treat the problem.

While there is no shampoo that will “cure” hair loss, they can help with hair loss as part of a holistic program. There are many shampoos on the market that address hair loss for women. Many of the commercial shampoos contain chemicals that do not assist with making the hair healthy.

Finding the organic and natural options in your shampoo will be beneficial. By getting a shampoo that does not contain harsh chemicals, you will be able to have clean hair that is not being harmed by the products you are using to clean it. Selecting shampoo that is made from castille soap, olive oil, or coconut will be gentle and not strip the hair of its vital natural oils and vitamins. If you like the sudsy lather that is found with commercial shampoos, using soap with coconut oil will create the lather you are used to.

The herbs that you want to see listed in your organic shampoo will include rosemary leaves and tea tree leaves which encourage new growth, nettle and basil which stimulate the scalp, and crushed lavender flowers which gives the hair it’s sheen. Most of the shampoos used crushed herbs rather than essential oils because they leave the hair feeling cleaner and do not coat the shaft of the hair with oils.

Many of the natural shampoos are available in a trial size that allows you to see if it gives you the effect you want. Many of the natural shampoos will not have the color of the herbal shampoos that you find in commercial markets, however, they also do not contain the dye and chemicals that are found in those shampoos.

It is important to select a condition to compliment the shampoo that you select. The conditioner adds a level of protection to the hair and coats it with important nutrients. It also help the hair to retain its natural oils and retain its healthy glow.

Overall good health will help in creating a holistic approach to healthy hair. Reducing hair loss effectively will include increasing the vitamins and nutrients that are vital to maintain healthy hair. You will want to increase the healthy foods that you eat and start an exercise program that includes relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce stress.

The best shampoo for hair loss will be one that leaves your hair feeling healthy and shiny. When an effective shampoo is chosen, you will notice that your hair doesn’t just have more volume, but you will also notice that there is new hair growth and your hair looks healthier.

Most Current Asthma Treatment

25 January, 2010 (05:35) | Asthma | By: admin

Being a chronic illness that has been affecting millions for over centuries now, asthma is one of the most widely studied diseases of mankind. This is why new ways of treating the disease comes out every so often.

Although, this is also quite great news for the millions of asthmatics all over the world, this can also be quite a hassle. As you need to keep ahead of the information when it comes to treating asthma, you will also need to be updated when it comes to the latest and current asthma treatment methods and procedures that can help you deal with your condition.

So, to help you do just that, here are some current asthma treatment procedures, methods, and techniques that you can take advantage of:

  • Vitamin D3. Although not exactly universal current asthma treatment, Vitamin D3 has been found in the recent years to be one useful supplement in dealing with asthma cases that are treatment-resistant. As being resistant to drugs can either be developed through long-term use of the meds or the patient just really doesn’t have the necessary bodily functions, parts, or end products that can help in processing the asthma medicine. On most cases, however, a handful of asthmatics are resistant to steroids, a widely known and used current asthma treatment. But with Vitamin D3, the treatment-resistant body gets to have the necessary component it needs to process steroids, allowing the patient to be treated by asthma meds. In turn, Vitamin D3 proves to be a helpful, if not essential, current asthma treatment for those suffering from treatment-resistant asthma.
  • Diet. As today’s society turns to more natural ways of treating its illnesses, more and more people look at an asthmatic’s diet as a good current asthma treatment. And since your diet can also trigger your asthma condition, there’s really no reason why your diet can also help you deal with your condition. One way to succeed with this current asthma treatment, however, requires you to consult with your doctor first. As mentioned earlier, some food items do have an effect on your illness, but some of them are also necessary for you to consume to have a balanced diet. This is why if you plan on using the diet method, make sure you still manage to get efficient alternatives to the ones you will cut off.
  • Prescription meds. Again, as asthma is continuously being studied by experts and specialists worldwide, a usual consequence would be the regular release of new medications that can be an effective current asthma treatment. However, keep in mind that using a new drug can still be dangerous, especially if it’s not under your physician’s supervision.

All in all, getting current asthma treatment can be very helpful, especially if your case is quite rare. Just don’t forget to always prioritize your safety before trying new things so you can be sure that you are helping yourself and not adding another ailment on your list.

Adult Acne

25 January, 2010 (05:28) | Acne | By: admin

Usually seen as a teenage problem, acne is becoming a growing problem that many adults are suffering from today.

Adults in their 20s and 50s can still experience acne and its negative sociological effects can be just as severe to an adult as it can be to a teenager. With the combination of career and family stressors, the strain of the daily life will create numerous skin problems. So adults will also get acne.

Since mental stress is one of the major causes for adult acne it is no surprise that women are more likely to suffer from acne than men. Women generally have more stress is in their lives and this does not including the added stress of hormonal imbalances like menstruation and pregnancy. 

Another factor that can affect adult acne is the environment and individual lifestyle choices. These factors play a significant role in acne development because when a person has bad behaviors, like smoking and drinking alcohol, it will usually reflect on a person’s skin. 

Therefore, the most obvious way to cure adult acne is prevention. Having a proper diet and drinking a lot of fluids is a good way to start. Learning how to relieve your stress and keep up with your skin hygiene will also help prevent acne outbreaks.

In conclusion, adult acne can be treated. While adult acne can be embarrassing and time-consuming to deal with, if a person wants their acne to go away then doing simple changes will help them get good results.

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